Tortured Virgo Vying for Distant Scorpio

  • I'm in the process of becoming completely obsessed with a Scorpio. Please pull my muddy butt out of the water and help me dry off.

    For months, we've been flirting, he took the initiative to ask me for my number, he regularly asks me out for drinks with his friends, and they're always making comments about how they're looking forward to seeing me again, with sidelong glances to him. (Okay, so maybe I'm overanalyzing. Not that a Virgo would do that.)

    I finally got him alone for a drink one night, everything was going great, steamy eye contact, great conversation, and then suddenly - he flipped the switch and said he had to leave. I couldn't help but feel hurt and completely confused.

    I emailed him to tell him that I was really enjoying getting to know him and that I looked forward to hanging out again. He emailed back to say that he got the "impression" that I was looking for romance (it is simply not possible that he did not already know this) and he just wants to be friends.

    I called him the next day to ask him if I said anything that made him uncomfortable (because the conversation got a little personal, talking about our families, etc) and he said, "No, I loved everything you said last night. I think that's one of the most unique things about you, you say exactly what you mean. I like to think I'm the same way." (Obviously, he isn't the same way in a lot of respects - he's very secretive and guarded in some cases.)

    Then I told him that he's right, I am really attracted to him, but that I understand he just wants to be friends. He sort of laughed and told me that he'd call me when he was back from his vacation, but he never did - so I emailed him to say that I hope the trip went well, and he sent me back a huge email about his trip and said he would "definitely" call me soon. I responded to his stories a couple of days ago, and he still hasn't replied, which is unusual - usually he replies within a day.

    So now I know I should take him at his word, recognize that he means exactly what he says, back off, and just be friends. But in my sick mind, I secretly believe that he's testing me to see how important he is to me.

    I know you're all going to say he meant what he said and I should MOVE ON!!! But I just need to hear it. Maybe multiple times.

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