• @drgaganni: I'm going to read for you before or sometime by this weekend.

  • Espearite

    I did reply on the other evening just after your request for a little more information. It was there for a short time and now it seems to have disappeared.


    Bountiful blessings

    As a 63 year old retired female, I am open to what is to be revealed through the Universe. May you be guided with love. Basically, a general reading for the next few months to a year would be grately apperciated.


    BC Canada

    loving silver wings.

  • Hi Espearite: = well two out of five - I do not know what is a good percentage with readings

    but I might try some different question when you are more caught up.

    Here are the right answers:

    1. I was born in Texas: No YES

    2. I have blue eyes: No NO

    3. I have one daughter with blue eyes: Yes YES

    4. I have one daughter with brown eyes: No YES

    5. I like eggs: Yes NO

    I have 2 daughter - one with straight blonde hair and blue eyes - she will be taller - and one with curly brown hair and brown eyes - she's the little tiny petite one - They are complete opposites. 🙂

    Thanks for the try. I do hope that some of my answers are correct and that people don't forget to let me know - months down the road.

  • Hi,

    I think the spread makes some sense. Its seems to pertain more to him than me. But an interesting/entertaining read.

    1. Relationship - The World reversed. This tells me that the relationship is facing a blockage you feel you don't have control over. On a psychological level, this is a card where the two of you may not feel comfortable with moving onto the next level. As you were telling me, this may depend on your comfort zone and how much you really want to get out of it. There is no finishing what you started here unless you begin to flex yourself and make something happen.


    2. Knight of Wands Reversed (He does not see you as someone reliable. To me, this card when reversed tells me that this personality lacks self-control and can have a tendency to go overboard. When I do get a knight in a reading like this, I feel that this describes him, and his approach to the situation. He may not think you are the person to have a more serious relationship with) --- I BELIEVE THIS REFERS TO HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE OTHER FEMALE. HE WROTE BY HER NAME ON HIS PHONE "She can NEVER tell the whole truth". HOWEVER, A FEW DAYS AGO, HE SENT ME A TEXT OUT OF THE BLUE SAYING "JUST THINKING; THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME".

    3. 7 of Pentacles:(You are in a valley period, meaning you both are pretty much looking at your options right now and seeing where the relationship has gone up to this point. I want to say the 7's are all about reflection and since pentacles are in the mix, you have serious thinking to do concerning your higher priorities, i.e., job and finances that could change the course of your lives). ---- I THINK IT REFERS TO BOTH TO A POINT. I SPOKE TO HIM YESTERDAY AND HE TOLD ME THAT HE'S BEEN DOING SOME REFLECTING (Did not ask him too much about that). BUT THE REFLECTION PERTAINED TO WORK (he wants to do some more still photography which would involve me working more with him) WHICH IN TURN WOULD ELEVATE HIM PROFESSIONALLY. I AM CONSISTENTLY THINKING ABOUT WORK & FINANCES WITH MY MAGAZINE TO TAKE ME AND OTHERS INVOLVED TO THE NEXT LEVELl (which includes him).

    4. Temperance- (This card does tell me you job has a lot to do with what is making things works for you right now. This is the arts card. I believe you mentioned you and he are into photography? I believe through your work, i.e., creativity and inspiration, you help strengthen the relationship. I want to say that there is chemistry as you mentioned because this card is so much about finding the right combination. With a major trump indicating this, this is a very special connection, one you will learn significantly from)--WE DO WORK TOGETHER ON PHOTOSHOOTS FOR THE MAGAZINE AND JUST HELP HIM WITH OTHER PHOTOSHOOTS FOR THE HECK OF IT WHICH IS ACTUALLY STRNGTHENING OUR BOND AND CONNECTION.

    5. The High Priestess reversed- Scorpios known to be intuitive; makes sense to a point. I think with him constantly in thought, he is trying to figure out stuff. I would say I am consistently trying to figure him out cause I am trying know what makes him (the scorpio) tick, what attracts him. I tend to ask for advice from my bro who is a scorpio and my sis in law. Although anxious, I am taking it one step at a time (giving it time). I do believe/know he is the ONE. I continue to think it and say it everyday with faith.

