• Good morning girls, and to you ww1661 I have to say no I haven't had a dream like that before. Maybe I will in the future. So that's a good heads up for me. But for you Areopa I started laughing at your wedding experience. No not laughing at you but the experience was just like my second marriage. I was like in some kind of comitose state standing in this church. And I said to my girlfriend why are we here? She said your getting married. All I remember saying was oh. Like you on this occassion and one more after this one. I knew this wasn't right for me but because I didn't want to hurt any feelings I went through with it. With both of these men it was a case of I was a caretaker and dependable. You know what they say about dogs being man's best friend, LOL. Well I didn't stay with either one a year. We split but I didn't file for divorce till almost the 5 year point which you have to file a short form divorce if there isn't any children or property from the marriage. You ask why did I wait so long? So no one would talk me into it again. LOL Funny but true. That's before I would really listen to what my head was telling me. And I will tell you about what I have seen in other Libras. We hang in sometimes, hitting our heads against a brickwall. Trying to make something work so that when we do walk away we can say I tried everything I know to make this work and nothing got better. Then I could walk away with no guilt. Sad to say but I did it more than once. Sherrie

  • i also have these premonitions or inner voice that affects decisions i make in my life. its nice to know that i'm not the only one. for sure it allows you insight and exceptance to the things to come in your life and yet it is still a little weird. going with the flow i've learned is easier than fighting Fate or karma though. Spookey as these things have been to me it almost always works out to my advantage in the end

  • I have had my little voice in my head since I was 11 years old, I will never forget the day is surfaced, but that's another story. I have listened and used the guidence of my little voice my entire life, even with things as simple as what socks to wear today. I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth, and if I ever try to cut corners my little voice goes out of it's mind. There have been periods in my life where my little voice drives me crazy!!! Not in a mental unbalanced way, but in a, "Why do anything if you're not going to do it right". I am a perfectionist and will not start a project I cannot finish in what I think is the right way. My little voice is with me 24/7 and I don't know what I would do without it.

  • ww1661 -- I have not had any dreams like this that I can remember at the moment. Did this happen when you were young? If so, perhaps you were moving into another stage of your life and your spirit was saying good-bye to other souls who had not yet taken a new physical being or whose new being would be in a physical location very distant from you.

    I have had several deja-vu experiences. Where I could sware I have been in a place or circumstance before or where I meet someone for the first time and I KNOW I have met them before but they say they have never seen me before. The only thing I don't understand is why I recognize them, but they do not recognize me.

    Once, when I was a child, I stood on the toilet seat to 'relieve myself' (Don't know if they'll let the word p-- through as they didn't allow the word 's--' in another post.) I slipped and started crying because I had 'ruined' my new houseslipper. When my mother asked what I was crying about and I told her what happened, she wanted to know why on earth I was STANDING on the seat. I told her it was because I wanted to p-- like a boy, the way I used to. She said, "WHEN were you EVER a little boy?" I said I didn't know but I used to be. I had completely forgotten about this incident until a couple of things happened. One was when I took my Career Interest test. When my results came back the guy said I answered the questions far more like most men than most women. He even gave me this look as if to say, "Are/were you?" I laughed and told him I was born a girl and have always been a girl. The other was when I happened to overhear part of a program where they were talking about 'past life' experiences. It piqued my interest, so I watched it. It was about a couple of kids -- very young -- one had recurring nightmares about burning in a plane. When his parents, without his knowing it, began looking into what he described they found an incident exactly as he was experiencing during World War II. It's a long story, but this boy looked EXACTLY like childhood pictures of the pilot that had died. I think he may have even had the same first name. His parents eventually were able to arrange a get-together with several people who knew the man. They did not tell the boy what they were doing, but the minute he walked in the room, he recognized, and knew the name of every one of them.

    The other was in incident of a girl driving over a bridge on a trip with her parents. All at once, she looked up and said, "I died here." Then she went back to what she was doing. Unnerved by it, her mother looked into it and found, sure enough, that there had been a death of a young woman years earlier in exactly that spot on the bridge.

    They say children are more connected to their souls and that, with time, and society's disapproval of it, they push it aside and forget about it. I wonder if this dream you had was something like this.

