I need changes in my life

  • I need big changes in my life, i want to make something out of my life, im sick of being stuck with friends i can't trust, i just want to get into a nice crowd, i need help on choosing the best path for me in my life, i wan't a good job and i want to take care of myself can someone give me some insight please?

  • Although I cant give you any psychic insight id like to offer some words of advice... I too wanted to make changes, I has been stuck in a rut and ended up physically and emotionally in a very bad place.... I waited and waited for things to improve... and then someone passed on this advice.. If you want things to change you have to make the moves to change them..YOU not anyone else, there's no point waiting for things to just happen, you have to make the first move! I did and Im much happier! It sounds like you really want things to change and have the drive to do it so get out there and make things happen! I believe we all have a path to travel, a journey to go on, we mightnt always be on the right path but we will eventually get back on track. Do what feels right for you!

  • Thanks, its exactly how i feel, I keep saying things are going to change and they don't, some of the people i hang around with don't help, I just feel like things are really bad at the moment and I don't no where to start.

  • I have to say AngelGirll.....the advice you just got from daisyfairy is the most WONDERFUL advice you could ever wish to receive! ...please find it in your heart and soul to listen to it!,,,,,,

    much love to you in ALL of the choices you make....

    I wish you well...


  • I agree it was helpfull to here from somone else wh was in the same situation im just stuck at the moment and all this advice is really helping.

    thank you, keep it coming!

  • My advice is... If you want to change something big... start with something small.....

    Some things you can't control in your life but some things you can... Do what you can with the small changes and the big ones will follow...

    I started by changing from cotton undies everyday to lacy ones everyday!!! haha I didn't know what else to do and I need drastic changes too... I just thought why not!! And it is also a funny way to start so hopefully I will attract some good humour and light heartedness... Start it off in a positive way...

    Good luck!!

  • You're so right princess! Start small and the big will follow!

    Angel, alot of your unhappiness seems to stem from the people you're friends with, perhaps you should take up another interest and meet some new people who are more like you! Part of my problem was missing true friends, I had moved from home to a place where sure I knew people but had no one who was really close, a real friend. I heard a voluntary ambulance service was starting in the area and joined up... Have met a great bunch of people... a small change to my life in the beginning but it has opened so many doors...

  • Angelgirl, might I suggest some small volunteer work somewhere. The greatest lessons come from giving without expecting anything in return; honesty, gratitude, humbleness, unconditional love,.... Even something small like washing the dogs at the pound will change your outlook on life. The added bonus is that other people doing the same volunteer work will have something in common with you to start. Generally people who give of their time to a cause are really worth knowing and make great friends.

    Good luck and let us know how it's going.


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