    6. What he does not like - The Devil Reversed. With this card in reverse, one can begin to see the cause of their self-undoing and sometimes that isn't always easy. I feel he might have a tendency to put things off when he should be facing them. In terms of your relationship, he might not be able to handle this problem right now. More than anything, there is fear of taking that next step. As seen in the first card, this is a strong indication of why the relationship is not able to move forward. I THINK THIS MAY BE IN REGARDS TO WHAT HE HAS GOING ON WITH THE OTHER FEMALE. I DO FEEL BECAUSE HE'S BEEN BURNED IN THE PAST WITH RELATIONSHIP, HE MAY BE WONDERING.... BUT I DO FEEL THAT HE IS NOT IGNORING THE POSSIBILITY OF SOMETHING WITH ME.

    7. What he likes about you - The Lovers reversed. This was a difficult card for me to understand but I have usually come to view it as a separation or break up between two people. Perhaps you challenge him in a way he likes- THE 1ST PART DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH ME CAUSE WE ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP (YET....BT WE WILL)...PROBABLY THE CURRENT SITUATION HE IS IN WITH THE OTHER FEMALE. I HAVE CHALLENGED HIM ON OUR PROJECT(s) WE HAVE WORKED ON AND FUTURE PROJECTS WE'LL BE WORKING ON. ALSO I HAVE CHALLENGED HIM IN SOME WAY ON A PERSONAL LEVEL.

    9. Outcome - The Chariot. You will come out a stronger person. You are learning to work with creating harmony within yourself through your emotions and I believe that this inner control will manifest from this experience. I believe that from the relationship, you can understand the lessons of temperance. Also, you are able to foresee your obstacles and get your life moving in some kind of direction- I THINK THIS IS IN REFERENCE TO OUR RELATIONSHIP WE EVENTUALLY GET INTO. FROM UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER, THE RELATIONSHIP, DESPITE OBSTACLES, WE COME OUT ON TOP AND MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES IN THE RELATIONSHIP.

    Thank you!!

  • @ScorpioManSituation: Hi, thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you took the time to tell me where you stood with each interpretation of the reading. I hope it works out for the both of you. I'm glad I could help in some way.

    @ Turtledust: Hey, at least we tried. I am pretty sure though there are others with more luck using the tarot and the pendulum for yes/no questions.

  • @ Turtledust: Meant no disrespect to you on the last comment, I meant there may be others who may get better results using the tarot than I do with yes/no. I hope you find what you're looking for. I wish you the best. 🙂

  • Hello espearite

    I was wondering if you could do a love reading for me. My dob is july 12 1961.

    Thanks so much


  • Thank you!

  • Hi Espearite - Thank you for pulling some cards for me. Honestly, I think what you are saying speaks mostly to me and not so much to him. More of where I have been with the relationship. I like seeing that Star because it gives me that confidence that the previous cards will phase out and things will open up for new starts - whether with him or not, is not clear.

    I was curious what you might get for him though because the cards that come up relentlessly right now are these: Chariot, 6 of Wands and 2 of Cups. I'm interpreting these as him exercising self-control, that he really wants to reach some objective here between us and that he does care about the quality of what goes on between us or he wouldn't be interested in "victory". Now I don't assume that this equates to a deep relationship between us, but merely that he would like to find some mutual respect perhaps? A friendship that is balanced and takes us beyond some of the unpleasantness that has been involved in our past. It's always so nice to see that 2 of Cups and feel the love in it, but I understand that it's just as much about good friendly relationships as it is about any sort of deep emotional connection. At least that's what I've always understood about it.

    Okay, I've done a little reading for you and I will post that next. Then when you get a chance I hope you'll let me know if it's meaningful for you or if you would like to explore it further with another reading.

  • Okay, first off I gave up reading reversals a while back. I think it's always implied that if you ignore the positive message of the card, you will get the opposite energy, but seeing the cards reversed was negativity that I didn't want to deal with because of general situations in my life these past few years. So, I'm in a habit of reading them upright for now, in order to focus more on positive energies.

    Just passing away we have the 3 of Pents - You've been working on getting something accomplished in your life, you either have needed others to help you or you are seeking out others to give you a hand. Obviously with the pents this likely has to do with your financial position or perhaps a charitable endeavor where financing is required, or even that you are learning new skills from others. Discussions, teamwork. If that is not what you have been doing, perhaps there was a need to quit being self-reliant and opening yourself to what others can do for you. Don't take on everything alone - there is no reason to, you have support.

