Captain I have a questions for you

  • Hello Captain and how are you.

    This is Illona. Captain I have a question about my school. I was out of school for a couple of months for medical leave. So I started back on the 13th of July. Well on that same day my counsler sent back all my loan money and I don't understand why she did that. Her supervisor said that she was to have them put the money on hold because of my medical leave. So when I talked to my counsler she was not very happy with me because there was a problem and I stood up for myself and when over her head. And I was wondering do you see me getting my grant money and I applied for a scholarship do you see me getting that too.

    Thanks so much Illona and have a wonderful week

  • Illona, you must ask the supervisor about your grant money or I feel it will be held up or even not made available to you at all. I am getting that the counsellor has a certain prejudice against you.

    As to the scholarship, I foresee some obstacles here but ultimately you will get what you want. You will have to show your ability to stay calm and make peace in this situation.

  • Good Evening Captain

    Yes I would have to agree with you about my counsler having a attitude with me. Because I stood up for myself. So I will get the scholarship, I will need that I have four more classes and I will be finished and then I can rest for a minute. But I will be calm. Thanks so much

    have a wonderful weekend Illona

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