Scorpio Males - What is THEIR deal?!

  • I'm a strong, independent, fun, sarcastic, smart, good looking Aries female.

    How come Scorpio males think we are the s*** upon meeting us. . .

    They can't get enough of us!

    Then, they run away just as fast.

    Do we scare them?! Meaning: they like us too much and it scares the crap out of them?!

    I am 48. I am not a kid. I will never understand this sign.

    (high school boyfriend - Scorpio, second boyfriend - Scorpio, ex-husband of 13 years - Scorpio)

    They are so enthralled by everything about you, at the start. Then, they totally pull away and disappear.

    I said, years ago, after I left my husband, that I would never be with a Scorp again.

    Yep! Did it again.

    What's up with them?!

  • i am a scorpio myself and i have seen and been with aries females. aries females are often too imposing and keep dictating. they find faults every now and then. and somewhere the intellectual vibes do not match. i found it difficult and impossible to reach these facts out to the other end. failed, running away appears to be the best solution.

  • still waters run deep and with scorpios, deeper yet; much less all the defenses all of us put up anyway. never under-estimate the feelings vs actions of a scorpio male. was married to one but divorced...just too young to get married. he re-married and had 3 kids, but i know he would do anything for me...eventhough we didn't see or talk to each other for over 30 yrs.

    now married to a gemini for over 20 years. it's all about not nagging or bitching. both signs hate that.

  • I am strong and tough, but I am also quite innocent and soft (the first qualities are what we show the world, the sentimental mushy ones are how we really are).

    If you have really been with an Aries female, you know that!

    Dictating?! I would not use that word. A leader?! Yes. We are born leaders (but so is a Scorp).

    The major difference between the two signs is that Aries is very vocal and Scorpio is not. Aries will tell you how they feel. ALWAYS. Scorpio does in the very beginnings (perhaps to win you?!) of a relationship, then shuts down after a few months.

    You ALWAYS know where you stand with an Aries. Good, bad or otherwise. But, we do not do it in a hurtful way. Aries do NOT like to fight or hurt anyone. We can fight, oh yes we can! But, we do not like to. We want to love.

    You THINK you know where you stand with a Scorpio. Then, you have no clue where you stand with a Scorpio. Then, they re-appear as if they never did disappear. They win you over all over again and then they are gone (either physically or mentally or both!).

    They are weird.

    But, for some reason, Aries and Scorpio cannot get enough of each other. . .

    Most likely due to the fact that they are the 2 most passionate signs of the zodiac!

  • Decided. . .

    I need to totally run away from him!

    The secretiveness will drive you crazy.

    Adios, Mr. Scorpion.

  • kim416,

    you said Adios, and i just remembered a line from a scorpio poet. John Keats.

    Adieu! adieu! thy plaintive anthem fades

    Past the near meadows, over the still stream,

    Up the hill-side; and now 'tis buried deep

    In the next valley-glades:

    Was it a vision, or a waking dream?

    Fled is that music:--Do I wake or sleep?

  • Ah, Mr. Keats was a Scorpio?! That makes sense! His romance with Fanny Brawne was consumed with getting close and then going away. Getting close and then going away. When they finally (finally!) acknowledged their feelings, it was wonderful albeit short-lived. So many wasted years fighting feelings.

    I wonder if Miss Brawne was an Aries?

    I have said 'adios' , 'adieu' , 'au revoir' ~ physically. Mentally, he is forever in my thoughts.

    Timing IS truly everything. My Scorpio had a life changing incident happen about 6 weeks into our budding relationship. It left him devastated and, as he said, it 'took away his swagger'. He told me that I am free to run away. Really?! Why would I kick a man when he is down? I decided to stay. For me, it was not a deal breaker. I waited years to have the connection that we had and I was going to stand by him.

    Unfortunately, my Scorp had become a shell of the gregarious, cock-sure, smartass guy that I fell for. Where we would talk about everything under the sun previously, we are now not talking at all. Well, he's NOT talking. He was always elsewhere, mentally. It also felt as if he was inadvertently pushing me away.

    I decided that he probably needs to work through this on his own. There is not a thing I can say or do that will ease the pain and hardship he is going through.

    Do I think we are forever ended?

    No. I do not.

    I just do not think that this was our time right now. We both know the connection that we had; it was weird and instantaneous. He remarked about it first (I tried to fight against it; I knew I was in trouble). It was almost as if you couldn't prevent it if you tried to! THAT connection is still there. It will always be.

    Sometimes you have to remove yourself from a situation before you do damage that you didn't intend on doing. He needs time to sort things out on his own. I need time to step back and let him do this and take care of myself. Also, it is always good to go away; to see how much someone truly means to you.

    We will find each other once again, in the future, when we are both whole again.

    Til then. . .

    Adios, adieu, au revoir.

    By the way, I am an Aries BUT I have Scorpio as my rising sign. I am a whole lot of Aries fire, but I do tend to act like a Scorpio, as well. Just so you know.

  • Miss Brawne was a Leo - the other fire sign! Much like an Aries.

    Funny, on one of our very first dates, I was relaying the story of John Keats and Fannie Brawne to my Scorpio having just seen the movie Bright Star a few weeks before. How funny that you mentioned and quoted Mr. Keats, MindConfused.

    (I cannot believe that they edited Miss Brawne's first name in my previous reply AND the other name for 'rooster' as in c***-sure. Really? Reeeeeeally?!)

