Pisces Female, Leo Male

  • WOW! What a powerful combination! This is my first time ever being involved with a Leo. They are a special breed. We're having major power struggles. I'm not the typical Pisces. I've evolved since my husband passed. I become stronger, MORE independent and very dominating. After 7 months things are beginning to settlle down. Any insight anyone can share would be of help. Are they trustworthy?

  • I'm married to a Leo, and although I'm a Gemini his mum is a pisces and they have a very close relationship. My Leo has a strong, dominant personality - although we work well as a team and he encourages my independence and values my opinions too. He is very kind and generous also...he plays hard and works hard. I am quite strong willed and I think you'll find that a weaker person wouldn't cope, so don't worry about your power struggles .My Leo does have several hobbies - which he excels in and I have found that taking an interest in what he likes has gone a long way in strengthening our relationship. My Leo man, I find is trustworthy...he does have a flirty nature but I haven't felt threatened by it - he has a look but don't touch mentality! I love being married to my Leo. I have an adorable Leo son too - a 3 year old carbon copy of his dad...looks and personality, its uncanny!

  • Thanks! It seems I'm doing some of the right things. He is a high ranking member of the Masons and even though I haven't joined the "sisters". I do show an interest in his work and offer my opinion when asked. I have noticed the flirting which doesn't bother me. It's good yo know it's just a trait. Thanks again.

  • Hello,

    I have a question. I am Pisces sun, Leo rising, Taurus moon and capricorn mars and venus. I really fancy this Leo guy, I don't know his other information. Our relationship started out as purely physical and 'no strings' but then i began to have feelings for him and i admit started to become Too available. It's been a few weeks and I've decided to get over him so I stopped making an effort to be friends. also, once when I snapped about him not calling when he promised to he replied he only saw me as a friend. so since I have given him less attention he has suddenly asked me out to lunch and dinner and is making his own moves without much encouragement from me.I don't trust him very much motives wise i'm afraid i'm just another girl to him-nothing special. So now he is seeking my attention and company i'm not sure if it is solely because i am ignoring him or becasue he does want me seriously. do you think there is a chance i can hook him permanently?do you think he might genuinely care or its just the conquest he wants?I still like him very much and this uncertainty is starting to eat me up a little bit, but i'm trying to stay positive and play him at his own game. thank you in advance x

  • Of course you've got a chance with him. Go out to lunch or dinner....and make it your decision to end your evening at the coffee stage or go beyond. He may have suddenly realised he does actually enjoy your company ...Sometimes in life you've got to take a gamble.

  • I am a Leo woman that fell in love with the Pisces man......but married to a Virgo and it's not working with Mr Virgo!! As much as I wish it all could be fixed!! Been trying. I stopped seeing Mr Pisces because it was the right thing to do......but I can't get him out of my head!!! Any way am I a bad match for both of these men?

  • I have met one couple Leo woman and Virgo man. I don't know if their relationship could be so strange because of the signs. They never show any affection and he is the biggest jerk. I would call her a broke Leo. She is very stand back in the shadows person. I don't see much in common with those two.

  • wow....hit that on the nose lol a pisces man probably is not no better for me

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