• OH Yeah!!! I was thinking about The Sun Card, and the relationship to the Page of Sword.

    You mentioned about him having Clarity in his life now...I think I know why.

    Last year I told him to do a Background check on one of his employees, and I have a feeling that he took my advice. {This employee is suing him for Sexual Harrassment; to my knowledge they have cut a deal on the settlement. From the "Grapevine" I heard that he is Contersuing her for fraud, I think}.

    So I am wondering... if The Sun Card could mean that he is VERY Happy that he took my advice about the Background check; and, that I stood by him and did not betray him like the other employees in the company?

    Also, The Page of Swords Card is he still collecting information about this particular employee; therefore remaining silent so that the investigation goes well?

    Your Insight Please šŸ™‚

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  • hi espearite,

    I guess your right, from all this time i was the one making choices and i guess i was just seeking for a guidiance thank you so much for the help. I think i may just stay friend with this person and see how things turn out later

  • Hi esp, ive been feeling out of pace, blue, sad off and on since over 10 years now, not that things arent going well.....but things closest to my heart arent going well...i always try to remain centred, love my life but the 10 years that i kind of lost just not rising in my career n being single take a toll on my present thinking! and pull me down in the dumps.

    Can you do a reading and let me know?

    1. When will i reach the goals that i have set for my professional times, i have written a exam twice n failed, i want to clear those and start my physician education, when do u see a good time of victory or my clearing the exams. When do you see me moving from a masters in healthcare to a medical doctor/ main aim after i graduated as a physician?

    2. when do u see a good honest and long term/ marriage person entering my life? will i have known him before or will he be totally new?

  • @Jenever: Hey, glad to see you are building on the learning process. Thank you for the compliments. šŸ™‚ I'm happy to help in any way that I can. Yes, I agree, it is very natural to start learning the cards one by one, as this was the way I first did 11 years ago. It is usually up to your learning preference about what comes first really. For me, the better I understood each card, the more I began to understand how the "story" and numbers shaped the interpretation of a card. I'm using the stories and numbers a lot more just reading for others. After learning the meanings for myself, I went onto their astrological associations. At the time, I had at least an adequate understanding of the signs, planets, and configurations. From there, with a little bit more investigating, I could understand for myself why each association had been assigned to its corresponding card. It opened up a lot of understanding, showing me patterns in the tarot I hadn't noticed before. Those that read and study the tarot vary in their knowledge they possess on attributes, but I do encourage beginners not to get into all this until they understand a card's meaning for themselves. To me, however, learning attributes would give you a richer learning experience and better results. Once you have an idea of a card's meaning, then studying the attributes around that interpretation is much easier. As you go along, your understanding will begin to grow. The daily card draw is quite common when learning the tarot and can help with meanings. I highly recommend it. I think once events start happening in your life, you will be able to see the similarities. Your interpretation of a card will strengthen, but not become absolute. Like any other experience, it's a never-ending process. But for now, read on anyone and anything! It's always good to take a breather and come back with a fresher mind as well. I hope this helps, Jen. I am inspired by your enthusiasm for learning. šŸ™‚

  • @Pilot: Thanks for letting me read for you! You've had a lot going on. To get to the first set of questions...

    The time of charity felt more to me like it would take place around a regular gathering. The card's meaning is based more on charity, perhaps not because it's a holiday, but something that one can do because they can. It could be some event the employees participate in? Also, it can mean that he does the favor for you. The point can be reconciliation, meaning not necessarily for a new love relationship. The fact that there is a man on this card makes me lean more towards him doing the favor. Based on all the information I have on the situation, it was the first and foremost impression I received. The card can also indicate many different time periods, but diamonds as winter is the choice I've gone with because of my experience with that association. It can mean May 14-June 7. Another interpretation says six weeks after the start of winter. I am just thinking, overall, communication will not happen for a while. I just would advise patience.

    About your interpretation of The Sun, it's a very valid interpretation. I think the last time you asked about him, I got The Sun. Overall he's trying not let the problems around him overtake him. I don't want to say he's numbed himself but that's what it feels like. His methods are useful, but they cross over into his personal life as well, the particular situation you asked about. I think he is very resourceful when it comes to knowing things.

    Pilot, I hope this gives you some insight into your ex-boyfriend. Please feel free to ask more questions if you have them, and I will try and answer them as best I can.

