Rising sign and moon sign compatibilty

  • Hey everyone! šŸ™‚ I am a Taurus and I have a Sagittarius rising and and Aquarius moon. I was born May 8th 1988 10:28pm EST in Fairview Park Ohio (in case that helps lol)

    I am wondering if anyone knows what sign combination of the sun sign, rising, and moon sign in a man would be most compatible with me?

    Experienced and knowledgable answers please šŸ™‚

    Thank you!


  • Helloooooo?? lol

  • hi cindy,

    at a very quick glance...

    1st, let's talk about you.

    sun sq moon-(in fixed signs!) lots of internal conflict-parents possibly divorced

    sun sq mars-lots of energy, may like to fight-but making up is heaven

    venus opp saturn, uranus-can be reserved emotionally, yet kinky, likes something unusual about partner

    venus trine moon, mars- very kind, loving, and loved by others, comfortable with sexuality

    as for partner...

    perhaps a person with a sun or moon in libra to trine your mars, venus, moon making a grand trine, or a sun in aquarius for your aquarius moon and sag asc, or maybe a sun or moon in aries conjunct your decendant, making a grand square with the t-squares (saturn, venus, uranus, chiron, neptune) to your asc. there's always a leo sun or moon, too as opposites can attract.

    however, with your 7th house venus, the relationship you ultimately choose should generally be a happy one with a caring and attractive person. good luck, cindy

    If anyone disagrees, be my guest.. i'm not a professional nor do i play one on tv

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