• Thank you Espearite That helps a lot!

    I will read for you by tommorrow

    ps you are very kind,sending you white light healing and lots of love:)

  • Thank you Espearite πŸ™‚ I can't wait to hear it from you πŸ™‚

  • @ Everyone: You are welcome. Glad I could help. Sorry the message is so short, I am a bit tired tonight and will be turning in early! Cvety, I didn't forget about you. I'll be reading for you in a few minutes.

  • @Cvety777. Hi, I drew a few cards for you and this is what they tell me:

    September 2010

    1st through the 15th: 2 of Pentacles. It looks like you are managing your affairs really well and for the most part things will continue to go smoothly for you. I get the feeling you are being as agile as you can and I believe it is helping you barely get through. If there are any processes you want to begin, I would suggest not to put too much on your plate right now, as this shows me you already have lot of things going at once. If there are things you have started already, the first fifteen days will show you good progress.

    16th through 30th: The World reversed. You may run into trouble with the overall plan you have for yourself, and to me this indicates you need to go with the flow for the time being. Since this is a trump card, you might feel you have no control over what happens and as though something is missing from "the whole." I can only tell you not to give up on what you want. Have patience and work on those things that can be dealt with in this period. I am seeing that maybe you are being stretched to the limit here as well. As I said, refrain from making taking on anything else or making a large decision until you know you can handle it.

    Overall: King of Swords reversed. You feel like you don't quite understand what the hold up is this month. I am sensing frustration with a situation that requires you to put your mental skills to the test, especially those of judgment and honesty. You must consider all avenues and be open to making a decision you hadn't thought of. You would do well to ask others for help.

    I hope this helps provide some insight into your situation, Cvety. I wish you luck with this endeavor.

  • Dear Espearite, I have ended both my relationship with my current partner as well as the person I recently fell in love with so am left with nothing.:) But that's alright I guess I will have a lot of breathing space. If you can see whats in the cards for me that would be great. Also my ex-boyfriend wants to start a business and move away to a diff city, his name is Prasun dob 25.19.1979. if you can draw a card for him and see how that is going to fare for him, that would be great. He will have to leave his job to do this so am a little concerned.

    Thank you so much for your kindness.

    God bless,

  • Dear Espearite Rereading for you!

    Once again ,the five of cups came up in the past position. Any past situation or grief has to be dealt with and after some struggle(2 pentacles), you will be able to let go .The sun card's appearance in the future position is very promising in this regard.

    For education, I got the wheel of fortune, which suggests unexpected events in the near future which will be a turn for the better. Get ready to start afresh and take responsibility for changing your own life or for working with the changes the universe is bringing your way.

    Relationship: magician suggests you can manifest the relationship you want with this person you are interested in. Also he brings a powerful masculine sexual energy. This relationship seems driven by creative ideas and seems to help you both realize your true potential..

    How he perceives you?: Queen of Cups: You are a caring ,nurturing ,lovely person and also a strong one.

    What blocks you both?3 cups .Does he have problem with your socializing or are both spending too much time with other people to get enough time alone together? Or is there a third person involved?

    What works for this relationship? Page wands : Communication, exuberance(yours!) and new ideas

    What is preventing him from coming closer? 7 cups :too many choices

    What he does not like:4 wands …again socializing? light hearted fun. Or is that you?

    What he likes about you: your strength, persistence

    Near Future: Fool Enjoy what you both have without planning for the future. Take risks.

    Outcome Chariot and Strength: There could be control issues in the future. Maybe he needs more space. But you will be able to work around any issues and be able to manage this guy and any other people in your life with your gentle but firm way.

    Note: 2 of pentacles and the strength card came up for you twice and I interpret it as a period of struggle followed by a well deserved victory!

  • Since i was not sure which "person"you meant ,I did another reading to look up any one who troubled or caused concerns in the past.I got the hierophant: someone preaching or trying to teach you.A conventional person, controlling or restrictive influence in your life.Best way to deal with this person/situation:Queen of wands.For them you need to be there to listen to them ,support or consel as a friend(I know this sounds very funny).For yourself the Queen tells you to rediscover how attractive you are Pamper yourself and revel in your own charm/power!(Enjoy!)

    What is blocking you in dealing with this person? 9 wands: Maybe you are too defensive.Let go of emotional baggage from the past.

    Advice card:King of pentacles; Feel proud of your achievements and continue to be the supportive and enterprising person you are.