  • @quenkath: Thanks! šŸ™‚

  • @anothercancermanproblem: I'm sorry if the meeting didn't turn out as you'd hoped, if that is the case. I'm thinking you may need to take some time for yourself as you said. I did mean, that in spite of having a tarot reading, if you felt you should give this meeting with him a chance, I'm glad you did. There's nothing wrong with that. I hope that in time things will work out for you. If there's anything I can do, just ask.

  • @drgaganni: I'm sorry to hear about your exam. You seem like you're going through a stressful time in your life. Medical school isn't easy, but I do commend you for getting through it up to this point and not giving up. I will ponder your questions tonight and try and get back to you tomorrow night. If not, then no later than Wednesday night PST. Take it easy and look to others for support.

  • hi espearite,

    i actually havent really ask him to meet up with me yet!

  • Thanks Again šŸ™‚ I read your response this morning. I fell asleep after watching Housewives of Beverly Hills,

  • Oh! When you are finished with the other lovely people who have questions; I would like for you to do a spread on these questions please.

    I keep thinking about this favor....hehehehe.

    1. In regard to the favor that he is going to do for me.....Will he ask me to do him a favor FIRST, and then he will reward me; or, will he just do me a favor because I have been a good friend to him? Please tell me what the cards show.

    2. I know you mentioned Winter. Could you narrow down to what month he will do this favor for me?

    Once Again, Thanks for your insight it is GREATLY appreciated šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  • @drgaganni: Hey, sorry it's been a while, but thank you for waiting patiently as always. I had some papers and errands I had to get to.

    About your questions, not going to lie to you, but they were difficult for me to respond to since they do involve the element of time. This is something I don't have much experience with, but open to experimenting with in different ways. If you are not satisfied with the answers, however, I would recommend consulting one of the psychics here at the forum. As always, thank you for letting me read for you.


    King of Pentacles, King of Wands reversed, Wheel of Fortune

    My first impression is that there are two men involved here with regard to your career and your success in it. The first has a very good sense of what he wants out of life, in terms of career, and displays the discipline that brings him success, as well as being similar to your own in what you look for. You can trust this man, as he has a good head on his shoulders and can be resourceful. I am going to say that he is someone who may appear to you when you are in the process of moving from your masters to becoming a medical doctor. This guy might be a mentor. I'm not sure if he is someone you develop a romantic relationship with, as this is clearly a question of career success and there are no romantic cards in this layout.

    The second card, King of Wands reversed, tells me that there will be trouble with another man, someone who will not be honest in his reputation with you. Perhaps you will be trying to decide between two of these men, if it does turn out to be a romantic affair. However, the fact that the Wheel of Fortune appears here may imply that he may also be helpful to you in reaching the success you desire. Perhaps, a representation of what you should avoid in this journey, rather than him directly aiding you.

    The Wheel of Fortune presents a change for the better, an opportunity directly connected to these two men. It looks more and more like they might be in higher positions than you are and might be the ones who decide whether you get your "promotion" or not. On the other hand, they might just be at the same level of study you are and you work together somehow to arrive at success. The card itself, does tell me that, yes, you will reach your dreams and become a doctor.

    Overall, the reading asks you to watch out for these two men and when they appear in your life; for it is very important, a herald of your success.


    7 of Pentacles, The Hierophant reversed, 3 of Cups reversed

    The card which stands out the most to me here is the 7 of Pentacles, suggesting that perhaps looking back, or pausing on past achievements will be the time your partner may arrive in your life. I know, it seems like there are many times that we stop and reflect on our lives and assess whether or not we want to continue or alter the course, but look to the surrounding cards here in this reading to help you distinguish this pause from the others. This card suggests to me that you might be rethinking your current course, perhaps considering a large change in lifestyle that could very well lead you to your partner.

    The Hierophant reversed further colors the situation and has me a bit worried. Obviously it reflects your schooling and that yes, there is a problem here. Whatever happens, ultimately, it is your decision. You will feel very strongly about this when the time comes. I don't want to say you abandon your studies, but perhaps you consider taking a break from them. Because the card is a trump, there is a deep need to reconnect with that which was lost, for example, what motivated you to become a doctor, what passions have faded, how far away from enjoying it have you gone and how can you rekindle the passion of your dream? It's like the spiritual instructions of your purpose have been lost. These are questions you may, or will ask yourself at the time your partner may arrive.

