Banks & Money

  • I was wondering if anyone is getting anything own taking your money out of the bank i got a feeling or thought yesterday to take what little money i had out of the bank is anyone getting anything like that ? Tooter

  • Yes Tooter, I also feel that the big banks are on very shaky ground.

  • I dont know why this was not like a vision or any thing but more like that day i had a thought to take down my canopy own the trailer and i thought well it will be OK then another thought so i went and checked the radar and a slight chance of rain but nothing bad so i left it down got to talking and another thought and i blew it off and then that storm blew up the wind was blowing about 30 i could get it down and it was pouring rain and i couldn't hold it any more and it tore off almost hit me to and what gets me is i know better i try to listen to them thoughts but i didn't then and i payed for it but i am still having that feeling i keep trying to justify not doing it but i am still having that feeling also like things are really fixing to get bad and i mean bad i am having feelings of doing this as fast as i can because it is fixing to end and i wont be able to help anymore own the computer i know things are acting funny as far as electronics. Tooter

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