• @quenkath: Thank you for the compliments. So glad you are enjoying the thread. 🙂 I wanted to let you know I will be reading for you next week at the latest.

  • Espearite - I'm going to focus on the 5 of Swords first. When I study this card I see people who have laid down their swords - given up the fight. They leave their weapons behind so the victor has gained something. Swords represent intellect and the mind. In a sense he has won the battle, but he stands alone. I can never tell if this represents a personal victory. overcoming the affects of others who carry their own swords - who want to have their way - or a victory at the expense of others. There is all that water in the background too (underlying emotional issues?) The two that walk away have only two directions they can go - into the water or away from the victor. (Living along Lake Michigan this makes me think of the boardwalks that run along the water and if you were to fall off the edge you would have a long drop into the deep water.) One man appears to be crying, the other simply walking away. The victor is clearly happy. Yet there are all those jagged clouds in the sky. This looks like such a negative card, but the victor is so happy. I always tend to want to think of it negatively because of the imagery, but I feel like I am missing the real point. There is some form of victory here and gain but I can't understand what consequences it implies. Was it good that this battle was won, or does it leave one standing all alone? I have heard it suggested as an "empty victory and disappointment" but that just doesn't seem to fit to me. The swords have been laid at his feet and he is happy, that can't be all bad.

    Anyway, just some more thoughts to toss around on that one. I need to think on the 7 of Swords, that one is the hardest card in the deck for me to understand, followed by, if you can believe it, the Empress. She seems to represent so little, even defintions of this card's meaning are sparse. Sure, she represents nurturing and motherhood, etc. but there's usually so many layers of meaning to the other cards, even the minor suits, so as a major card I expect more depth to the Empress but never see any. Let's leave her for another day though, lol. I see these other two cards more often than I see her come up.

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  • Hi espearite!! hahaha I just saw you "buzz" me telepathically... I guess I took some days to get the message... what's going on??

  • @anothercancermanproblem: Hi there... I have drawn some cards for you this evening, and this is what they tell me:

    Past - Knight of Wands reversed. Since this card has come up already to indicate the future in the first reading, I'm going to say you have some idea already of how he might react. The position also tells me that this part of himself has already shown itself to you. In a more figurative way, the position may indicate you already have chosen where you stand with him.

    Present - Strength. At present you are certain of what must be done. It is also a lesson you are learning as well (a trump). The woman on the card looks to the knight (past) who has his back turned from her. This suggests to me that maybe he wants to do his own thing. The way that this woman is looking to him, takes strength, takes courage. You are trying to be strong atm and I think this meeting is a demonstration of your courage. It's like you're trying to meet an idea (either yours, his or both) of who he wants you to be. I am not sure if you are coming on too strong or if you are trying to be more of what he wants.

    Future - 6 of Cups reversed. I'm going to say that you might not have an outcome you like here. If things do go well, it will not be in the way you thought. This card to me has always meant an unhealthy return to the past, meaning longing for what was once the good times, comparison to the times now. Six is also the number of balance, so in some way this suggests to me your look into the past is a preoccupation instead of something you understand to be a lesson. Having seen this card personally represent another, my advice to you is not to rely on the past as the only good place to be. We don't give ourselves the chance to be happy in the present when we chose to exist there instead.

    Overall, the reading tells me that you may want to be something you are not and at your own expense. This is something that could lead to unwanted results. I think you should ask yourself what you have had to compromise and is it with worth it? Where is there imbalance and how is it going to affect me in the long run?

    I hope this helps, anothercancermanproblem. Again, sorry for such a downsided reading. I do hope you both can come to some kind of understanding.

  • @anothercancermanproblem: Btw, I used the Gilded Tarot, a deck I use in all my readings here. If you have the deck, you can study the layout further if you wish.

  • @anothercancermanproblem: Correction, the King of Wands came up in the last reading. Gosh, this is something of a pattern (kings turning into knights) with you and drgaganni.

  • @quenkath: Hi, thank you for waiting so patiently. I drew some cards for you about the remaining part of this year and into early next year, about the end of spring 2011.

    Fall 2010: 4 of Swords. I am seeing that you have taken some time to rethink your life here, meaning that this is a learning phase for you during a journey that has already been undertaken. Since it is a balancing in the element of air, your best and main tool on this journey is the mind. It is a time to get away and reflect on some part of your life you feel needs your attention. This card also has shown me that you might be abstaining from something that you feel will not help you on your journey. The season is all about calmer atmospheres, but I believe it is partly voluntary. As Jenever put it once, it is more like a foundation phase for a journey you will be or have been on.

    Winter 2010: 4 of Wands reversed. The winter brings with it a time of feeling you are not in the right surroundings. The number 4 is about order and law and having a solid quality to things, something that makes up a part of your personality. To me you're a Virgo and you pride yourself on your productivity and common sense of logic. The card is one of feeling out of balance and feeling as though you are not being supported by the domestic environment. The card also alludes to such occasions related to the domestic life, such as celebrations, family gatherings. If we look at the first card, it is a stark contrast from your goal and what it is you're trying to achieve. Perhaps your need for solitude clashes with the holidays. On the other hand, the reversal may be suggesting you need to enjoy your life to some extent with others.