    The 3 of Cups reversed tells me feeling unsupported in your life will bring on this need to rethink the path. Who can you turn to that will encourage you? Who will be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on? Maybe this is where those two men step in from the previous reading, I cannot say for sure. Just something to think about.

    Overall, the reading to me looks as though you may find this partner when you are in a very serious pause. You will be thinking about change in a big way and what path you take to find support could very well lead you to your partner.

    Drgaganni, I hope this helps. I know I answered pilot's questions a little more specifically than yours, but the question of time for me is still in its experimental stages. Please let me know what you think.

  • @Pilot: Hi.. cannot really say with accuracy what month your communication will begin. But from the card meaning, we could say 6 weeks into winter, say late January or early February. Anytime before that might also be a possibility.

    Okay, so look to either winter or late spring (May) for him to contact you. If he contacts you any sooner, I can only say I tried and that I am still quite new to reading time.

    As for your other question, I didn't feel any conditions were connected to the "charity" that happens and leads to your contact. Based on my impression of the card, I am feeling this is more indirect rather than directed at you. Maybe there is an institution for which he gives to or some kind of event like this you both will talk at. At the very least, some kind of giving is responsible. I drew Death reversed as clarification, perhaps there is some reluctance here with making this happen, not sure if its the event itself that's being affected, you, him. Maybe this will help you to discern the timing a bit better.

    I hope this helps pilot. Thanks for letting me read for you again.

  • Thanks Again Espearite, You are so insightful and such a Big Help.

    Study Hard:)

  • Thanks for taking time out for me, the reading goes with me well and i think it reflects my personality and wht im going thro'

    Love heirropant:

    ................"Obviously it reflects your schooling and that yes, there is a problem here. Whatever happens, ultimately, it is your decision. You will feel very strongly about this when the time comes. I don't want to say you abandon your studies, but perhaps you consider taking a break from them. ".................

    I didnt understand this part?

    When am i supposed to go on this break. ?

    I am torn , burnt out since years now, but keep dragging myself. should i put in extreame effort in my career after ive taken this break? will i not succeed before this break i.e if i keep going like i ve told u i am, in whatever state i am.

    i do want to take a break, but what will i do in this break, all my life ive done nothing but school n work. i have paid less interest to my personal life and interests.

    i do feel as u say being preoccupied with all this has prevented me to give my whole to a man, i believe my career n my involvement in it due to the failures has made me sad n withdrawn n because of that im not lively ( as much as i can be, and as much as i can meet him n do things with him) with any man. maybe that is a hindrance to developing a real thing with anyone for me.

  • Hello,

    I hope you are doing well.

    Would you be willing to do a love readiing for me?

    I was dating a man and we split up and I wonder if he will come back or should I move on? Dont think you need it but, his bd is 11/13/65 mine is 07/20/64

    I appreciate this so much! It has been three months and I havve not dated any one in hopes that he will ... and Ive never felt so happy with any one or so I waitiing in vein?

    Thank you very much!

  • Wow on second thought...I got an email from him...can you tell me if he is married and if he was cheating on her with me?

    it would still be really nice to get a love reading freom you for my self.....thanks

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  • 8 of Wands reversed - The Empress - Knight of Cups

    The card that stands out to me the most is the 8 of Wands reversed and it tells me that there doesn't seem to be anything promising here in the e-mail communication he's sent you. It seems to me that this communication was reminiscent of the two of you being together in a certain way, or gives you these types of feelings obviously. Just trying to see if my focus is on track here. It can also mean that he might not communicate with you again for sometime.

    The Empress is the second card that stands out and it shows me a pregnant woman, leaning toward the 8 of Wands reversed, as though she does not want to lose the specialness this experience (the communication) has brought her. It can also mean that what he's communicated, the content, is something that makes you feel as though you're losing him.

    The Knight of Cups shows me a man who is making his way in the opposite direction (from The Empress), and this could very well be what happens. His focus is elsewhere, moving on in his quest for love. This implies different ideals or expectations about love as well.

    Overall, the reading shows me that you are overly focused on the communication. Whether or not this is a game he's playing to get you all worked up, it's a possibility. In any event, the Knight upright doesn't really suggest to me he is trying to deceive you in any way, but is concerned with moving along.

    @cancer64: I hope this has put your situation into perspective. Please let me know what you think and if you have anymore questions. Thanks for letting me read for you!

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