    Hope this helps.If any of this reading makes sense to you I can answer any other question you might have.

    Hugs n best

  • espearite thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    The reading you made for me it's absolutely amazing. I am in a process of buying a new home and it is so stressful. If everything is ok I'll move in the end of september. Thanks again and God bless you

  • @ suramya, hey... thank you for the wonderful readings. I was not expecting you to go the extra mile but I am grateful. Thank you!

    I do feel you got the person right in the first reading. You described him accurately with the Magician, as well as the relationship. I've learned a lot from it.

    About the cards that blocks us both, I feel this is very much connected to 7 of Cups. I do get the feeling he is not sure of what he wants at the moment because of the choices.

    As for what he does not like... took a while for me to get it, but there is something around socializing he does not feel comfortable with. I believe though that he is admiring me for the strength I am showing concerning this.

    Control issues with the last card, pretty much what I had to deal with in the relationship and I wondered if I'd have the strength to handle it.

    Overall, the reading is promising and uplifting. Thank you so much again, suram for a job well done. I am impressed. πŸ™‚ I will comment on the next one in a few.

  • @ suramya: If you are speaking of the same person, then it does make sense. I have seen the Queen of Wands come up to indicate his need for someone to support him. I can also see the reason for your interpretation with the 9 of Wands. He seems like he wants to be in my life in some form.. even if it's a small part. Again, it is about energy and having the strength to deal with him if we should be again. He's quite a handful, and so your messages to me about strength and managing in my outcome in the first reading do make a lot of sense. I should take on the attitude of the Fool and not worry so much and I feel this is where I'm starting to go. Everything else sounds right. Thank you so much again for providing clarity and insight. Super reading! πŸ™‚

  • @Cvety777: Oh gosh, I know the feeling... just hang in there and do everything they need you to and as quickly as you can. I thought it was going to be simple, nope! I am glad I could help though. πŸ™‚ Some advice, go with a home inspection if you can! If not, make sure you get home owner's insurance.

  • @Swat4u: I didn't forget about you. I will have your reading for you tomorrow night. Please hang in there. The thing I'm learning now with my love life is that I need faith in what God wants for me. Trust that he will bring you the right person in the right time. He all wants the best for us.

  • Well said, Espearite, but the heart is a different matter altogether, always wanting the unattianble and getting hurt in the process 😞

  • hi esp, again i must say, everything abot the reading is TRUE, very authentic, u look right thro...

    one query though,

    but don't wait for him as a lover. Expect anything to happen. This is the second time I have seen The Sun in your reading about him. I had no idea he had that affect on you.

    expect anything to happen? like what?

    Sun in his cards, What that means? What effect r talking about?


  • @swat4u: I know it isn't easy for you right now, but you will understand that giving it time will help, as they say. πŸ™‚

  • @drgaganni: If you both come back into contact, do not expect a whole lot to happen, otherwise you'll be disappointed. At the very least, be glad to know he seeks you out without you going to him first.

    The sun card is a card about joy and growth. I saw this in a past reading for you as your outcome with him. I am seeing that he does give you joy and you do for him as well. I am going to get bold here and say that your contact with him will be longterm.

    You are welcome drgaganni.... πŸ™‚

  • espearite

    for you I send



    loving silver wings

  • @Swat4u: I'm sorry I couldn't get to your reading tonight. Feeling really tired and going to get some rest. Tomorrow is my day off so I should be able to do it tomorrow.

    @lovingsilverwings: Thank you, really needed that. πŸ™‚

  • Hi espearite,

    Thanks for your concern πŸ˜‰ I have everything done and just waiting on the closing date. I am just about there πŸ™‚ Whenever you are in the mood, please do me a reading if I am going to change my job. I am trying to do reading myself but I am so far from the reality.

    Thank you, God bless you

  • Hi Espe, its absolutely fine. Pls take your time. Am kind of in a better frame of mind right now and feeling much positive. πŸ™‚ thanx for all your help and insight, looking forward to the reading, if you can do a reading on my relationship with Ankit (29.11.1982) not necessarily a romantic relationship (just want to know if it is better for me to be away from him or should i renew our relation in future- this is the only thorn on my side right now :)) PLease do the reading at your own convenience and whenver you have the time, hopefully this time you will be getting better vibes from me πŸ™‚ (Am really feeling in a kind of better mood actually and just purchased a few spiritual books today to dwelve into my inner feelings) Hope everything is sunny and bright at your end as well.

    Thanks and God bless!!

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