  • I agree with you about Aries.. I have been around so many aries women and men, I absolutely adore Aries! why, you know exactly where you are with an aries, and no pretenses, it's all upfront. same with a Leo, and Sag.

    as for Scorpios, I agree, they are confusing, and instead of facing up to their demons or whatever they are afraid of, they run away. awww, poor scorps, can't handle the emotional issues, big big babies. too many scorps I have come upon over the years seems to be into mind games because it's all about winning.

    remember scorps are major control freaks, and need to win. scorps will sting you first, rather than wait around to be stung by another.

    Find someone compatiable to your fiery aries energy. Aries are more fun anyways.

    scorps are way too serious, and play too many mind games. I stay away from all scorps.

    my father-in-law is a scorp, and for him it's always about winning a fight or argument.

    can you tell, I do not like scorps!

  • have you noticed in this forum? there are lots of complaints about 2 water signs, Cancers, and Scorpio. I have noticed Virgo as well.

    seems those 3 signs are thee most complicated, and are to be handled with extra care, as they come across as being so insecure and fragile.

    too emotional..


  • I just want to add quickly that I was in a long relationship (early 20's) with a scorp, and another with a sag. The differences were remarkable. they both cheated on me. lol neither were loyal, and very selfish needs. they both wanted freedom. hey, we were young, and experimenting. does not mean they were bad, just selfish needs, and not exactly in my best interest.

    I believe with my experience on water signs (cancers, scorpio, and pisces) are too emotional for me, and bit secretive. I am not into secrets, and Ibelieve it's always best to be upfront, and honest with intentions and feelings. if something is not working out, one should close the door gracefully, and not by running away. one should run away however, if you are being abused, or threatened in any way.

    btw~ water signs and fire signs are generally not a good match, but again, it depends on other aspect of your natal/birth chart. water puts fire out. earth signs dampens fire energy by covering the fire energy with soil.

    good luck fiery one.. Sunny

  • kim416,

    i was not so sure about Brawne being a Leo. nice to know that.

  • Kim416

    Wow I got so much out of what you wrote regarding your latest Scorpio relationship. I'm about 10 mos. into it with a Scorpio. I've never dated or even come in contact with a Scorpio male. He found me did he ever...swept me away for sure. I'm a gemini with a cancer moon. Lord help me. But I what I found interesting that you said was the whole timing issue. That is our problem too. He was the most sunny, eager, fun, outgoing, confident, persistant guy I'd ever met. How could I resist?? He is in love with me and doesn't want me to EVER leave him. But here are the terms: No phone, no seeing other, no emails, only texting until he finds a job and feels more "put together." He can't deal with life until he gets a job and is working again.

    Part of me wants to let go until things are better, and hope the fun guy returns to me. But I'm also mindful of "kicking a dog when he's down." I do love him and if that is true, what does love do? It is patient, kind, understanding, not demanding, but offers unconditional kindness. I don't understand his way of thinking, nevertheless it is his reality and he does love me.

    Thanks for you post! Wow it helps.

  • I should also say, he has demonstrated some unbelievable support and caring toward me. I feel a loyalty and trust because of this very important issue. So there you have it...I'm stuck with a Scorpio.

  • i've heard scorpions are revengeful. being a scorpio myself, i never felt so. is it true what they say?

  • Well, having just seen your post on another topic, you do not have to dwell on the Scorpio characteristics any longer.

    It's fitting that your 'name' is mindconfused because you are all Libra, mister. (birthday being 10.10)

    Now, go back and read all you can on Libras because that is what you are!

  • I am an Aries w/ a scorpio rising cancer moon.. I have been in relationship w/ both scorpio and cancer...a life time ago and I have chosen to be solo since. I found them both to be very confusing and as a true aries not patient w/ their secretiveness. Emotional unavailability I believe it's called. But my open nature and theirs was just not a good mix. It took me a long time to accept there just ARE things that will remain confusing and to let it go.I leaned the hard way to respect that they were just doing what came natural to them.

    I do find myself retreating from them if I am in their circle. Or much more cautious. Guarded. There is a passive aggressive feel...but that could also be my own impatience showing up. They don't seem to appreciate my energy either. Too assertive.

    But as I get older I can look back and see the lessons I was given and where I faltered. In my heart of hearts I try to see them as my friends. They taught me a valuable lesson. To let stop pushing(not easy in my fiery youth) and wasting my energy on something that is not meant to be.

    Thanks for letting me share.


  • kim416, it was a mistake, my dob is 29/10/83. anyways, i do not mind knowing about the librans. i had a crush on a libran, but never managed to let her know about it.

  • Ahhhh. . .

    Okay. Yes! You are a Scorpio, for sure.

    But, you are an October Scorpio. I find October Scorpios to be quite different from November Scorps. You are a bit more mellow and fun and NOT as crazily intense as your November counterparts!!!

    Maybe that is why you don't see yourself when people talk about the traits of a Scorpio?!

  • I loved reading this thread....I am a cancer....but in my defence I want to say I HATE SECRETS...i can NOT play games when it comes to matters of the heart.....i am very emotional but I am one hundred percent up front about my feelings good or bad......and i am not a typical shy cancer women....I am the crazy one dancing with everyone and making everyone laugh around me...I was dating a Scorpio male....who DID VERY MUCH sweep me off my feet and as soon as I let my gaurd down he ran.....but....still wants to be friends but wont talk about WHAT spooked him. He said I WANTED MORE THEN HE COULD GIVE..haa haa...funny thing is he was calling all the shots and not me....I have dated a leo for 5yrs....I see alot of pride in scorpio's as well...I was married to a libra 12yrs who I found A LOT MORE SECRETIVE then my scopio...but secrets do bother me ALOT that is why I take extra care to not make the people in my life feel like I have maybe its time to stop waiting for my spooked scorpio and run myself.... thanks for letting me read this it was very helpful for me personally!


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