• I do feel that I am psychic to a degree. I can't tell what people are thinking but do have a feeling in my brain that controls my thoughts. It directs me to do things or go places, not by hearing a voice but a subconcious control of my thoughts. It is 90-95% correct whenever this occurs. It "does" scare me at times. I have this close friend to whom I text on a daily bases and he gave this gift a name, LT. It stands for "Little Tommy". My name is Tom and I always talk about this little guy in my head, hence" LT ". I don't try to make this work for me in any way but ignore it until it all of a sudden happens and I just go with the flow. I never realizes this Pieces trait until a few years ago and when moving to Palm Springs, Ca. from Mass. I was kept from getting lost at many points and arrived here safe and sound, event free......

  • Hey Blue. I think you are very fortunate to have found your inner voice so easily! At least that's what it sounds like to me. We all have one, but some of us can access it easier than others. The fact that you are a Pisces only reinforces the idea. It's something that most of us have to learn how to do; and even more, learn how to trust. I've been working on listening to my inner voice and it does get easier the more you practice it.

    If it does scare you at times, you might want to ask God, (or the Universe, or what ever it is for you) for protection from negative influences. Surround yourself with the light and put out your own protective energy. There are lots of books to help you with this excersize (if you don't already know). Just don't let anyone tell you that you are weird or mentally unstable....we all, who are more metaphysically-minded, have had to deal with that attitude before.

    Or perhaps it's your guardian angel, or spirit guide speaking to you? If it's something that you want to find out about, just ask. Ask yourself, ask God, ask the "voice" or thoughts. Meditate on it. Maybe you can use this to help others someday. It's your journey, afterall....

    I hope you enjoy California! You will find many more spiritually minded people here in the west (I live in Washington State). Blessings.

  • Being pyschic is like breathing, I can't remember not being pyschic or when I consciously began

    to believe without the second guessing. I have memories about why I had to be born, why I'm

    here, what I'm here to teach others and learning to fine tune these gifts. I can smell, see in my

    minds eye (3rd), hear voices which are all different from one another, taste, feel spirit touch my

    hair, shoulder, etc. I was never afraid because my Grandma told me it was a gift from her side

    of the family. I was lucky due to the fact she explained this gift to me. The voices I've heard since I was 5 or 6 years old giving me spiritual knowledge, This is what I heard at that time in my life: The sun is the physical counterpart to God and all the rays of light are souls coming down to earth to be born. Not your average conversation at recess on the playground! I have

    learned so much from all the people I've met on my path but especially The Spiritualist Church

    and their Unfoldment Classes where you learn to heal which dovetails with mediumship. Most

    of the mediums today have a natural ability that they finetuned this way. Thank you all that have

    assisted me on my pathway to light. Love and Light~*

  • I think that anyone who has someone in their life when they are young and start becoming aware of their abilities is very lucky. They are less likely to shut it down that way. If they are allowed to strengthen them when they are young then they have a much easier time learning how to use it and open up more. If you don't have help with it sometimes at least in my case I didn't get to develop more till I was much older. I always knew things but it was minimal to what I can do now. I started my children out telling them it was nothing to be afraid of and to work with it. My daughter for some reason was afraid and didn't talk to me so I could help guide her when this happened. A lot of people have to choose who they discuss this with so people don't make fun of or just avoid you altogether. Now at my age it really doesn't matter to me. If I get a message for someone I have learned not to ignore it. I have to deliver it to atleast give someone a heads up and let them make their own choices. I never have thought of this as a bad thing its making people aware of their surroundings, if they want to change their minds for a situation. No more no less, free will.

  • Yes you are so right about shutting down. Too many parents teach their children its their

    imagination so I taught my son that imagination is another reality that we can create ideas

    in to change your life. So he made a quote for a friend who has this belief that imagination

    is the blueprint of reality. He is 13. I'm glad for the guides, spirit helpers and angels helped

    to guide you back onto the path of light. It is never easy being a round peg in a square hole,

    but I send out light to them soul to soul. That is where they understand. Also, as a healer,

    giving healing or a message is very important and it is the other persons choice. Your a

    spirit messenger so to speak. May your journey be filled with special moments you can

    share with your children and like-minded people. : )

  • Hello, my story is that at a younger age I had 4 and 5 children to take care of and my mind would not stop. So I went to the doctor and he gave me Trazodone, Yep keep me from being up all nite with all people talking to me. When They started coming back i just took more. I have known I have some kind of powers. I am now taking steps to solve my problems. Mainly my medicines. I have severe problems but with GODS mircales I can overcome this and tune into my postive side of life and be the real Sherry. Please keep your minds in tune with me so that I can listen, learn, find my positive self, do more with the gifts that I believe I have and give me mircales beyond belief. Sincerly Sherry Thank you LORD, the white light of the wholy spirit

  • Blue - The times I have visited CA I have had VERY vivid dreams, and yes, my 'instincts' improve there also. Perhaps we water signs are more in tune with our psychic selves when we are close to so much water.