    LibrasLair -- Sounds like we really are kindred spirits. ;-D You were not slow. It took me 16 years before I separated from my husband and then only because he came down with a STD. (Thankfully, I was spared that time but I worried for a year and avoided getting involved with anyone for fear that if he had caught that one, he could have caught something else and back then it could take a year for HIV to show in your blood tests) . It was another four years before the divorce was final -- not because it wasn't over but because, having been left with the kids and all the bills, I couldn't afford an attorney. Besides, no attorney meant no court ordered visitations and no custody battle. So it was a trade-off -- No money, but no BS either. By the time we actually did divorce, the kids were pretty well grown.

    By the way, have you ever seen, "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlee"? One of my all-time favorites. As for your "caretaker and dependable" comment: Yeppie, yeppie. Though perhaps, "enabler" would also apply. What a mess!!! THIO -- Thank God It's Over. Lesson learned -- finally. 😃

    Schaffer -- It's only 'weird' because it doesn't fit the 'norm' but then, who's to say what 'normal' really is? Glad you're here.

    Myviewpoint - Thanks for the insights. If only we all would listen more to our inner voice, I think the world would be a much happier place.

  • Areopa I was married to my first husband for 16 years too before we divorced. But we separated 5 times prior to that. On one occation we got back together and I ended up with a little something that my doctor said I had gotten from him and that he probably got it from being in a jacuzzi. I had to take these pills for oh something like 14 days and so did he. Its been so many years ago I can't remember the exact time. But the Pharmacist looked at me kind of sideways when I told him what the doctor had said and he kind of grinned sheepishly and said you don't get that from a jacuzzi. It didn't sink in then but you know what they say about hindsite. I used to have deja-vu when I was younger but I haven't in a long, long time. But in Mo. I met two different people that I felt like I had known them before. They too also felt the same way. We recognized each other and knew we had never lived or been in the same places in this lifetime.

  • It is amazing that you talk about becoming aware of your subcoucious thoughts. I also experience such thoughts i always thought that I just have great intuition. It kind of scary in a way because my visions are threw dreams. If I can remember what I dreamed about I become worried afraid of the truth. Almost a dozen times throughout my life I dreamed something and it came true. I have just learned something new today about my sign. It can be a very good trait to have in many way. Keep being the best sag, we will make the world a better place.

  • Areopa,and Libras Lair,

    I always learn the hard way too! I guess you could say with my marriage, I met the wrong man and gave him the wrong finger lol! I ignored a lot in my marriage and put up with WAY too much. I ignored the facts about his drug abuse. I ignored a lot of stealing money, lies and I'm pretty sure (my gut tells me so) cheating. He was the worst to me when I was pregnant with our daughter and even went as far as to say that she probably wasn't his. I was always being accused of infedelity by him. He still to this day doesnt understand why I could possibly not want him. He will swear that he never did anything to me and he never cheated on me (not that you could prove anyways) those are his words. he thinks I have a boyfriend and thats why I dont want him lol! When he would say that when we were married, I would say that if I did have a boyfriend I wouldnt be here in this wedded bliss, me and abby would be long gone. I did learn a lot and I now know what I definately DON"T want. I do have another story, I will tell you girls sometime. Its a painful one and I feel that it's not completely over yet. It will take me a bit to figure how to make a long story shorter lol! I am so glad i joined this forum. Its great support! Thanks for listening! Oh, and Areopa, I am not as strong as everyone thinks I am also. I do however believe that God doesnt give us anymore than we can handle and if we picked these specific things to go through and learn from then I just pray that the bad happens quickly and the good passes slowly enough for us to savor every second of it. And I'm going to kick my own rear-end for giving all this to myself when I get to the other side lol!

  • Note: My comment about being 'weird' was supposed to be directed to schaffer (and everyone else, of course). I don't know why they blipped it out. -- Now that's weird! LOL

    LibrasLair -- Sounds to me like your doctor was trying to keep the peace between you and your husband. I like the pharmacist. He was honest, and real.

    I think it's awesome that the people you met in MO recognized you, too.

    Butifulgirl - Yes, Sagittarians -- at least the ones I have known -- tend to be friendly, outgoing people. They love nature and animals and tend to be free spirits. They are often philosophical and have a lot going on behind that friendly smile. Sounds like you have some water (Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio) in your chart, too. I'm glad you have joined us.

    Bakergrl - I LOVED the "I met the wrong [guy] and gave him the wrong finger" comment. VERY FUNNY 😄 I have never heard that before. I hope we're all able to get together someday. I think we'd have a great time!

