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  • I think I am a fairly typical Capricorn. I work hard towards my goals and can be very determined once I set my sights on what I want. The thing that really bugs me though is how hard I am on myself. I am my own worst critic and I tend to look on the black side of a situation.

    Sometimes I think I have a slightly split personality because I can go from being a totally uptight person to suddenly becomming a total risk taker who throws caution to the wind. I wonder if this is a Capricorn trait or just me?

    Whatever I do though, I seldom have any regrets and my tendancy to deeply think about things reinforces my decisions firmly into my persona.

    Also as a Capricorn, I think I will be the last person on earth to find true love.

  • Reading your post, I felt like I wrote it myself! I contradict myself all the time...I can be extremely cautious one minute, and the next I'm throwing that caution to the wind. I also feel like I will never find true love because no one understands me and my "moods".

  • Sounds like a Capricorn I know. I have found that Capricorns I know personally can be mean. If a man tells me he's a Cap I automatically keep my distance. Seems if the pressure is on them, they take it out on others. Haven't had good luck w/Capricorns or Cancers. Hate to say that, but that's been my experience. Capricorn is supposed to be my rising sign.

  • Hey you guys! I'm a Libra Sun, but have Capricorn rising, and Jupiter and Saturn ruled by Capricorn (in my 12th house of all places!). So, I feel I belong here for sure!!!

    Yes, Capricorns are very hard on themselves, and moody too! But I think it's because we are so thoughtful and complex. Perhaps the tendency to break out and throw caution to the wind sometimes are the other planetary influences breaking through that hard, but warm, earth. Capricorns have got to break out sometimes! I say embrace those free moments and remember that you will probably never get too far out of control because you are too stable to let it!

    Also, I've read many times that Capricorns tend to lighten up and relax as they get older. And for me, at 47, that's definately true. The great wisdom of Capricorn will begin to take it's natural form and become comfortable in it's own skin. Look forward to getting older!

    As for love, please don't worry about that! Capricorn always gets a bad rap, but in truth all the other signs couldn't get along without us! We keep the peace, teach humility, show that discipline and diligent work pays off, support those more flighty souls, call people on their crap, and are very intelligent! You are great souls....and you will find love! Just keep climbing.


  • I am a fairly lighthearted for a cap but I too have those pesky ups and downs. I have learned to keep a tight reign on them but they get to me on occassion. As far love goes,I have had no issues. I believe firmly in commitment and putting my S.O first. I have found an aquarius that suits me perfectly and let him know so daily:)

  • oh how this totally sounds like me..I work so hard it so intrudes into my relationship..my guilty pleasure is money...I also am my own worst critic..and I don't know if you know this but all caaps have a unique beauty..STRiKING...I have just lately learned this..I am now 36 and I sometimes have my wild crazy nights and my risk taking moments...I am a true believer that caps have got to be the most loyal sign..I so hate the cheating of like Gemini's been with quite a few ..We love deep but seems I have a hard time finding someone as passionate and love deeply like myself...I recently meet a Cancer ...I just can't figure him out .Kind of hard to read and you know us caps need reassurance that you dig me as much as i dig you..So hopefully if everything I have ever read and heard that our later yrs in life are the best ..I so hope this is true!!

  • My father is a Cap and I'm a Cancer, I would say that out of all the earth signs that Cap's do tend to be a bit darker, and I think the earth signs except Taurus are self-critical, (Virgo takes the cake on that though i think) anyway, they are withdrawn emotionally, they are studious and can be workaholic, my father studied for years and has gained a wealth of knowledge that I admire, but as a cancer, he and I get along perfectly. The moods I never noticed with my dad, I'm a Cancer and have moodiness too but I'm also BiPolar as well, so that kinda makes mood swings a bit bigger (hey, I gotta find something humorous about my downsides otherwise it'll eat me alive and I'm a fighter... lol). I would agree that they come across as eccentric, brooding and dark though... like the leading male in Jane Eyre or Nathaniel from Wuthering Heights if you get my drift.... lol

  • I'm a taurus woman with some gemini traits and I think that capricorns can be so ridiculous sometimes the way they're always seeming to be changing their minds, deliberating deliberating and more deliberation trying to find the best situation to use to their advantage after the key phrase of a cappy is "I USE"

    so it can be so frustrating when they won't make up their minds about something but when they do it's nearly impossible to change it back even if its a terrible descicion,

    guh, sometimes it takes all the patience a beautiful bull girl has but they are so much fun and exciting because of their split personality, I'm never bored to se their moods go back and forth, it stimulates the gemini in me I hate it but I love it too...I'm so addicted

    another thing that cappies have for a condradiction is how they INSIST on living a lonely, tragic love life, I read in sextrology that something that cappy men do is deny their love for another women Oh God that is so true it said that" because capricorn men insist on being tragic, they will go with another woman or be alone instead of going after the girl their heart truly beats for"

    so yeah they are pretty unfathomable creatures but I love them all even though they all act like grumpy old men sometimes HARRUMPH! haha

  • so u mean...they might be be doing what they really wants and think...?....He's are making me confused! >.<"

  • I mean...they might NOT be doing what they wants and what they think?

  • This post is deleted!

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