What do I have to do to get a Reading on this Forum??

  • would like one...

  • This post is deleted!

  • hey! not fair...i asked in two other posts VERY nicely...still got no replies! i dont think it has to do with HOW i ask it!

  • Tsk, tsk, ladies please!!

    LovelyLibra987. The ones able to do so are most of the time swamped with request readings. Some patient would be nice.

    Just bump your request and someone who is able will answer in due time.

    So please stop the cat fight. Have a nice evening.

  • Now Libra Darlin' Haven't you ever heard you'll catch more flies with sweet?

    I do get you want a reading--but an old NLP truism--the meaning of your question is the response you get.

    But I will help you.

    #1--GOOD MANNERS are important & will always serve you well.

    However much in distress or need you may be--your thread question is not one I could imagine would make readers on our forums--who are all volunteer & reading out of the goodness of their hearts likely to look at your thread

    #2-Not sure how you asked in other posts or when. But yes, it has very much to do with HOW you ask. Just like how someone asks YOU something makes you either feel good about wanting to help them or just blow them off.

    #3--There are a number of "how to post" or "how to get a reading" posts you can read. Seeing what's worked well for others is always good.

    To make it a bit easier for you.

    If you have a specific reader you'd like a reading from, put their name in the subject rather than

    "What do I have to do...????"

    for example: "Calling (name of reader) please help me"

    would probably get a much quicker response.

    If you don't have a specific reader in mind, a general request such as

    "Lost my manners, confused, can anyone help?"

    would have a reader responding too.

    Readers are here as volunteers, have a lot of requests and many are tired and overloaded just now. In fact, last month, there was a Lack of Respect forum where readers shared ideas on how to best provide info--here are some things from there that may work to help you:

    be polite

    don't nag--readers are people too and have lives

    give them time "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

    don't jump threads--ie: look at the "offering" for reading post--if a reader says "first 10 only"

    and you come on the end with a q--you have only your own lack of attention to blame.

    Very good readers have thrown their hands, cards, pendulums whatever in the air & left because people who want free reading can be so demanding & disrespectful.

    So now sit with your Libra self, form the question you want to ask with, and post a nice polite request. And wait your turn,.

    And please, remember to say Thank You.

    ike "

  • Dear LovelyLibra987 ~

    I'd like to offer you a bit of advise if I may. I sincerely hope you won't take it the wrong way but rather with the intentions of someone trying to help. First, consider this, in a forum like this the typed word can leave much to interpretation; remember that people cannot hear the inflection in your voice nor see your body language so you have to think about the way you word things and how other people will percieve them. I looked at your profile and unless this is a new screen name, I see you are fairly new to the forum. That being the case, the readers on this site offer their time freely and without charge but keep in mind, this is not their job, they do it when they have free time but the majority of them have jobs, families and committments outside the forum... so if you are going to ask for a reading, you also have to be willing to be patient until someone is available to do one. Now I will say this, I read a previous thread you started and saying things like "am I invisible" and the way you worded the title in this thread tends to lead people to think you are demanding and have no patience. When people see things like this, it gives them a negative impression of you. Personally, I try to see the different sides of things and this thread could be perceived as demanding or it could be seen as someone inquiring how to request a reading. Now I don't know you and I don't know what your intention was but try to see it from others viewpoint, if you did not know the person and read the title of this thread, what would you think???

    This really is a wonderful site with many gifted readers here and many others who may not be able to provide readings but have wonderful insight to share from life experiences. I know sometimes when you are seeking answers it can be hard to be patient but patience is something that you have to have when your are seeking free readings. Some of the experienced readers are so in demand that they have waiting lists and it could take them a week or longer to get to your request. If you need an immediate answer and do not have the patience to wait your turn, there are numerous sites that will give you an immediate reading for a fee. Just keep in mind, the readers here are not paid and are generous to give of their time freely and voluntarily when they have some free time to do so.

    Like I said, I hope you don't take what I have said the wrong way, I'm just trying to help since you are new to the forum. I hope you will get your reading and answers soon. While you are waiting for someone to be available to do your reading, you may want to read some of the threads and see if maybe you have some advice to share with someone else that could benefit from your own life experinces. We support, encourage, give advice, share life experience and love each other here on this forum. Remember, what you give comes back to you.

    Have a blessed day 🙂

  • Some advice also from someone who used to be a newbie at tarot, i have learned alot in my time here...And i would not certainly ask like you have..I'm not putting you down..

    But a good place to start is a thread that has been started by one of our readers and other readers have posted thier frustrations on how bombarded they feel at times...

    heres the link if you choose to take a look


    peace and light


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