Can anyone send healing to Aries son?

  • Dear Karen

    Ahhh, I see that there really IS a battle for your attention and the reason that your husband is being a 'passenger' while you are running yourself ragged. You ex has his own agenda and is 'punishing' your joint-son for some past act of "betrayal", or an imagined sleight.


    Of course, if your son were on drugs (additional to those which are par-for-the-course for his condition), surely that is even more reason to support him 100%?

    I'm so glad to have helped you to re-focus your energy....please let me know how you get on . I wish you - and your son much love, health and future happiness. Please let me know if I can help further.

    Peace and love.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Chironlady,

    I hope that everything is ok still praying for you all

    Love and Blessings Lilac

  • Thank you lilac. My son seems to have gotten past the crisis point, for which I am truly thankful. He is going to counseling with his wife and they are trying to work out their problems. They love their children very much and that is the motivation for trying to save their marriage.

    My life is so topsy turvy it would be funny if it wasn't so crazy! My dad is getting weaker but fighting hard not to let the cancer make him bedridden (and winning that battle for the time being). I have started counseling,simply for extra support! My husband is on administrative leave with pay and has workers comp pending so I have to relax and try to have faith.

    I am hoping for a blessing to be able to pay off my hypnotherapy instructor, who is seriously ill, so that I will have my certificate and can begin to work with clients. I try to stay in touch with Mother Earth and stay aware of the flow of energy around me but it is not always possible!

    I have been taking short trips away from my father, though, in order to ease the stress and not become obsessed with his illness.

    Blessed be!

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