    I agree, if we really do choose our path for this lifetime, I think I'll choose something different next time around. Though, if we go through each in succession and each builds upon the last, I don't want to imagine what's up next. Because, let's face it, in spite of all we've been through, it could have been ALOT worse. My heart aches for the poor souls who have suffered far worse than I.

    Regarding your ex, denial is a wonderful thing, isn't it? It lets us see what we want. Only thing is, it doesn't help us to grow.

    I'm glad to be here, also. It's hard finding kindred spirits 'out there' because we tend to be more selective about what we say, not knowing how they'll react. I'm so glad you are all here!

    BTW what happened to Blue? Are you still here? Where did you go?

  • Areopa,

    That would be great if we could all get together someday! I don't think we would have a lack of conversations lol! I do believe that eternity is a continuous cycle and we do come into life after life to learn and experience things. When I really think about it, it explains why we have that sense of familiarity with certain people and places. Maybe we've had them in our past lives or had someone as a friend in a past life. it truly is a journey for our souls. My little one being so fresh from the other side when she was 3 told me that we lived together before only she was the mommy. She was at a Sesame street live show with my mother and my sister and right in the middle of the show she got up and sat in my nieces lap and made an announcement that she had to move over because great grandma wanted to sit down lol! They were suprised but they let her move over. Both of my grandmothers passed before Abby was even born but I showed her pictures of both of them and she pointed right at my moms mother and said that it was her there with them at the show! I am a believer that children and animals are the most psychic beings on the planet and if you want to know things ask the little ones they are not making it up!

  • Bakergrl I would like for you think back and remember the things that you have said kind of off the cuff. For instance I have said all of my like. "I should have worn a bussel." And it was in reference to sometimes through my life I have put on weight while I was on disability from injuries. I have said "I was born at the wrong time." Or "I love old barns and would love to live in a log house." A barn refurbish and fixed up to live in is something I would love. I was raised in Torrance, Calif. But when I grew up there was a field at the end of my street and there was a farmer who raised lillys. So at that time it wasn't buildings so close you couldn't slip a piece of paper between the buildings. Yet I don't want to live in a big town. I love rural areas. On land with critters all around. There are certain things that I am fascinated with like the old crafters. Candlemakers, furniture makers, glass blowers. Things that were made without modern machines. Now later in life I think in another life or lives I think I could have been a parent to my parents. Possible even my sisters mother. Strange but true.

  • I have always known my whole life that I should live near the ocean. I feel so much more calmer and grounded and noticed that I pick up vibes more easily. One day I will. It is so true what you say about children being more receptive. As a child, I can remember leaving my body and flying through space and when I woke up, I didn't understand this and thought that I had a dream. I have always had a little voice in my head that guided me. Such as, go this way or be in this place, but until recently I didn't know what it was. I thought that it was just me talking in my head like everyone does going over things to do places to be. I now understand that this is my guide or guides helping me. If I let my ego get in the way, and overthink this advice, then I regret it and wish that I had listened. So, I try to listen and do what I am "told" and am happier for it.

    I also just realized from reading the posts here that I get messages in my dreams. My questions that I want to ask are this. Does anyone else dream in color? Have you been dreaming about something and when you woke up you had a hard time trying to decide if it was a dream but felt like you had actually done it? Had a vision about the person while in a dream? Been visited by a recently past away family member in a dream?

    I also started getting flashes of premonitions during the day about people I know. They are just quick and don't make sense to me sometimes but when I relate them to the person, they have been very relevent to that person. This coincidentally has been helping with my tarot readings so much so that I felt compelled to go and buy a new deck of cards.

    Reading over my post I can see how other people get the message that this all crazy talk. I never actually wrote down what had been happenning to me. And I only discuss this with a select group of people.I have been having a lot of really freeing conversations with other sensitive people in my community and it feels so good but a little scary, to be able to talk and write about it.

    This seems to be a pretty friendly bunch and I am looking forward to more replies and posts.

  • Ceaserette,

    Dont be afraid! There are many more people like you than you realise.Some of us are just more open minded than others.Your true self is always with you and it grows with you. we can all learn to trust our instincts, and intuitions and work to improve them. I read a lot of Sylvia Brown books and I just love her. she helped me put into words everything I always felt inside of myself to be true. Not everyone agrees with or likes her but to me, she makes a lot of sense. I do dream in color and i do have dreams that seem so real. I just had one a few nights ago and in it I was talking to a friend of mine and I kept saying to him "but you didn't want me" and I was sobbing so hard I could feel the tears streaming down my face. I woke up sobbing and could still feel tears but there was nothing on my face. A little strange. im still pondering what it means exactly. you are always welcome to ask me anything and I will do my best to help you k! I dont know as much as others here do. i am sure they will be happy to talk and give you support also.


