• Hi Espearite, many thanks for your feedback I really appreciate your reply. I just felt drawn to read for you, like a magnet! I am so relieved that this reading resonates with you, it means a lot to me.

    It is very difficult to accept ourselves, but you are doing the best you can at this time. No one can ask for more. Please don't be hard on yourself, life isn't easy and we learn and grow all the time. The difficulties help round us as people and make us understanding of others.

    Many people have given me wonderful advice on this site for nothing in return, now it's my turn to dip in and out and help others. I know how much their advice meant to me. Take care and I know that things will be so much better in the future. Happy times to you 😄

  • @blondebarbie: I knew Happydoc could do it. LOL I'm glad you were able to get a reading from her and it has been able to help you. Yikes, the email has gone missing! Can you please resend? I can also do the reading for you here if you want.

  • @intrigued: You are very welcome, intrigued. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Still kinda young and I need to understand that life is what I make it. I'm not in high school anymore. LOL Got to remember this. Love and light to you... thank you!

  • @ Everyone: BlondeBarbie is going to be the last person I read for for a while, so I just wanted to let those who were maybe wanting a reading out there know. I am really not sure when I'll be back but definitely will let you all know. Peace be with you all.

  • Enjoy your time away espearite, I'll miss reading your posts. Thanks again for the wonderful readings you've done for me, they were so very helpful. I'll look forward to your return so that I can continue learning from your interpretations. Until then, hope all goes well with you!

  • Thanks, Jen. I am glad to hear that I have been helpful to you with the tarot. 🙂

  • It is ..or if its easier you can do it on here. Thanks again for being generous, and enjoy your time away!

  • Thank you so much!!

  • thanks and come back soon. good luck and fun 🙂

  • hi esp, i feel u guide me real well so much so that wen i proceed with something new i always want to consult u first.

    Ive been emailing a guy since a month and we went out on two dates, i think he really likes me, i do too. We r different nationalities and met online, he's looking for a long term too and is from Belgium. Can u do a reading for me and Steven? How will this proceed? What is your overall view about him?

    Everything seems perfect, he's a gentleman, good manners and very relaxed, is getting to know me well.

    Only thing that is bothering me is he hasn't touched me at all during the two dates. We are proceeding towards the third date now. Is he taking it slow? Is he a passionate person otherwise? I want this to go ahead and Im feeling awkward because he hasnt touched, held my hand or kissed. What is his view of me?

  • @drgaganni: Hi, I'm not really reading right now and I'm not sure if or when I'll be back. I do apologize for keeping you waiting. I hope things work out for you.

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