    I am glad to see so many posts from those who have this in common. I get tired of having to watch what I convey to others for fear of their thinking I'm 'out there' because of the dreams/premonitions I have or the things I sense that they don't. Thanks all.

    Hippiemamma - (Sherry) - In case you do not already know, your name means, "Beloved." I am sorry for your pain and hope you find the peace you deserve and know how loved you truly are.

  • THank you so much Areopa, I never expected anyone to answer. That is funny I was born and raised in Cali. Loved it,but now except going to live in the mountains,it is horrible.Gangs,shootings,etc. All as a kid we use to go everywhere and walk the railroad tracks and all over town, to the movies, to play drag racing, go to the Dennys and have a soda. Now you had better not look the wrong way So sad, the children don`t have a life now.Thank you also for the info I did not know that.And many thanks to keep them with the LORD.Many Blessings and have a good day june 12th. Bye for now Sherry

  • My little girl who is 41/2 yrs old, can see spirits. i always believe her when she tells me. i have been told that she is a crystal child and she fits the description to a tee! My great grandmother was very phsychic and my mother was always very open with us growing up. She has had a lot of contact with her father and grandmother throughout the years. I always have these crazy dreams, especially when it has to do with people that i don't know very well. one of my dreams helped save a coworker of mine. Thank god i have a boss that listens or she may not be with us now.It doesnt happen to me very often, but when it does,i go looking. I never judge anyone for their perceptions. We are all capable if we are willing to listen and be open to it. I willpray for you sherry and send you healing and positive energy k!

  • Hippiemamma/Sherry - Thanks so much for the warm wishes. I agree it is very sad about California becoming overtaken with so much violence. It is (or at least has been) such a beautiful place otherwise. How often this is the case when a few have so much and so many have so little. I hope all safety and comfort for you and yours, wherever you may be or go. I do not know what is coming June 12th but I will look forward to finding out. Blessings to you also. Until we 'meet' again. 😃

  • Bakergrl - Sounds like your family is exceptionally gifted. I'm sure your coworker was very grateful for your help -- and how fortunate that your boss is open-minded.

  • Ok now that we are talking about water. I don't know if we do better on the west coast because of our sign or if its because water is a natural conductor. I do know I feel I need to be near water. I can't swim so I don't have to be in it just near. I receive if you will, better then. I really started to open tho when I left Calif. and got away from chaos. I first got a visit from an energy I knew while living in MO. I was in the shower and I knew who was all around me poking me because he was so glad I knew he was there. But he started not literally pushing me to call his mom in Calif. and give her a message. Well this was a first for me and not knowing really what I was doing I just told him to wait till I got my hair and makeup done and I would go call her. I did call her and told her he was there and gave some little message. Then two days later while in the shower her mom came and wanted me to call her. But I was hearing this song and I started singing Jeannie in the sky with diamonds and in just a few moments I said that's not the name in that song, its Lucy. Then she was giving me....Gemini....twins....Gemini....twins. Again she was really pushing me to make the call. I said Ma this is Saturday and she has to work she won't be home. I was kind of fighting her. Again wait till I am done with my hair and makeup and I will call. So I called and my friend answered the phone. Shocked I said what are you doing home I thought you would be at work. No she said I am off. Well your mom is here now. And she said why are they coming to you? Because they can I guess. So I tell her that her mom has told me to tell her these things and not to say anything and then we will talk about it. I said I am hearing Jeannie in the sky with diamonds. Did you loose a child in April cause diamond is the birthstone for April, and you named her Jeannie? She said yes and then I said and she is giving me Gemini...twins over and over. Did you loose a set of twins in June and she said yes. After a bit I said she was really fighting with me to call you but I really didn't think you were home and she said well I was getting ready to go play bingo. So she does know more than you do. I was really tired after both of her relatives came to me and I found out that it was because I was fighting them and that time is important. You could miss that person if you put off telling them right away. It got where even if I would have my hands in the water at the kitchen sick and someone would flash in my mind then here they would come driving by and it was usually someone I hadn't seen in a very long time. I started saying I was getting where I didn't want to get near water. But I was joking. Again I was only blocks away from a river that ran through town. I receive still but don't need to be that close to the water now. Thought you might find that interesting if you haven't had that experience. I know I like to be away from the chaos and I am more able to hear. If I can be grounded I do much better. Glad to be away from Calif. but I miss the weather and the trees and green. Not the traffic and population.