    I have thought about what you said and i agree with you! I have always liked the 1800's.The way they dressed and everything. i was always drawn to nature and animals. i have always wanted an english garden too (if only i were that ambitious lol).When I was little, we lived in Louisianna and I remember going to see Rose down plantation like it was yesterday. I saw the "ghost cat" when we were there. I would love to go back there and visit. We saw 2 plantations but i cant remember the name of the other one. Rose down always stuck with me though. i like the glassblowing too. I live about an hour-hour1/2 from Corning NY where they have the Corning glassworks. You can take a tour and watch the artists make their glass wears its really cool to watch you would love it!

  • Bakergrl wouldn't it be great to go to Dollywood and watch the crafters there? I love that kind of stuff. And the dreams, I know I dream but I don't usually remember them let alone dream in color. But I did have a visit from my grandmother quite a while after she passed. And it was in color. She looked the way she always did when I was a kid. Her hair was done short and the back was fingerwaved the way she always fixed it and she was wearing lipstick. And I said Buddie (a name I called her from when I was little) you look really good, what are you doing here? And she told me Winnie is driving your BawBaw crazy. And I said oh. Then she was gone. Winnie was my grandfathers new wife. And she really was a pain in the neck. That was a visition because it has never faded like a dream will. It was vivid and I can still she her in my minds eye to this day. That happened about 8 years ago. But thats about it for me. If you would like to read books that are true stories I have an author for you. Go to and look up Mary SummerRain. Her first book is Spirit Song. She has many more but that is where I would start. That site has very good prices on used books and they tell you the condition of the books. Cheap even with the shipping price. I buy all of my books on there. New and used. Enjoy

  • LibrasLair,

    I will check out Mary Summer Rain. Dollywood sounds fun! I like to watch the crafters too, we have a lot of things around my area during the summer to go see and do. A lot of Native American pow-wows and I have a friend who is a flintmapper. They hand make indian arrowheads. He gave me one last year and I got some leather and turquois beads and made a neat looking thing that I have hanging on my rearview mirror in my car. I like to go to the NY State Fair in Syracuse. They set up all different indian villages and you can watch them do their dances and crafts.

    You definately were visited by your grandmother. It hasnt happened to me yet, but it happens to my mother quite often. my mothers mom and grandmother came to her just before my little one was born and she said that they were just standing there and smiling at her. I know they were there when abby was born and when I got married. I can feel their presence. My mom also experiences smells when visited. When her father comes to see her she always smells cigarettes and strong coffee. She will smell roses when her grandmother comes to see her( its fitting. Her name is Rosella). I would like to experience these things but I never have. I think its so great to get that validation that they are still around and they know whats going on.

  • Oh Bakergrl you are in a good place to see a lot of neat things. I have been to one Pow Wow and its the strangest thing the music does to me. Its kind of like knowing the steps. I had never taken or done any cloging in my life and my first husband was born in Hazard , Ky. No laughing ok. But really we went out one night to dance and we went for rock n roll and maybe some country. Not my thing as much as his. And the band started playing something that all you could really do to it was clog. He said come on and it was as if my feet had a mind of their own. So if that's not signs that you have done those things before then what would it be? My grandmother is the only one who has come to me in a dream. She messed with me one time when we had our business by hidding the stick pin I laid on my desk. It was there then it was gone and then it was there. That's the short form of it. I was in the hospital room with my mom and dad when my sister passed. That whole trip was so strange. It was a pretty good size room and it was daytime. My mom had closed the curtains and the side of the room where my sister laid in acoma was not lit. The side of the room we were on had the lights on but only a few of them so it wasn't real bright. We were watching tv and for what ever reason I glanced over at my sister in bed. When I looked there was a mist floating above her body which looked to me to be maybe 5 inches high and it had a gap between her body of about 5 inches. It was the full length of her body and all of a sudden it disappeared. I wasn't scared or anything I just said she is gone. And my mom ran to check her pulse and I went to the nurses station and told them she was gone. I didn't tell anyone for years what I had seen that day. There were so many strange things that happened after that while I was there that no one can explain away either.