    In the present is the 4 of Swords. You are preparing for something to happen. Perhaps the 3 of pents was part of that preparation and you are now at a place of taking a little retreat from all that activity and getting ready for the next step. The "warrior" needs a rest, but is ready to wake up and grab his sword when the time is right and take care of business. I say this because...

    The card coming up in your future is the 9 of Pents. Whatever it is you were preparing for is about to come to realization. Success is very near. Enjoy this "down time" while you have it because it looks like changes are in store - but good changes!

    I always like to check out the "shadow" card to sum things up and there is the 10 of Cups. Very nice! Things are really going to come together in a way that leaves you feeling good emotionally and I'm thinking general stability here because of the investments you've made in the previous cards. So what I'm feeling is that you've made some good efforts recently to put something together, worked in a very deliberate, organized way - perhaps a project of some kind or a goal that you wanted to meet, you can relax now and know that things are in place and will be coming together for you shortly in a good way.

    If I were to interpret this thinking of reversed meanings I would have to go with the notion that you can get what you wish (the happiness and comfort of the 9 and 10 of Cups) but you must accept assitance where needed and you must also be patient. Don't try to push matters because that won't help at this time. Also don't think that others will get you to the goals you seek. Others are available to support you, but you must know what it is you want to accomplish. A very positive outcome is within your reach if you use the positive energies represented in these cards and exercise patience AND cooperation to reach your goals.

    Because of the absence of major arcana cards here I'd say this is not any sort of life-altering matter, but something that is of concern for you at this time. Things certainly have the potential to evolve in a way that will leave you very satisfied and happy with the outcome.

    Now you must tell me if any of this applies. I love hearing whether the cards are accurate. Since you are familiar with the meanings, feel free to tell me if you see a different interpretation of the reading. That's always very interesting as well, since we all seem to have our own ways of interpreting the message.

    Thanks again for your readings and for allowing me to return that favor to you. I think this is a nice result and I am so hoping that you will get your wish soon!

  • Espearite


    I have respondes to you on page 14


    loving silver wings

  • Hi all, I have been away for the weekend on a needed break from reading and getting a head start on school. I have come up with another list and have organized your questions for some reading this week.

    @lovingsilverwings: Hi, I saw your post and you are next on my list this week!

    @drgaganni: Might not get to your reading until some time this week, so I do apologize if I have not read for you sooner.

    My list reads as follows:





  • Hi lovingsilverwings, I have done a year spread for you and this is what the cards say:

    Fall 2010: 2 of Pentacles reversed. Going into the fall of 2010, you will be experiencing or have already been experiencing a lot of turbulence and stress. It seems like if it's not one thing, it's many others. You are unable to adjust to a huge situation that has happened or will be taking place. This also tells me you have been putting yourself last amidst the chaos. I would advise you to take things as they come. Now is not the time to take on anything large or make dreams reality. Take "a wait and see" approach. I also recommend learning stress management. Go on the internet and look for ways you can work smarter. In regard to yourself, this is the time to strive for peace. If you are not familiar with meditation, you would greatly benefit from it. Take one moment at a time. Take time out for you.

    Winter 2010-2011: Page of Cups reversed. You are in a period where energy from the last season has cleared and you can begin putting your goals and dreams into reality. This is generally a card of success and sees results.

    Spring 2011: You might run into some financial or give/take problems. Somewhere along the start of last season and now, you have created a lopsided energy. It tells me that you are either giving more than you are getting back or vice versa. Main point here is that something is out of balance and I would advise you watch for anything like this and work to correct it as soon as you can.

    Summer 2011: King of Swords. This tells me that there is a man who is going to be in your life. He comes with a good head on his shoulders with the ability to simply technical concepts. His judgment and insight are sound. He might be a friend or a lover. Whether he will help you out in your dilemma from last season is not known. I do feel there might be something legal tied to him. Keyword here is simplifying your life through his qualities.

