Hi, New here

  • Hi,

    I'm Chrissy and I've just joined here in this discussion group. I hope to learn, and teach what I've gained in my years helping others with my abilities. This is my first time joining a "psychic" group and hope to bouce a few questions off you's and you's do the same for me.


    Clairvoyant Chrissy

  • Hi Chrissy,

    Welcome to the forums, I'm not a psychic myself, but I know you will love being amongst some of the nicest people I know, there's lots of very helpful ones on here 🙂 I'm sure you will love it...

    much love, joy and peace to you 🙂


  • Thank you, I'm really looking forward to meeting others. I believe everyone has the ability of the 6th sense but many disreguard it or pass something off as a " fluke" a coinedience. I truely believe everone has this ability, just some are better at it then say some others. If you use your ability it stays sharp and keen, if you put it in your closet and don't use it, then it gets dusty.

    I can't cook hardly at all, in fact it's sheer torture for me to even walk past my stove, yet some really enjoy cooking, why? Because there just simply better then I and understand the dianamitics of the stove, oven and burners. You have an ability, just like the stove how ever your a bit rusty and unsure of your self because you don't use your ability often. I'm sure I'll like it here. I've have learned years ago I have to trust the images as odd as they get some times lol.



  • Hey Chrissy, welcome... lol I read your last post... well I do know how to cook... but I havent found an easy way to connect with my guides or intuition... meditation is not helping so much...

    usually meditation is the only recommended technique to access this and what about the people that have a hard time concentrating in one thing?

    anyhow... thanks!! and welcome!!

  • I also meant to say I could learn anything you want to teach 🙂

  • Omgess, my cooking stories are horror stories all on there own, like when I made dinner rools and my partner asked if I was doing hot stone therapy! Yes I baked the dinner rolls for 5 hours at 425. I swore that's what the package said to do.. or when I welded the tea pot to the burner,, not my fault, it didn't have a whistel to let me know it ran out of water.

    Ok, so cooking isn't my strong suit hehehe, but Clairvoyancy is. Now addressing the keeping your mind focued on one thing long enough to actually meditate is the tuffy part for so many and yes for me from time to time. It's a disaplining your mind to sink deep, not to judge or expect but to allow. Before I begin a massage I take my clients I teach them a very simple yet very basic way to let go and it works. If the mid will not let go the body will not either.

    If you want to get deeper then I suggest using a stop watch. It has a second hand and click it once to start, focus on the second hand, not the numbers, watch the rotation and lock on. Only do this for perhaps 30 seconds or less to begin and work your way up.

    Have you ever heard the expression" I've lost my mind"? I'm sure you've said it many times but the fact is some times you have lost your mind. Break it down further and look at the words. "lost.... your.. mind". Ok so where did it go? It hasn't gone any where really but your mind is your most powerful tool in your tool box, it can make you feel happy, sad, depressed or giddy in love, it can make you afraid of the dark and it can and will control all addictions.

    When people have an addiction it is their mind telling them they need another cigerette, or another drink it's not you making that decission. Your mind is in control of your actions and it says, you need that drink, you need that fix, you need that love, you need, you need, but what if you deny that need? Will your life suddenly end? Will your mind leave you? No, of course not but taking control over your mind is hard work but it can be done,, how you might ask but dicaplining it. refusing the wants over the absolute need. Your body craves the want, it doesn't crave the needs.

    In order to take control over your mind comes hard work, and a sticking to it, telling your mind , no, I don't need any thing, I might want it but I refuse to need a smoke, a fix, a drink or what ever. Sticking to the NO is important to take back control over your mind but you can do it.

    Meditation plays a part to but again it comes back to disapline of your self. I smoked for 28 years, I quit one day because I got tired of my mind telling me what to do instead of me telling my mind what to do.

    Some people are hardwired to have certain behaviours but until thre dead there can be a change in their lives.

    Oh yeah and one more thought, if I've misspelled some words forgive me, that wasn't my mind telling me to do that , that was my evil keyboard not corperating!!! lol.