  • LibrasLair,

    I love the Native American anything lol! I have bought native american music and I just love it! Especially the music with the flutes and nature sounds and drums. It is so relaxing and makes you feel so close to god and nature, You agree?

    That is an amazing story about your sister. Not many people get to witness a spirit going home. They say that when someone is in a coma, even if they cant hear you, their soul knows you are there and your soul remembers everything from this life and past lives. It makes sense when you have that familiarity. I have read a lot about near death experiences and life after death experiences. I am a true believer in it.From the things that I have read, there are many who describe the same things as you did about your sister. I think that when you witness something like that, there's no way you could deny life after death. They are with us more than we realize. if you want to tell the rest of it, I would love to hear it! Its been great talking with you and other like-minded people!


    There are so many different cultural things to do around here. We have a lot of Irish, Russian, Polish, German and Italian in my area and there is an Indian Nation Reservation near Syracuse Ny. There are tons of festivals, fairs and many church bazaars and feast days to count lol!

  • Bakergrl I also have a lot of Native American Flute music that I play all of the time I am in my car. For the calming effect. Less road rage. lol About my sister, I have asked many people if they were in the room at the sametime someone passed and what did they see. They ask me what do you mean? Like how was their head turned or what? And I say you didn't see what I saw or you wouldn't have asked about their head. Like I said I didn't mention it for many years because I had never heard anyone talk about something like that and never read anything on it. At the funeral home in the viewing room. It was very well lite with lamps all over the room turned on. And at each end of her coffin. My mom asked my brother to take pictures of her in her coffin. Let me tell you this seemed strange to me but I didn't say anything. It was my brothers camera and they had already taken some pictures on that roll of film. He took his pictures for my mom and there was still pictures to be taken on that roll. They finished the roll off at home taking pictures of the grandkids. Then developed the film. All the pictures came out except the pictures of my sister. My parents bought a tree and had it put in the entry of the church lobby. It died, so they bought another one it also died. I said she doesn't want you to memorialize her this way that's why the pictures didn't come out and the trees died. So don't worry about it anymore.

  • Bakergrl I have Native American decor in my livingroom also. Baskets, drums, gourds and pictures. Have you read any books by Dr Brian Weiss? He is a Psychiatrist and he has been on Oprah's show. He writes about reincarnation. He started to write after regressing a patient who was still having problems with phobias after he worked with her for a while. One of his books, I think his first one is Many Lives, Many Masters. Again go to Or Hay House is his publisher.

  • Libraslair,

    I wish I had more indian things. my ex husband took most of what we had because they were gifts to him.I will eventually collect more though I'm sure lol.

    I'm not sure if I have read Dr.Weiss or not! The ones that I have read my mom passed on to me when she was done with them. The most i have read about past life regression is from Sylvia Brown books. She has some fascinating stories . I like her accidental coincidence with people, their birthmarks and past lives. She would be doing a regression on someone and at the end, casually ask her subjects if they happened to have any birthmarks as a favor to a doctor friend of hers. Most of her people with birthmarks had been fatally wounded in a past life in the same spot as where the birthmark is.I am fascinated by all of these things and do read a lot about them.

    It sounds like you know your sister very well! I would take the hint too. When you think about it though, would you really want to have your picture taken of your body when you aren't even really there anymore? I would rather be remembered the way i was also. It must have been so hard for you and your parents to lose your sister like that. I cant even imagine what it would be like without mine we are very close and only 11 1/2 months apart. thank you for your book selections, I am always looking out for new ones! Also, thanks for sharing with me!

  • Bakergrl it was very hard she had Muscular Dystrophy and they did surgery on her to remove a tumor the size of a small softball. They did a hysterectomy and she couldn't cough and her lungs filled. She wouldn't let them asperate anymore because it hurt so they made her comfortable so that she wouldn't feel herself drowning. That's how it was explained to me. She was 38 yrs. old at the time. She was tired and she felt like she was a burden to my parents. She has never come to me but my daughter says she has seen her. They were close when she was little. My sister and I were 3 1/2 yrs. apart. I have a lot of Sylvia Browne books but I don't believe I have that one your talking about. Have you read any of John Edward books? Get this, Sylvia's birthday is the day before mine and John's is the day after. LOL Strange. Now the site I keep mentioning have books for as little as a dollar. And then you pay the shipping. I go through and look at the condition of the books and they are in good shape when I get them. Also when I go down the lists I sometimes find free shipping so check it out.

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