  • LibrasLair - Those are incredible experiences. When these things happen do you actually see them visually, or with your mind's eye? Things that have come to me come as images in my mind. Most often at times when I am praying for someone. Other times its just a sensing/feeling of something as I stand near to or walk past someone. When I was younger and very insecure (though, of course, I didn't realize it at the time) I always doubted myself. Perhaps, in part, because of traumatic things that happened to me as a child that my parents told me were dreams so I would forget about them. I don't know that I would be able to deal with actually seeing spirits. I am still conflicted about them. (Probably why I don't see them.) I have never tried to develop any psychic abilities. I do think you are right about the water being a conduit for it though. The other day I had forgotten that, astrologically, the West Coast is supposed to encourage my psychic abilities. I remembered it today when I was remembering that I didn't have the same kind of experiences when I was in Florida. So it must not necessarily be water, in general, but rather locations that encourage it. Perhaps then the water just enhances it that much more.

    I hope to evolve to the point of embracing my gifts as you do. I have had so many negative reactions here any time I say anything. (Which I have recently come to know has a lot to do with two major negative astrological aspects which would greatly improve if I moved elsewhere. But my family is here, so....)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this with me/us.

  • Good morning Areopa. To answer your question about seeing or hearing. I don't see things. Mine for the most part is feeling. But the visits I had in the shower were hearing and it wasn't in a sentence like you and I talking. I got bits and pieces like a puzzle. Thats the only way I know how to explain the experience. Please don't be afraid. Fear is what you learned as a child and our parents didn't know what else to call it other than bad dreams or what ever. Let me tell you that when I grew up if a child had a make believe friend it was said that they were without someone to play with. Well I had a friend who had a dog and I had my mom set a place at the table for him. I learned when I was living in Mo. that it just might have been my guide and they will come to you in a form so as not to frighten you. Well like I said I haven't ever been afraid of what I feel and I think maybe that's because I never saw it as a bad thing was going to happen. Bad like in a death or something sever would happen to someone. You will evolve just from talking to other people about what we each can do. And reading materials on this subject will also help. Don't try to speed it up because it will come when your ready and not before. No matter how bad you want more. I am back in the mid-west again and the bible belt area is sometimes hard to find people that are open to this. They are out there but are careful about talking. Then you have others who are on their own ego trip with what they can do. Its not and can't be about ego. You have to be thankful for this and help people. You can't force feed it to them so you just plant the seed and its up to them to make it grow. But helping is the main thing. Don't fight it when the messages are coming. I have had what I would call a bad feeling about going some place and told my husband ( my first one) that I felt like if we go something will happen and he would get discussed and say whats going to happen and I would tell him I don't know. Well he went again what I said and we left at night and the inside of the car started getting smoke in it. We had the windows up so we smelled it and we went back home. The transmission was going out. If we had left in the day our windows would have been down and we wouldn't have found out before we were broke down on the road. So you see its a good thing to have. Hope this helped some. I always thank who ever gives this information to me. Even if its from a human friend. Sherrie

  • Areopa,

    it sounds like you are pretty gifted yourself! my only wish is that we could be more phsychic about ourselves lol! Trouble seems to find me sometimes lol. The dream that I had about my coworker was really strange. Her and I were flying freely through the air and over this town. In the dream, i was terrified at first and Katy had me hang on to her which i found funny because she's so tiny and i;m twice her size. I woke up and went to work and found out that Katy didnt show up to work and no one could get a hold of her. We knew that Katy was having problems with her boyfriend and when I told my boss Veronica about my dream (she had woke up very irritated that morning and felt like something wasnt right), she sent two other coworkers to her house to check on her. Come to find out, her boyfriend was holding her hostage in their apartment and wouldnt let her leave. he made her stay up all night without sleeping, sitting on the floor between his legs. They called the cops and he let her go before they got there. She was very badly shaken but unharmed thank god. Who knows what may have happened if it had continued. when she found out about my dream , Katy hugged me and cried. she said that all night she was praying that someone would come help her. It was a group effort !

