Reading people, facial expressions, body language etc..

  • So there's this guy I like, and it's very hard to read him. I don't want to straight up tell him that I have feelings for him, because I have done that in the past with other guys and it turned out disasterous. So I am resorted to nothing but reading this person's body languages and facial expressions. This guy is in a band and I went to one of his shows and he noticed me in the crowd, looked me directly in the eyes and smiled at me. This guy has the reputation of being a flirt, but he's not the type that would play with a girl's mind/heart. When I talk to him, I do notice his eyes sometimes "wander" but my friends also tell me that he does the same for them...any good advice on reading people, because i am not sure if this guy is interested or just sees me as another girl to flirt with...

  • pay attention to how he stands when he is talking to you if his body is leaning in towards yours he likes you, if when your hanging out he has your back to you the whole time, he doesnt like you... it is natural instinct for us to face the things we want most and to gravitate towards them. Also try a trick i like to use, it works like a charm... when you like a person you instinctivley without even knowing it copy everything the other person is doing, try putting your hands behind your back then a minute later put them in front of you, if in a minute or two he puts his behind he back.. he likes you... try this a couple times with different things, yawn... rub your eye, rest your hands on your head, etc.... and watch like the magic of this beautiful and funny chain reaction.... i find amusement in doing this with ppl who like me when im bored lol

    hope this helps you 🙂

  • haha that's so cool, im gonna try that

  • this works the other way round as well. try 'mirroring' what the other person does and they will feel 'in tune' with you.

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