• thanks esp,

    this guy was the most confident guy i ever met, he never hesitated to talk about marriage on the first date! he talked about seriously starting a relationship, we spent two days together, but i havent heard from him over a week now, i called but he texted me he is busy at work, then i didnt call him this weekend.

    I was so surprised he discussed marriage, name of the kids, n yes, he showed me he was vulnerable and very emotional, he said he was so fortunate he was with me! what showed was low self esteem or how do i explain so much attraction towards me!

    what i dont understand is he wanted to marry me rite away n now he hasnt even called. we spent those two days last week like weve known each other for ages. even i wanted to marry him rite away!

  • Espearite - Thanks so much for the feedback on my reading for you. So glad to hear that it is in line with events in your life. Hearing about your situation now, is it possible that the four of swords might speak to this time of preparation for you which you say will take a couple of years? I think of this as the warrior resting before renewed activity. Once you accomplish your goal, things are going to change again for you so the warrior must wake up and get busy again. The reward of hard work is more hard work you know, lol. Anyway, just a thought.

    "Wow" on your insights on my friend. This very much describes him and I was even thinking today how very sensitive he is to any sort of criticism, no matter how well-intended or constructive. Always walking on eggs with him that way. I tend to be pretty confrontational because I don't see confrontation as conflict, I see it as issues to be faced and dealt with. At the same time I should know that other's thinking about things could be quite different, not so objective and it's something I should probably be more sensitive about.

    So much true about your other observations and that I can see it so clearly when thinking about your reading. Self-esteem is at the heart of everything this man does - whether for good or bad though. He makes some bad choices to elevate himself...and then feels remorse for them later. I believe some of the seven of Cups reversed may be he, himself, being an obstacle to his own progress. Unfocused. "Yes", he is a perfectionist, probably to a fault, which I believe only makes all of these distractions more troubling as he attends to things in such hair-splitting detail, not recognizing what is worth his attention and what he should just let go.

    A fascinating reading and I thank you so much. Looks like not much will be happening between he and I in terms of any progress at this point. I think that I already knew in my heart that he has too many loose ends in his life. I think I am always hopeful that he will pull it all together, but my sense has been that it will take a lot more time. He doesn't stand up for who he is very well, very influenced by the opinions of his family and friends. Makes too many decisions based on external forces and yet, at the same time wrestles with himself internally about making decisions that way. He seems to try so hard to ground himself to what he believes in, but again, so many circumstances surrounding him that demand his attention leaving little for himself. This is not a situation without resolution, he could change things if he really drew upon his personal strength and ignored what everyone else tells him to do, but he is not strong that way at this point in life. (Honestly, I think that this is what appeals to him about me and why he would seek my approval. I don't listen to anyone but the inner voice in the end, although I appreciate plenty of input in making my decisions - in the end I make them according to what I believe is correct and won't care what anyone thinks once my decision is clear.) As you say though, underlying it all, he seems to know what he wants, just has many mountains to move in getting there.

    I have read quite a bit of Osho's teachings (inspired by Hans' quotes from him in his posts). I was not aware that there was a deck of cards. Perhaps I'll look for them and give it a try. Osho is such an interesting character. His teachings are so lovely and yet, did you know he was eventually banned from something like 20 countries for a laundry list of offenses regarding finances and I believe women were involved somehow, lol. I'd have to research it again to recall the detail. A case of "do as I say, not as I do" I suppose, haha. Still, I have found so much clarity through his words.

    Thanks again Espearite for you time. You're readings have given me a good perspective. I'll be honest and say that this is not the way I want things at this time, but you strengthen my willingness to accept things as they stand. Impatience is my greatest weakness.

  • @drgaganni: I can only say that you should be cautious if this man is proposing marriage so soon. I know how it is when you meet the first guy who is so good to you and makes you laugh all the time, but look before you leap. I really do hope this works out for you. Thank you for letting me read for you. I hope you can find some meaning from it.

  • @Jenever: Thank you. I am glad it helped you. Very much agree with your 4 of Swords interpretation. You've pretty much clarified this card for me as I was finding it hard to match it up with what was going on in my life at present. I do feel like a warrior before battle. I think I really need to get into that mind set because that is what it's going to take -- all of me.

    About your comments on my reading... I could see your friend was someone who needs encouragement as opposed to criticism. I think these types of guys are very sensitive to what you say and how you word things. I don't mean to be biased here, but usually you find this with all the water signs. You say something wrong and it just messes them up for years. Plus, they are so caught up wanting to do for others more than for themselves. It's heartbreaking.

