Iraqi Woman Utilizes PlacidWay for Medical Care

  • The power of medical resource information and providers is reaching beyond borders to offer international medical care options to thousands of patients around the world. An Iraqi woman recently utilized the services of PlacidWay, a growing international medical provider, to choose the best in care from Artemis Hospital in India for a bilateral knee replacement.

    Wazira is among a growing number of individuals from around the world accessing Internet medical resources to choose and select the best medical care, options, accommodations and prices around the world.

    "We understand your requirements, and know what services best meet your needs," says Ms. Madhuruchi Lamba, vice president medical procurement services for PlacidWay in India, dedicated to providing individuals with customized services that specifically meet their needs. "Any information you need regarding treatments, facilities, doctors and surgeons, from anywhere in the world, PlacidWay does it."

    Wazira traveled to India from Iraq after researching information found on PlacidWay's web site. Says Wazira, "We're very pleased with the hospitality, service and treatment we received at Artemis Hospital."

    PlacidWay Meets Growing Demand for Healthcare Options

    PlacidWay offers medical facility, doctor and treatment information for countries around the world, including India, Turkey, and Jordan. Many of the facilities profiled on PlacidWay are JCI accredited and adhere to quality of care standards set by international medical provider organizations.

    Visitors accessing PlacidWay's medical provider web site may find information regarding treatments in medical fields ranging from skin care to obesity and bariatric surgical procedures, orthopedic care and heart procedures. PlacidWay also offers in-depth information regarding foreign medical destinations around the world, from dozens of resources throughout India to medical and health spa facilities throughout Mexico and Latin America, and Europe, including Switzerland, Jordan, Turkey and Croatia.

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