    Fall 2011: Queen of Wands. As we come to the end of the year, you might find yourself in low spirits. When I say spirits, I mean your energy has dropped and you are not as enthusiastic as you would like to be on your situation. There is a tendency here towards temper and stress. You want to make sure you don't do anything you will regret later on. Overall message here is to keep going, no matter how bad it looks. Take time out if you have to. Look to those situations, people, places that provide you peace of mind, therapy and inspiration.

    Overall, the reading tells me you need to focus on improving how you manage life. As I mentioned before, if you are not familiar with relaxation techniques or stress management, now is a good time to look into this.

    Lovingsilverwings, I hope this has helped you in some way. Your feedback is appreciated! Thanks for letting me read for you!

  • @drgaganni: Again, thank you for allowing me to read for you. I cannot say exactly if this is the one. I can only guide you on how you can find out if he is the one for you. I drew some cards for you and at a glance they tell me:

    Past - King of Cups reversed. He might have had some emotional/addiction problems in the past. This describes a man whose issues are through his heart. He feels more and those things matter to him more than anything else it seems. It is the driving force in his life. The reversal tells me he has not mastered control or the correct approach when he deals with emotions. He might have let you know already or might have made it known to you without telling, but showing. He must overcome his shadows.

    Present - 9 of Swords. There is some pain and anguish here. I am going to say that you are experiencing this? It is card of very deep hurt and often times cannot be consoled by others except the person who is in pain. He or she must look within (9) in order to correct the pain. Often with this card, there is worry. I know you enough to say that this is something you do and that worry is a natural thing. Just understand that you must seek out an outlet to understanding the pain and why it has happened. I know you are already familiar with spiritual techniques. I would encourage these in order to ease the anxiety.

    Future - King of Pentacles reversed. I am thinking this refers to your guy. He might not be sure of himself in the future with regard to his purpose in life, i.e, career, and this may be difficult for you to accept. With this card also, you are usually looking at someone with financial difficulties. Also, he may not be ready to be serious in his life about longterm things, i.e., relationships, work, lifestyle.

    Overall I get the sense that he is not sure of himself due to the issues he is facing. Not knowing how to manage or deal with them is what the reading shows me. However, overall, I believe the purpose of the relationship is to understand and help each other face these issues and overcome them.

    Drgaganni, I hope this has provided some insight into the relationship. Your feedback is always appreciated!

  • @ lovingsilverwings: Sorry the phrase "simply technical concepts" in your Summer reading about the King of Swords was meant to read as: "simplify technical concepts." Sorry about the typos! I actually get paid to correct them! LOL How embarrassing...

  • @lovingsilverwings: Also Queen of Wands actually came up reversed for the Fall of 2011, note that if/when you save your reading! Everything else looks good.

  • @blackladydriver.... hi, I did a general spread for you on your love life. At a glance, the cards tell me there is someone hanging around?

    Past - The Hanged Man reversed. There was an issue around taking time out for yourself and away from the relationship(s) in your life, regarding a mate. I am thinking you needed time to regenerate/heal/figure things out, and for some reason it was not finished or was not what you wanted at the time. However, since it is a major trump, the situation was difficult to go against.

    Present - Judgment. This card shows me you are on the right track if you are having any doubts. You are in a better position to understand the world around you better and to make a more informed decision regarding a romantic relationship.

    Future - Knight of Wands reversed. I am seeing a man who is a bit on the wild side. He is someone who doesn't take life seriously, likes to have fun, but doesn't know when to quit at times. He may not realize how significant the consequences in his life are. I am also feeling he might have issues with controlling himself, i.e., abuse on some level. Depending on who this is, he might be someone you already know from your past.

    Blackladydriver, I am happy to have read for you. I would advise you guard against anyone who will try and dictate your life for you. Keep to your path and trust your intuition when in doubt.

  • @Jenever... thanks for waiting so patiently. I read your feedback on my reading to you as well as the reading you did for me a couple of days ago. Thank you!

    I want to say you are spot on with the reading. I have just returned to school, acquiring a skill (3 of pentacles), which is part of a larger, life-changing goal for myself. I hope to accomplish this step within the next two years. You picked up on this quite well.

    The 4 of Swords has been frequently seen in my readings this month, and I feel like this isn't just involving myself, but someone I know who entered school this year and made some life changes. For some reason it's spilled into my energy and I am learning to quiet my mind for the road ahead as he did. Think it may be a card linked with "the mind for study."

