• Hi Blmoon,

    No questions. I know you've been re-charging, readings can be draining for you just wanted to

    post some hugs here for you.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Hi!


    I love the critter--- so sweet! this is exactly why Scorpios hold such a big place in my heart! Your critter came at the perfect moment. Sounds like you listen well--Thank You. I needed that. Not everyone thinks my readings are so great and I just got done reading a not so well received message--wishing maybe I should have just passed but like you I follow the nudge and just roll with it. May you receive a blessing in return--I feel your sincere good wishes--YUMMY!

  • ps--You already know this but I can't help say it one more time you are so born to serve in the healing profession! You have a special gift for caretaking--and such a crowd of guiding spirits follow you. I love your energy. Guard it well--everyone wants a piece sometimes!. Then again--you Scorps usually do just fine in that department.

  • Hi Blmoon!

    Read you got a bug!! Hope you feel better!!

  • HAHAHA! Have I told you I so love you! Blessings back at you----YOU DIVINE CARETAKER YOU! Today I will work in the garden--gather all the energy she offers and will send you a silent but potent hug. May something grand come your way!

  • Blmoom


    Aboundant, bountiful blessings for all you do and to all who assist


    loving silver wings

  • lovingsilverwings--your screen name does not lie---pink roses for you with one big bright daisy in the middle just to keep it real!

  • sweet mari, how could i not respond, you are always there....

    BLMOON, you will always be treassured in my heart...

    for all of you...

    i took this from lovely healingways post

    hugs sheila

    many angels sent your way

  • If you are ou t there at anytime i want you to know i will also stand with you like so many loving gifted people that share thier gifts.....and also thier love

    this goes for you also Mari and loving Julianna

    hugs,peace,light and love


    This is STAND BY ME like you've never heard it! This video was done by 5 sound engineers

    who went around the world recording individuals performing this song. They then blended

    them together into one song and video, which is wonderful. Click on the link below.

    (The first guy shown is at the 3rd St. Promenade, in Santa Monica .)

  • Awwwwh...I SO WANT to join in with sending our beautiful Blmoon a great BIG HUG!!! of SO much love and respect!!.... Blmoon, you truly are one Angelic Energy!!, hope you know how much we ALL love YOU!! TRULY give us ALL so much love and inspiration.....I just feel your "beautiful energy"....

  • Aweeee Healingways you and Mari have the most beautifull and adorable pictures..I have a separate folder for you hahahah and icearinas beautiful angel pics..

    love to you healingways,its good to seet you back...

    blmoon,sending you many blessings.

    hugs sheila

  • I am so blessed! Would you believe I've had terrible back pain today--I've had arthritis since I was young and mostly keep it under control--I'm a strong work horse but very health conceise--still every once and a while I get a bad day of inflamation and boy today was a doozy and none of my usual remedies was working. Finally about five oclock the pain eased up and I was not going to go on the computer because didn't want to risk my back hurting but spirit insisted just for a moment and I went right to this thread! Gave me the biggest smile! I thought no wonder I feel better--thanks for the blessing.

  • Hi Blmoon!!

    Oh no! You must have over exerted yourself out in the garden the other day. Now did you go on

    weed pulling like crazy again? (j/k). Don't worry sending you some healing energy for your back. And of course (((((HUGZ)))))).

    Mari Giving Blmoon an Anti-Inflammatory Ayurvedic back massage. Hope you feel better.

  • HAHAHA! You are so psychic! My very dearest friend who passed away was a big cat lover--to the point that in her final days--she battled cancer 8 years--her cats over ran her house attracting every wild feline without a home. Took me and two others hours to capture them and take to the humane society. To this day "cats" are her special hello! You have given me happy tears I am wearing a smile just like that fancy turbined cat! I feel so much better today--I have a high tolerance for pain as most empaths do and used to the arthritis but yesterday my spine from head to tail bone was ridged and it felt like a hot poker was stabbing me in the lower back. And no it wasn't the yard but more of putting out good energy but not gathering enough in--your loving gifts--all of you--reminded me of that empaths rule. Sometimes I forget to RECEIVE and my loved ones here have been more needy than usual and I have neglected to hook up with loving friends--sound familiar to any of you caretakers out there! I'm going to print this divine picture and place it near my desk as a reminder that I must let go of being the strong one sometimes and let my spirit receive. The last 6 years I've lost 3 of my dearest closest spiritual touchtone friends---my security snuggy blankets of LOVE and although I'm blessed to still visit with them from the other side you have reminded me that this is not enough and it's time I get out there and connect again--that I need that human connection if I wish to keep giving.and healing and caretaking. Thank youthankyou thankyou! When it's real LOVE heals all things--I love you very much! AND you know --kitty does kinda look like me--it's the Mona lisa smile. And thank you to the angel who sent this beautiful reminder--we all need the loving touch of others and it's out there--my own wise words--CHOOSE LOVE! Blessings! Now go win the lotto!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • oh, watergirl i am known for my depends on CWB's threads, I'd be glad to send you a special pair that Riverphonex has made for me truly elegant with amethysts...hahaha

    For BLMoon, a beatiful pair of shoes....

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  • HAHAHA lol.....


    Thanks watergirl, you just made my day...hahah



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