    I dont know about you Areopa, but I feel some sort of connection with you like we are kindred souls or something.I liked you right off the bat so to speak lol! Maybe I am wrong but this is what I am getting.

  • I don't have dreams where I get information but I have friends who do. You may have done an out of body but it doesn't sound exactly like it. It must be that she was coming through to you. Some people receive through their dreams because when they are awake there is too much going on around them to receive. I am not one of the dreamers who get it then. We aren't suppose to be able to do ourselves from what I hear. That's why we make the mistakes we make. You can get a heads up on somethings but most of the time we just have to learn the hard way like others.

  • Hi Libraslair,

    This kind of thing doesnt happen to me very often, and when it does, I often times dont understand what the dreams could possibly mean. Sometimes they are downright comical or so far-fetched that its the only way I even remember them. I just keep my eyes and ears open until something happens or a situation starts to unfold. Then I have my "A-ha!" moment. It can be frustrating because I just dont know what will happen . I only know the person,people involved. I always wished I were a little more psychic. I always try to follow my instincts and I am usually right. I have done Tarot card readings for a few friends and family. They say I am right on, but when I do them the reading makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever, but it always makes sense to the one I am reading. Thats a good thing lol. I am pretty modest about it. Not many people know about it. you are right though, I am never psychic about myself and in a way I am glad of it because I believe we are here to learn and you cant learn if you know everything ahead of time. That would be like cheating on a test. I dont know about the rest of you, but i always seem to learn the hard way too!

  • You know that is funny and not ha ha. But the older we get the more the lights come on. I tell people who are always trying to get through to their children that we don't learn from someone elses mistakes most of the time. If you don't make mistakes what have you learned? Sometimes I would have to keep making the sameone before I learned. Isn't that why we are here? My dad used to say "you know the older you get the smarter I get". Well I has an aha moment finally and I was older just like he said. Damn I hated it when he was right.

  • Bakergrl and LibrasLair,

    Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences. I do feel a connection to both of you. It's so nice to be able to talk with someone about these things. I know what you mean about not being able to talk to most Christians about it. I was there at one point of my life. Funny how the Spirit leads us, isn't it?

    I agree that our 'gifts' are given to us so that we can help others. Sometimes, though, in relation to dreams, they actually are premonitions of things coming in my own life. Like you, I often do not understand them at the time. Then when the circumstance comes to pass, it all makes sense. I do think we become more aware and watch for what it was trying to tell us. I had one particularly awful dream once that involved someone with whom I was very angry. I disregarded it as just my anger until one morning it flashed through my head again as I was getting into the car. It was very unsettling so I turned on the radio for distraction. Just then, they were reporting the very thing I had dreamed (though I believe it did not involve the person I knew). I would dismiss it but this is not something that happens very often and the timing was just all too freaky. I still do not know why I had that 'vision'. Perhaps some day it will make sense.

    As for my own mistakes, after the fact, I can always look back and see where my instincts tried to warn me. I always tell my kids to beware of mindsets. With my husband, the day of my wedding, I wanted to call it off. My gut was just screaming. I allowed pressure from others, and not wanting to hurt him by calling it off at the last moment, and being afraid of what people would think and say to influence me. So I made the biggest mistake of my life. Once married, I believed I had made a commitment before God and that I was bound by it unless he was unfaithful. Though I suspected infidelity early on, I could never prove it. Finally the light went on and I prayed that if he was being unfaithful, it would be brought out in a way he could not deny. What's that old saying about being careful what you pray for 'cause you just might get it?! (lol)

    It would seem that we each just have our own lessons to learn and we learn them in the way best suited to our personalities. What are your thoughts?

  • Hi LibraLair and Aeropa,

    Have you ever had a dream where you knew everyone in it and the surroundings are

    familiar? I have and when you/them meet up in the dream its like old home week,

    catching up with all they've been doing since your last dream. I haven't had one in a

    while (unknown reason) but I do remember hugging everyone and crying like I wouldn't

    see them again for some time. Everyone thinks I'm just a pyscho (our name to the don't

    believe) instead of pyschic. If either of you or anyone else has experienced this type of

    dream please let me know. ww1661

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