    It is interesting how you commented on the 7 of Cups... to me it was only his clarity coming up, but you know, the background of the other cups adds to it -- when you mentioned there were distractions around him and yes, the 5 of Wands really makes it obvious!

    Yeah, I agree with you about not taking the relationship further. You want a guy whose going to have it together in his life. I don't blame you... and I know you care for him. Best thing to do is to be there for him without burning yourself out. If he's stubborn, he will suffer those consequences. But I think at some point, he will know you are right. I hope things do work out for him in the end though. You know prayer is always good for others and I think you already do that for him. 🙂

    Osho... is controversial... but his wisdom is good. It took me a long time to understand it, but as life goes on, I've seen that it has served me pretty well. There is always something new to learn from the same old text. LOL There is a website that lets you do instant readings with this tarot deck. It's the Zen tarot deck at the official website. I hope it helps. Thanks for letting me read for you! I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  • Espearite are you still up?

    I have a question for you, if you are not tired?

  • @Jenever: Gosh I was just looking at your profile pic. I meant.. water sign men :: ducks:: I think you're a Gemini though cause I go by vedic astrology. :: red::

  • @TDSMITH... not sure when I will get to your reading, hopefully some time this week! I have a hectic schedule... school, work, two birthdays 😄

    @Pilot.... ask away. I did want to get to TD first though. I will try and read for you some time this week. I hope that is okay for you.

  • Thats right you are in school now 😉

    I will wait until you are done with your homework.

  • Espearite


    Thank you for the reading

    Since the reading is for the next year, I shall keep what has been stated in mind for each season.

    I have been atempting to focus more on setting life goals now I am feeling better.

    I hope all is well with you and yours.

    Blessings for providing this service.


    loving silver wings

  • @Pilot: You can go ahead and ask me now if you want to. What was your question?

    @Lovingsilverwings: Glad I could help. The reading is not only for the next year, but for the remaining part of this year as well. Please take care and god bless!

  • I would have to say that you said a lot of true things. THere is somebody that I do like that is from my past, but I don't think he would try and tell me what too do. And the first card the hang man reversed I do believe that is talking about a relationship that I just got out of months ago and for some reason he called not too long ago but I did not call him back. And there is somebody that you was talking about from my past about the third card the knight he is in a group but he is a very nice person. Thanks again and I will listen to my self.


  • Espearite

    I am in school too. I have two boys. I have three more classes then I will have my BA I do understand what it is like when you have kids and school and work. I did do that before my

    heartattack, now I am a stay at home mom and go to school online. So thank you very much and wish you luck with school and I know you will do ok.


  • @blackladydriver: I am glad I could shed some light on your situations. It's never a bad thing to trust your intuition, especially about a man. I always tell myself if you are going to let a man into your life, he's going to bring out the best in you. He's isn't going to be a burden or weigh you down like dead weight. I always tell myself finding this sort of man is possible but not easy.

    I don't have the kids yet, but I hope to some day. Wow, you've shown me a woman can get through anything. I wish you luck with getting your BA. It's so close for you now 🙂 Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I wish you the best in your journey, too.

  • Hello espearite

    That is so true that if you are going to be with somebody then they should be good for you. And they should make you want to bring out the sexy sexy side of your self. For a while there I had forget that side of me. Because I was with somebody that was only for themselve and did not really care for me. IF I was doing for him then it was ok. But if not then he would not have anything to do with me. Last monday he called me and I was nice because I don't think I have to come down to his level and he want to come over and I had not seen or heard from him in about six months. No I did not let him come and I did not call him back. I was very proud of myself. But now there is a man that I truely love from the bottom of my heart and I know that he cares too. There is just something that is holding us apart not sure what it is but in time things will be just fine. And I had to go though this to make sure that I was ok and that I could be the real me. And not let myself just do what I think for somebody to love me. It was a hard lesson to learn but I know now and I am glad I had to learn that lesson. I will be ok. And you will be too. I will have the things that I want and I will always remain postive and good things will come my way. Because I am a good person and have done good and all that will come my way.

    So thank you again for the reading. Illona

  • @TDSMITH: Hi, I drew some cards for you tonight.

    Present - 6 of Wand reversed. This shows me you are obviously not feeling appreciated, as you are someone with a certain predisposition to want to feel you are needed, supported and loved by your peers and especially, your mate. The number 6 tells me that, as its counterpart in numerology, you are a sensitive individual, one who leans more towards the heart rather than the head, so family is very important to you. There is a need for a balance in your life concerning the mind-heart. I would advise that you understand the bigger picture in spite of the feelings you might be experiencing. Some objectivity on your part is required, i.e., emotional distance from the situation to understand what you can do to help solve any current problems.

