• @drgaganni: The Hierophant reversed tells me that there is obviously something troubling you about your schooling on a deep level (this is a trump card). However, you don't seem to me to be the type of person to quit, but more like take a break from things to refresh yourself. This card suggested to me that you have lost your focus, your passion and reason for being on the path you are on now. Sometimes we need to take time out to rediscover or redefine what that is.

    When am i supposed to go on this break. ?

    My timing may not be accurate, but I have gotten the sign of Taurus twice, meaning late May early June. It can also be a time when you have nothing else to give, when things seem so out of proportion, or lopsided, that you are forced to reassess your pace.

    My advice is to understand what you are capable of coping with at this time. Do you have what you need (money, energy, time, knowledge, experience with the subject) for even a little bit of work right now? Or should you cut back because of one of these things you don't have? If you do get a holiday break soon, I would advise taking advantage of it to refocus your connection to yourself. Find out what you enjoy and why you enjoy it. That may help you find your passion again for wanting to be a medical doctor.

    Second, refocus your negative thoughts about past setbacks by turning them into positive ones. Ask for help. I know what it's like to struggle with school and adapt to harder levels of study, but I think if you can talk and communicate with others, such as your school's instructor and counselors, then you can target the problem. I hope this advice helps!

  • @Pilot: Thanks again! It's been a while since I've been in school and that was not very long. Learning new things is such a bumpy road at first, but it is starting to get easier. šŸ™‚

  • Estparite, Thank you for your reading .


    I will respond in a little while...

  • thanks esp!

  • @drgaganni: You are welcome šŸ™‚

  • Hello Again Espearite šŸ™‚

    I hope that you have had a very productive week!!

    There has been some changes lately since we last chit chat šŸ˜‰

    Could you please do a reading for the month of November in regard to my friend's business?

    1. Basically, will he be able to fire or demote some of the trouble making employees in November?

    2. Will he have the upperhand in the month of November; in regard to the lawsuit that he is dealing with?

    My Friend: June 30,1950

    Thank You šŸ™‚

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ Pilot: I was able to get your email address in time!

  • hi esp.

    i was wondering if u could do one reading for me!

    this is about my friend of 4 yrs. now we havent talked for 5 months, i never got any email from him or any call, im not sure he called me from a different area code but i dint get a call from the number that was stored with me. i assume he hasnt tried to reach out to me, not that i was wanting him to bt what i woud like to know is whats going on with him in these 5 months? if he ever thinks about me, are those happy memories, or he thinks we were too different or he is happy now that i dont call him! how does he percieve me now tht im not there from some time? why hasnt he come forward, does he just think im angry, will get over it and call him.

    i think about him quite sometimes wen i go thro something bad n i have noone to talk to and wen i remember how wonderful it wud have been, two peace loving, soft, rational people get married, i think i needed to keep a distance from him to let my love die that is why i shut out any contact. i spent time seldom with him but all of it left me happy, that is why i value him till now, also because he would always encourage me in my sad moments. he WAS a good friend. I miss him.

  • Hi espearite,

    I hope you can get this in time. So tomorrow there will be this party and i asked the guy is he will be there and he is not certain. Will you be able to do a reading and see what are the chance?

    that will be a great help

    im hoping for this time and hopefully i can get over him after giving the stuffs that belong to him


  • Hey, just wanted to let you guys/gals know I am going into the weekend with a heavy schedule. I will be continuing my readings some time next week, hopefully in the early or mid part. Apologies for the long wait!

  • Dear Happy Doc never got in touch with me :(. Could you do a reading for me please?

  • Hello Espearite

    I would like to know if my ex still has feeling for me?

    Does he really love his new girlfriend?

    What are the chances of him breaking up with her?

    His initials : M 27 December 1979

    Mine: E 13 August 1980

  • @drgaganni: How are you? I am back from my hiatus and have drawn some cards for you tonight. They tell me:

    4 of Swords reversed: The issue with him is concentration and focus. This leads me to wonder if he is trying to get his life in order some how, and/or does not have it in order because he is not able to organize himself, or his energy, into accomplishing his goal. He wants to start out with the right foundation (4) but this tells me he needs to settle his thoughts and impulses in order to have the proper discipline he needs. He may have been wanting to cut back on distractions, addictions, relationships in order to do this, etc., which can be a hard thing to do. Again, the issue with clarity and you desiring that from someone shows through here.

    The High Priestess: This is a figure who is using their intuition rather than the reason of the mind to solve problems. It is a card that tells me he might be trying to use unconventional methods, perhaps being secretive about it. However, without reason to support any of his ideas, he cannot move forward. Going on faith alone cannot help one become successful or believe in their cause. I am not too sure what else this reveals, other than the woman here is feeling she has a connection with the man in the first card. This card is also the card of secret knowledge, so perhaps he is in a search for answers and learning them at present.

    Strength reversed: This card tells me he is having some issues with mood. He may not be feeling he has the strength to accomplish his aims (4 of Swords). With this card there is a tendency to see through "a narrow tunnel," feel sorry for oneself, and/or feel like the victim of unfortunate circumstances when really it is not that bad a situation. Perhaps The High Priestess signals his unconscious drive to want to get organized but perhaps his self-esteem may be holding him back?

    Overall the reading tells me he is preoccupied with getting some part of his life in order. I know it's been days since you asked the question, but I do hope you have at least made contact, just a friendly, "hi, how have you been, what's up?" might be a good way to start things off. I would not get confrontational or come on too strong. Okay, I do hope this has helped. Please let me know. Thanks for letting me read for you again šŸ™‚

  • @anothercancermanproblem: Sorry I was not able to read for you last week, things got pretty hectic. I wanted to know if you still would like a reading.

  • @BlondBarbie22: Sure, please let me know what you would like for me to read for you.

  • @cuteshortie: Hi, I drew some cards for you tonight and this is what they tell me:

    Page of Cups reversed - 5 of Swords - 7 of Swords

    Gosh, this reading to me overall is down-sided.... it sounds like it had been something of a plan of his to break up for some time and perhaps be with this other girl, all of the central figures here in the cards are men. The first card describes to me someone who is dishonest, as well as making some dream into a reality, the card next to it, a battle, which to me indicates cheating, or using some other form of it, to get what one wants. The 7 of Swords further confirms the secretive agenda, not wanting people or you, in this case, to know what was going on. I feel that he is being dishonest. With her as well. Dishonesty indicates to me that the person does not understand how to truly care for others, only with how to please themselves. It is not about a partnership, but his needs, his wants, etc. I get a sense from the 5 of Swords that he wants to be dominant or "win" in every situation. To me, it is not a good idea for you to pursue this relationship because of the dishonesty.

    I understand this may not be what you want to hear, but I do hope it helps you in some way. Please let me know! Thanks for letting me read for you.

  • espearite, than you so much. Really appreciate the reading. There was quite a bit of dishonesty from both sides (his and mine), and n many ways you did describe him quite well. I can't say I'm totally shocked about his dishonesty towards her. I'm almost certain there are things he wont tell her, perhaps never. But I can't know that for sure.

    Do the cards indicate that he is thinking about me? Is he looking into things I do and checking up to see what is going on with my life?

    What are the chances of their relationship working out?

  • thanks esp, the reading suits me well, he has always been struggling with his life, when i feel his life is not all that caught up.

    secondly esp, i dont want to make contact as of now, ive been stopping myself, because i feel in my absense he might realise things, also i want his love not his friendship, which is all he's determined to give me.

    also i wanted to know, has he ever thought of me in this time period? in what way?

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