• This is my first time here, so forgive me if I'm not doing this right. I don't know if I can cal myself psychic or what. But sometimes, for no reason at all, someone I haven't seen or heard from in years just pops into my head or I have a dream about someone. Then the next thing I know, I hear that they have died or something has happened to them. I don't know what it is, but it gets scary sometimes.

  • LibrasLair,

    I'm sorry about your sister. I dont know what I would do if that were me. We have a ghost in our house and we are pretty sure that it is my roomate Kathy's ex husbands cousin Patty who died of Cerebral Palsy when she was 18. She has been hanging around Kathys youngest daughter her whole life. Kathys daughter has been able to see spirits since she was little, but they scare her and she doesnt like to talk about it. Shortly after we moved in, Kathy and Abby (my daughter) were in the kitchen with me while I was doing dishes, kathys daughter was in her room and out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought was Abby run around the corner into Kathys daughters room, so i yelled for her to "Get back out here"! Kathy looked at me and said "Um, Holly (thats my name btw!) Abby is under the kitchen table with the cat." I said Oh! Abby said that she saw her too and I asked her later on what she looked like (which I knew some-what). Abby put her hands on her cheeks and pulled her bottom eyelids down and said she had a "mean face" and long brown hair. I then asked her what she was wearing and Abby said she wasnt wearing any clothes, that she was naked! I thought Abby was kidding around about that, but when I asked Kathy later, she said that no, shes naked, shes always been naked. That was the one detail that Kathy never told me, so my little one was right on! Patty comes around more when Kathys daughter is having problems or emotional things going on and when she is around, the whole house can be warm but its always freezing cold in her daughters room. patty was very sick and in the hospital when she died. I just hope that Patty realizes that she is passed and isn't stuck here. Never a dull moment at our house lol.

    I think that Sylvia Brown book is called Past lives, Future healing. Theres so many that sometimes I have trouble keeping them all straight lol. i will check with my mom the next time I talk to her k. I plan on checking out the book site too when I get the chance. Thank you!

    Thats crazy that your bday falls between Sylvias and John Edwards bdays! Are you psychic too? I am not. at least not full blown. I just happen to have some interesting things happen when I dream sometimes and good instincts for the most part lol.

  • Fiestyscorpion,

    Hi there! Sounds like you have some sensitivity. That kind of thing happens to me sometimes too. Its nothing to be afraid of though. I would just take it that when I all of a sudden thought of a person that I will be hearing some news about them. it could be that the ones who have passed were trying to let you know also. I am definately not an expert on these sort of things lol. Most of what happens to me comes in dreams that I cant figure out until something happens so when I have them, I wait and see.

  • Bakergrl, I don't think I could say I was a psycic. But I could say intuitive. Just like most of us on this forum. I have had a professional on tell me that I need to us my cards to help me develop what I do and then I could do what she does. But if you saw the movie the Gift that's what she did. She was a psychic but she used the cards and really relied on them for the info but it was really coming from her. Well I would have to really develop a lot to do what they do. But the more we talk about it and read the more open you become. So keep it up. I know that somethings I start to read and it doesn't hit home with me because I'm not ready for it so I put it down and one day I will get back to it and it will make sense to me. Does your roommate have a picture of her sister that she could show to her daughter to see if that's who she is seeing? Just to make sure its not another entity on the grounds of the house. She may be there to watch over the daughter. But if her face was a little twisted the way some are she may see her as looking mean or scary. She maybe talking to this entity see if she will open up if you giver her an idea of what you have been through so she will not be scared to talk. Otherwise I don't know tell her to go the the light that she doesn't belong there.

  • Fiestyscorpion have you been told how much time passed from the time you have the dream until this things happen in your dreams? You may have time to let that person know that you had some concerns about them and give them a heads up. We all have free will. If you look at the background in your dream you could get some information. Like where it is taking place, the time of year and what they are wearing. See if you can pay more attention to those things because you may have time to let them know something. If they look at you funny who cares because what you tell them will be implanted and if all the info is infront of them as the situation unfolds they could make choices. I heard someone who was a psychic tell another person that so I am passing it on.

  • i feel the same way too,

    my intuition leads me to things i need to do,

    and what is important at that appointed time,

    so i always listen to it,

    i think you should aswell,

    i even have the dreams,

    most of my dreams that i had in the past actually happen in reality,

    sometimes i also test my self to make sure i'm right and that i'm not going crazy lol!

    so i've accepted the fact that i've been gifted with this gift and to use it wisely and for the good.

    take care,

    god bless.

  • I was setting and watching just before Bobby Kennedy got shot. I was pregnant and so I wasn't suppose to be doing anything so I wouldn't loose her. But when they were up on the podium and all the people were around Bobby I said Oh my God someone is going to kill him. And seconds literly seconds later he was shot. When things like this came to me all those years ago I was afraid to tell anyone because in my mind if I did it would happen. Like don't tell your dream before breakfast cause it will come true. Well I learned that my not saying it out loud didn't stop it.

  • LibrasLair,

    Good afternoon! I dont know why she appears to them as sickly. kath said that they have tried to tell her to go and she hasn't. My little girl always tells me that the ghosts she sees don't talk. maybe its because she's so young yet. the ghost only seems to come around when Kathys daughter is having emotional issues for whatever reason. i have this really cool digital photo that my ex took of my daughter one day. We were just playing around and she was standing on the bed and i was laying on the bed behind her. Well, when we looked at the picture, you couldn't even see me behind her and she was only a shadow in the background. The rest of the pic was all these bright swirly white lights surrounding her. its a really neat picture!

    You must have been in complete shock when you had that thought and it unfolded right before your eyes. did you ever wonder how many others that may have happened to? You never know. Something like that has to effect so many people.

  • Well I was only 19 so I was so surprised that's all I can remember. Just hated that I said it out loud and it happened. I was all alone because my husband worked night shift then. Scared me it was something I had never done before.

  • LibraLair

    It would have scared me too. Especially when we are younger and dont understand as much about ourselves as we do now.

  • An Angelfish huh? I went there to see you profile. Cute I can see why your having fun. You'll get alot of mail. I am Bluegirl48. I was going to mail you but I didn't want to set up an address there so you could mail me. lol You be careful I am still getting hit by scammers on a couple and so is a girlfriend of mine. I sent her here for info. Well I should catch up with you one day.

  • Bakergrl I left that message here instead of online dating. ooooooops

  • LibrasLair,

    I can't wait to check out your profile too lol! I will be careful, i promise k! So far, I have only talked to local men. Hopefully the one for me is closer than I think lol.Happy fishing my friend!


  • warriorwoman...

    i have had those kind of dreams too. I dreamed that I was in this sort of foster home for children. There I was friends with all the kids and I was like their mentor. The place looked ssssoooo vivid in the dream that I can tell you in detail how the house looked in the inside. Then some years later I had the same dream but instead I was 1 of the kids and some one else was my mentor but I dont remember who. Anyways just like you said.... the place felt so familiar to me, almost like I have been there in a past life time or something.....

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