    I do see that the 9 of Pentacles is, yes, about culmination of hardwork and reward. I also received this card back in May, with the interpretation for success in my future, from another tarot card reader as well. I feel that I am also enjoying my single life for the first time. I am still exploring my life/self and have recently been thinking about travel. I wish I could at this time, but who says you can't dream!

    I agree that things will come together with the 10 of Cups. It is also a card of culmination with the addition of new beginnings. I also view this card as one of emotional fulfillment on a romantic level as well as with the community around the querent. The querent feels empowered and enriched through his/her surroundings, i.e., school he attends, house he has purchased, community he is involved with, etc... So yes, there is a connection with feeling one can reach out to others for support. This was concerning me with school but I feel tonight that this is going to work out okay.

    You summed up the reading beautifully. Thank you 🙂 I really feel like I'm on track. I will be getting to the reading about your guy soon. I'm on a role tonight! 🙂

  • @Jenever: I would like to share some insight to the reading you have already done for him and then I can add a separate reading here for you for him...

    Reading: "Chariot, 6 of Wands and 2 of Cups."

    You said: "I'm interpreting these as him exercising self-control, that he really wants to reach some objective here between us and that he does care about the quality of what goes on between us or he wouldn't be interested in "victory"."

    True. I do see it from a little bit of a different perspective though. Consider the 6 of Wands. It tells you something about this guy. It tells you what he needs, also from relationships. His self-image is important to him, i.e., accomplishing tasks which build belief in himself. He wants to feel like he can do what he's set out to do and perhaps, in a way that others can recognize him for this achievement. I don't sense this is anything out of balance, i.e., big ego. He drives himself as you mentioned, but it is because of this need. I feel like he wants you to approve of him, of what he does. Yes, I agree the Chariot being there as his mindset and drive. So yes, you are seeing that he is working hard to make it work. The 2 of Cups tells me there is enjoyment here from him in the relationship as a result of the effort he puts forth.

    You said: "Now I don't assume that this equates to a deep relationship between us, but merely that he would like to find some mutual respect perhaps? A friendship that is balanced and takes us beyond some of the unpleasantness that has been involved in our past. It's always so nice to see that 2 of Cups and feel the love in it, but I understand that it's just as much about good friendly relationships as it is about any sort of deep emotional connection. At least that's what I've always understood about it."

    Totally agree with the 2 of Cups interpretation. It is a sign of friendship and at most, platonic relationships. You are in a comfort zone with this card as well, either because as you said, the relationship cannot go any further for some reason that cannot be helped at the moment. Although, there is the potential for love.

    Okay, Jen. I hope this helps. Talk to you soon and your reading is up next!

  • @Jenever: Okay, I have drawn 3 cards for him, much in the format you did in your previous reading. At a glance, it shows me he struggles with the goal, feeling good about himself, enjoying the relationship.

    5 of Wands - 7 of Cups reversed - The Sun reversed

    Focusing on The Sun, it shows me the quality of his result is not as good as he would like it to be. I mentioned for another querent that this card generally implies discouragement also. He wants to be happy, but I think the other cards point to why this might be difficult for him right now.

    The 5 of Wands is the next card that stands out because it is a card about competition. He is comparing himself to others and this is natural when you want to do your best. However, conflict with others instead of uniting for a common goal is distracting. Tell him he can't compare himself to others when achieving his goal (self-belief). We are all important in the universe, "even a blade of grass has just as much importance" Osho says. I don't know if you are familiar with that tarot deck, but it's a really good tarot deck to work with, especially if you are trying to find answers to human condition like this.

    7 of Cups reversed tells me he is reinforced by his feelings and visions of knowing what he wants. To me, this card indicates the person is clear about what they want. However, in spite of choosing amid the distraction he's finding himself in conflict with, he doesn't seem to get the results he wants. He believes he needs to get it right. How this relates to your relationship, I feel like he is distracted by others and other things right now, and he can't seem to focus on what he's trying to accomplish with the relationship.

    I hope this has provided some insight on your guy. I appreciate any insight you might have as well. Thanks for letting me read for you!

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