Espearite Your Insight Please:)

  • I have been praying to the Universe that an enemy of mines, and to my friend's company as well, will go forward in peace. As of today, she is STILL a thorn in both of our lives!!

    I did a Timeline Spread on Here is the Question, and the Cards that the computer displayed.

    Give me a reflection as to when(Employees Name) will Transfer out of my friend's company.

    The employee's D.O.B. is March 20th,1968:

    History: Page Of Cups

    Recent Events: Knight OF Swords

    The Present: The Hermit

    Near Future: The Devil

    Far Future: 4 of Swords

    What DOES this mean??


  • Hi, glad I could read for you again.

    The overall reading tells me that the situation will be pausing. The person you are asking about is a Pisces (I go by vedic astrology) and a 2 in numerology. The person in question can be a nuisance when it comes to the office. She can even be somewhat of a drama queen, poking her nose where it doesn't belong. I get the impression that she exaggerates and yes, can be a gossip as the reading shows me.

    History: Page Of Cups: The history of the situation is that lies are floating around. It is a situation based on fantasy. More being said than what is actually done or happens.

    Recent Events: Knight OF Swords: Definitely tells me there is some gossip going around as well as fighting words.

    The Present: The Hermit: The situation seems to be that things are now happening behind closed doors and this is a good change. There seems to be some fact digging here. A search of some kind to shed some light on the situation. Keeping information to yourselves is the best thing you are doing right now. You also might be on a break from this person.

    Near Future: The Devil: Not sure how this card relates to the situation but there are some issues that go deeper than meet the eye. You may be in for a nasty fight. It is a fight that shouldn't get the better of you. There is a danger here of letting it go too far. Keep to the "silent" change while focusing yourselves on what is most important.

    Far Future: 4 of Swords: Future shows the pause I am seeing. Either she is regrouping or you all are. Either way, you will be reassessing the situation and "taking a break" from it to think things through. Not necessarily sneakiness but I see a calmness, a settling down. However, since this is the card of pause, it does not suggest the situation has been resolved.

    Overall: The final card tells me that it may take some time before she is gone. I don't trust time with the cards, but I am going to say that she won't be gone until some time next year, possibly spring time, month of May.

    I hope that helps Pilot. I really think things are going to iron themselves out. You might be surprised.

  • Thank You SO Much for the clarification. You are really good at interpreting the cards:)

    I will keep you posted.

  • Thanks pilot 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank You notshy2bme. That is so sweet, that you are thinking about me.

    I am glad to see, that you have not left the forum. We want you to stick around longer please:)

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