Scorpio Males - What is THEIR deal?!

  • i read this post with great intrest... i am a 2ndnov scorpio in a relationship with a 1stnov scorpio ... i have had relationships with a few signs, i fell head over heals over a cancer once, but it didn't work. i dated the same taurus forever well on and off for years..... i have no friends that are fire sings.. i just can't get along with them... my closest friends are Gemini's...

    My Scorpio lover is the most intense, maddest thing i have ever been through but i love it.


  • I'm a Scorpio and I'm a sucker for Leos. (It's because they're as passionate as we are, lol!)

    I know that I'm guilty of coming on strong and then laying off. I think that has more to do with me as a person and my fear of being hurt than it does with my Scorpness,

    Interesting thread.

  • I am a female virgo who dated a scorp male. There seemed to be instant attraction, seemed like we were in a relationship with out the title and then he asked for the commit. Great relationship no problem....until he told me he was thinking about moving to another country with his job for 3 years. I became very emo and shut down for a day didn't want to talk, when we finally talked he said he made the decision to end things because he didn't think I cared and that i blew him off until i broke down crying and he stated it confused him and he was amazed because he didn't think I cared...he requested some time to think and I was told by a mutual friend because I didn't give him the time and i kept calling him and texting him(because I felt I was unsupportive) he decided to end things stating that he didn't want to do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing anymore and that I was a wonderful person and that he wanted me to remain in his life. Well out of anger and hurt I said something hurtful about his past relationships which caused him to get very angry and shut me out, he has told me to leave him alone and has froze me out at times, although sometimes he will respond to text or calls...I do love him and we had a great connection, I wonder if he will miss me and the good times we shared or do scorps just cut you off with out care about any of your kind gestures and good times together?????? this was our first major cheating, abuse etc....what do you scoprs think????

  • If you hurt your Scorp, that's probably the end of it. He might miss you, yes, but when we're done, we're done. Especially if someone hurts us.

  • So do scorps disregard the hurt they have caused others!?!?!? True he did not verbally say anything to hurt me, but the hurt I inflicted was a response to the hurt he inflicted on me.

  • This Virgo is also interested in a Scorp male. He also came on strong and swept me off my feet knowing I only wanted friendship. He was very persistant, squirmed his way into my heart then backed off. He tried to act all innocent like he didnt have a thing to with the I now feel about him. Eventually we became "friends with benefits". And yes he did want to and tried to dominate. He plays his mind games and is really secretive and got to where the communication was almost nothing...except around full moon time. Ha Ha Ha.

    He keeps telling me he only wants friendship. So I cut off the benefits and told him I only want friendship with out benefits. Now there has been more communication. No more sex talk. More laughing and joking. And yet some how or another I managed to turn things around things around with out trying.

    Is this something that is characteristic of a scorp or just being a man that got cut off ?

  • we dont run a female and i stay but then the feelings get to deep, we have an issue with aries is ruled by the same planet..mars and yes we r the same in a lot of ways only scorpios r stronger and we sometimes sense when things need to JUST BE..and sometimes thats means ...tell me about these fucking gemini species ..u thought we were bad..check them

  • yup scorpios r revengeful..if they have something to

  • Hi, I was wondering if you couldhelp me, as you are a scorpio male and if anyone else can help an give insight on what this scorpio of mine is thinking and doing please tell me.

    Well here it goes.... i have know this scorpio guy for many years but he was married and has two little boys but knew him through family and hi hello and that and we know all his family, well lest year his wife died which was very upsetting... this year end of August we were at two weddings we were both attending he was being very friendly with me and started to get close but i didnt think anything of it i didnt realise what he was doing to be honest and then he started texing me and after that we got involved how it happened i dont know we also see each other every week at this congregation we go to, well he was on text to me 24/7 on my case asking everything where im going, who with, why and all that and even asking me if i ve ad breakfast lunch and dinner every day and said he wanted to get to know me i said fine as i started to like him..... he then asked me if down the line we wanted to get married would it bother me as he has two kids I said NO and then he said what about my parents (by the way i am an indian and our parents have to agree to marriage aswell) I told him they would never accept. Even after that we still continued as i couldnt back off and he was still on my case and when he wouldnt see me he would be missing me and saying this on his texts he would also say to me " you will end up falling in love with so be carefull lol" also what was strange when he was swimming lessons with his kids for few hours and i wouldn text he would say "did you not miss me"and things like that then he wanted to meet up and we decided a day, day before we were going to meet up he cancelled it saying that " i dont think we should meet as if down that line we want to get married we cant coz of my parents and we would both end up hurt" so he broke it off I said fine, he didnt text me and i didnt text him after a week we saw each other at the congregation that we go to and he then sent me a text afterwards saying " it was nice to see me today and that he didnt realise how much he missed me" we started off again with texting and that and getting close we then finally met up and were trying to find the solution of what to do with my parents and the situation but werent able to solve it after that on the 31st october it was his wife's first death anniversary and i saw him that congration i was feeling abit embarrased because day before i went out with my friends and drink and that i texted him sayin " I love him" but he was responding very well on that day as i wasnt to sure how he would react as he hasnt told me he loves me. The next day he didnt text and i didnt as he was grieving coz of his wife and taht i though not good to text plus i dont think he wanted to either .... eveentually taht nite i texted himto ask if he was ok, he started to ask me if i was drunk when i sent him that text of i love you and i told him i wasnt he said okay, i then changed the subject after that for few days we werent in touch he wasnt in the mood to text then he texted it was baiscally on and off last week aswell, he had told me he was going away on holiday for 4 weeks so he said would be nice ot meet up before going he were suppose to meet me this monday as he was flying on wednesday this week, well just before that on text he started asking me that he wants a mother to his kids who treat them as there own and someone he can relate to as i asked what he wants......... to which i told him i will and he can judge for himself he then said " he knows i will" I then said to him as what situation hes goign thorugh my dad went through the same I also lost my mum and he knows that, i can understand very well what the kids are going through and him. well just for my reassurance and said to him end of the day i need to have a place in his heart he said " YES I DO" which i was very happy about, but i had to ask him he then just said that " I have to get your parents to agree and thats it". In his texts it always seems as he is aksing me qusetions to see how i feel and think about him WHY? cant he see it in my actions?. he als came around my house on saturday for tea with his cousins, generally as my family and his family know each other, but the reason he came over was just to start getting close to them if you know what i mean coz its my parents that will have the issue, which was very nice of him...... next day on sunday he cancelled the meet up for monday sayin hes busy and has alot of things on his mind, i was upset as you can imagine. I didnt text him on monday and tuesday, late on tuesday nite i texted him as he was going away next morning saying wish him safe journey and all that he responded to that, the next morning i didnt text at all and he texted me saying " Hey u okay, we about to take off, will see you when im back, you take care" and then another texted message saying " be good lol, bye " what did he mean by be good lol?????????. he has gone away now for 4 weeks.

    Could you please tell me what his going on thorugh his mind, what his feelings are and what he is doing exactly? i cant understand???

    I know it is bad phase at mo as its his wifes first death anniversay and probably having flash backs and that but still woudl be good to know what his going throught this Scorpion males mind and heart, as I have fallen in love with him.

    Oh also my parents and his family basically no one knows we seeing each other but if we wanted to get married his family would have no issues just my parents that is the problem.


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