    Next 6 Months - The Empress reversed. As a mother and grandmother figure, with the card in this position, you might not feel you are living up to your ideals from the months of October to March. You feel that you could be doing more but for some reason, this is not a time where you have control over the situation as you'd like, i.e., being there. Feelings of being "a bad parent" or "not good enough," will only weigh you down, so you want to try and avoid any type of negative speak if this is the case. You are in a time period where the energy cannot be easily manipulated to your goal.

    By September 2011: Knight of Cups. I am seeing a passionate, romantic energy. I am not sure if this is your husband or someone else coming into the picture. He is very charismatic and often speaks about a romantic proposal/journey/vision (as the knights tend to represent travel and comings and goings). I think this will be a more uplifting time in your life, just don't get carried away because this knight tends to do this. Make sure you are looking at the realities of your situation and, as I mentioned before, letting your emotions pass before making any major decisions. When his ideals and expectations are not met, he falls hard. However, this knight is upright, so you will be doing something right!

    Overall the reading shows me that you are striving to create balance in your life, (3) and (6). I believe that you can do this by not allowing your emotions to overwhelm you so much and to look at creative ways to problem solve your situation. Above all, please be careful of your thoughts. Thoughts are things! They create our reality. I believe changing the way you view yourself is also a very important thing right now. I hope this helps. Your feedback is appreciated!

  • Hi esp,

    I want to ask you to do a reading for

    whats going on in the mind of the greek, egyptian guy "right now" ?

    was it just a fun weekend for him? should i call him? or just forget it? ( it has been two weeks now)

    why was there so much contradiction between his words and actions? Is he just busy like he says and will show up or he's not interested.

  • Hello Espearite,

    How is School going for you 🙂

    I need a reading please 😉

    I just found out something disturbing concerning my friend. I am afraid that things are going to get worse and worse for him. I have a feeling that his life is going to be in shambles soon.

    Could you please do a reading to see if my gut is right?

    If yes, could you please give me some insight as to what is going to happen to him?

    Will he ask me to help him with this?

    MY FRIEND: June 30,1950

  • Hi Espearite, only just getting back to your last post to me. A Gemini!! Agh, I was just getting used to learning that my moon is in Capricorn, now I'm a Gemini! LOL. I don't know anything about Vedic astrology, but I can say that I was visiting a planaterium a few years ago and it had a display about your "Real Astrological Sign". Apparently, as the universe continues to expand the stars move too, of course. So through the millenia the signs are no longer in sync with the traditional dates that we associate them. Perhaps this is the basis of Vedic Astrology? (Am I saying the right thing here, "Vedic"? I can't go back and check the post now that I am on this page.)

    I just had a fairly positive week with the man we've been reading about. A "calmness" prevailed. Your readings really have had me thinking and adjusting my perspective. It's funny how I can say that "he is not strong enough to make changes" and like a lightbulb going off in my head, it dawned on me - so why am I such a miser about offering some of my strength up for him? If that is his struggle in life, why can't I accept that he has a ways to go and support him in that? I don't have a good answer for that, it's just a realization that I've had, and right now it doesn't mean that I will do any better. Certainly emotions interfere with it, I know that my "needs" cause me to want things a certain way. But really, throughout this week, little pieces have been falling into place that are making me see things in a different way, and I very much think that your reading has triggered that awareness. Not sure that will bring the sort of progress I'd like to see between us, but if it helps me to just continue to build acceptance, I'm all for that as well.

  • @Pilot, hi.... long time no see. School is going well, managing to stay ahead of the game and lessen some anxiety. Anyway, I have drawn some cards for your friend tonight and this is what they tell me:

    Strength reversed, Death, 8 of Cups, 3 of Cups

    The spread shows me that although he is wanting to make a giant leap, change, he is showing some resistance to this. Strength reversed tells me that he is having a difficult time looking on the bright side of things and usually when I see the card in this position it is depression. It also tells me the solution. He has to change the way he looks at his situation and use that as a driving force for himself.

    The Death card tells me he is close to the change that he wants to make, but also the 8 of Cups says this is not an easy one but is easier than he thinks. In the 8 of Cups I am seeing a man looking away from a situation of an emotional nature (cups) and towards the 3 of Cups where support is being offered, either professionally or through a good friend. I feel like he might want to ask you for help but the situation itself seems a bit distracting for him at the moment. I think he will eventually seek out some kind of support. I believe that he needs someone to help him change the way he's looking at things. Only then will he be strong enough to take a major step in the direction he wants to go.

    Pilot, I hope I've picked up on the situation for you, as general as it may sound! I hope this has also helped you in some way and I hope your friend is okay! I'll pray for him.

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