  • Hi witch33, thanks for the tip, I don't have a stop watch anywhere in the apartment lol but I'll look at the seconds (numbers) going on my personal watch...

    I'm actually surprised I was able to quit coffee without any headache... today is my second day without it... I still love it but I left it for medical/spur of the moment reasons... 😞

    after you can control your mind... how did u get as far as clairvoyance? if you don't mind me asking...

    thanks for your time, stories 🙂 and advice!

  • Hi Witch33 and Welcome! I am relatively new myself, maybe about 3 weeks now on the forums! Very nice and very helpful people here. There is a very welcoming air.

    Good Luck and will see you "in the forums"

    Blessed Be


  • Thank you , I really like this forum. I can't wait to talk or type to others here and get some insight to what they do.

  • I think most any thing in moderation is ok.. lol Caffine is one of those things that seem to be in a lot of products any how like chocolate and I'm not quitting that lol. The clock will work fine and I have faith that you can do it. You just have to stick with it and practice.

    I recieved my ability when I was in a foster home in Pa. I recall very clearly what , why and where it happened and I was about 4 years old. When I was 5 years old is when I actually began telling others of death around them. Heck at 5 years old I didn't know your not suppose to tell people that but see I thought everyone could see the onlookers like I could.

    I'm not sure what causes some to have better insight then others, perhaps genes, or not being told your dumb or that stuff doesn't exist.

    I think some are better at certain things then others like clairvoyancy, some others might be better at say tarot , or I ching or pendulum work. I think it's all in finding that right nitch that your really good at at working to make it your own.

  • Hi witch33, welcome to our forums. I am a smoker and I wish I could quit and I love sweets. I am not a phychic or anything but do love to get advice. Again welcome.


  • Hello witch33

    My name is Illona and I would like to say welcome. There is a lot of nice people here on this forum. I am not a psyhic I am trying to learn the tarot cards. I do believe that I have the six senth but I have to learn how to use. Well my question to you is can you give me a reading and maybe I can try and do one for you. My dob is July 12 1961 and I guess it is about money and love.


  • witch33 thanks for sharing!! I bet people told you u were different, if you were expressing the things you saw when you were 5 yr old... that's amazing... i never saw anything... u know I have good memories of my childhood but only some important ones... so I cant remember if I ever saw or heard or new something "else" when I was little...


  • Hey Witch33!! Welcome!! Ive been on here for about 3 months, and I love it!! Everyone on here is so wonderful and helpful!!!

    I am not psychic myself, but, if you would be interested in giving me a reading, I would welcome it!! I have lots going on, and I could use, and would love some insight into what will happen!!

    I met this Cancer guy while on vacation! We felt an instant connection, like a bolt of lightning striking me actually!! He called me a few times after I returned home, but, then suddenly stopped calling. He had made plans to see me in July, which didn't end up happening. He had also told me a future plans to move and take a different job closer to me in a year or two!!! So I know he was thinking along the same lines as I was!!!

    My question would be, do I hear from him again, and when? If we have a future together? Marriage/ or living together?

    Actually, anything and everything that you "see" or get, would be most appreciated, whether it is good or bad!!!!

    My DOB March, 18, 1960. His DOB July 7, 1973.

    Thank you so much!


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  • Some times we have repressed memories which some others would call select memory.

    If you just allow the images to for forward and don't judge then or try to figure them out it'll all make sense. Stick with it.

  • two years down the road is quite a ways off and any thing can happen between then and now. Don't look for the love connection any time soon with him. He tends to move around a lot and just like water if fluid in motion. He also protects him self with that exteriour hard shell. If he can't have you right now today with no strings it's a no go. I know you felt like you both belong together but I am told he was a passing flame before in your life but in the end you wouldn't had even liked each other. I know you don't love your hubby or feel the way perhaps you used to but don't look for Mr. Cancer to pop in any time soon.

  • Hi witch33 i thought you weren't coming back because everyone was asking for a reading... lol

    sorry to say but today myself i'm in search of some answers... but at this very moment my dog wants to go out... so i'll be back soon...

    welcome back!!

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