    Winter 2011: The Magician. The winter of 2011 brings with it a whole new type of energy. It is a special energy that tells me your ability to complete your goals improves. It shows that definitely you will have what it takes and as a result, you may allow yourself, or be presented with more resources and options. However, if you are doubting yourself at this point, don't underestimate that. Even if everything seems like it's there, it's better to follow your intuition. I would talk to someone whom you can trust about how you can be adequately prepared. Make sure you understand what exactly this choice or journey entails.

    Spring 2011: 8 of Pentacles reversed. The spring shows me some progression of your plan (8), but there are obstacles? I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. In any case, this card shows me you seek appreciation from this path, but it looks as though difficulties around a skill or work situation prevent that. I have always seen this card to suggest unhappiness in the work setting, and perhaps unemployment. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but I would advise you address any problems here connected to this card before they get out of hand. The earlier, the better. Remember that you are not exactly what you do. A lot of Virgos can get caught up in identifying more with their jobs/positions than who they really are. Quality is also part of the lesson here. What, in your environment, prevents you from feeling like you are not giving your best? Is it something you take responsibility for or do you feel you are misunderstood?

    Overall, I think balancing your foundations out now (the two fours) would be beneficial to you in the long run. Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball and when we're not in any way prepared, things can fall apart. I know it's not always possible to be adequately prepared and this is what can make life so hard. On the other hand, be aware of what foundations you are laying for the future. I hope this makes sense to you and has provided you with some insight.

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  • @Jenever: Hi! Your post raises good questions about the 5 of Swords. It's interesting you ask the question of general interpretation, and as hard as I've thought about it, I feel that the general interpretation of a card is definitely difficult to come by because it is very open to interpretation and implication. This was what my long response was based on. If you think about it, there is no position, no question (querent), or other cards to modify the card. Take for example, the 5 of Swords. The two-way interpretation becomes just that, it can go both ways. That is not including what else it implies. I think that is why attributes and reversals have become so popular because we need "another side" to represent the second interpretation of that card or perhaps to narrow it down more.

    Don't get me wrong, I went in search to compare general interpretations when I got curious about others' meanings and it did deepen my knowledge of the cards.

    What makes the 5 of Swords a downright negative card to me, in my general sense of it, is the fact that it's part of a story, as you've come to know in the suits. All the 5's have an implied negativity about them. Is it a good negativity? You cannot tell from a stand-alone meaning as much as you can from one of experience. It is not about the search for a widely accepted meaning, but the search for our own unique and personalized interpretation of a card, through the experience of it and the subsequent trial-and-error of actual readings (intuition).

    The 7 of Swords again is part of a story, however, one that is going to be altered in some way by layers of other attributes and meaning you chose to accept, based on your learning style.

    As for the Empress, to me, she is an archetype like the rest of the one-figure trump cards. What is this figure about and why is it so important? How do we benefit from it? From my own experience, she is mature, able to be woman of the home, in a sense, much like the Queen of Pentacles. In some instances, she is the leader when the king is not present. The difference between these two is their ranks and attributes (one is higher than the other in rank, one is Capricorn to me, the other ruled by 3 and Venus) We see a lot of creative qualities with The Empress than we do with the Queen of Pentacles from that information alone. That's how I've chosen to learn them at least, but I will tell you experience helps too! Reading for yourself is definitely what I see you are already doing, but I also recommend drawing a daily card because you can see more specifically how it relates to the events around you.

    I don't mean to babble on here! I hope this has answered some questions and has provided some food for thought. 🙂

  • @Quenkath: Not a problem, quen 🙂 Okay, okay, if you see yourself as a Libra, then you are a Libra. I do apologize for this. I do use vedic astrology and that's why I see you as a Virgo. 🙂 What I can tell you about what your abstaining from is something that you feel does not need to be in your life right now. It is something you feel is distracting to say the least. Although I'm not psychic, the first thing that came to mind was substances. 🙂 Hope this helps. Thank you for letting me read for you.

  • @Happydoc: Hey! I'm doing okay. I am sorry for not sending you an email and letting you know about the person who wanted the reading. I'll message you from Facebook.

  • Hello Again, Studying Hard?

    My Exboyfriend saw me with one of my male friends last week. He looked a little puzzled and hurt....hehehehe 🙂 I think that he finally saw that I have moved on.

    Could you do a spread to see what was going through his mind when he saw me in the parking lot with my friend?

    Also, do you still see my exboyfriend communicating with me soon??

    EXboyfriend: June 30,1950

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Thank You 🙂

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  • thanks so much for the reading. I think I will still give it a try even though the reading did not come out nice.

  • @pilot: Hey. 🙂 The studying is starting to smooth out. I am enjoying writing my first essay. Thank you for asking. From what it sounds like, things just keep getting more interesting on your end. 🙂 I will do your reading before the end of this week. In the meantime, I am glad to hear you are moving along!

    @quenkath: Np... I am glad I was able to help 🙂 As I've said, if you feel there is something in your life you have thought of giving up, follow that intuition. You can't go wrong. Much blessings to you on your journey, quenkath.

    @anothercancermanproblem: You're welcome. Totally understand, in the end, yes, it is you that must make the choices. 🙂

    @Everyone: Sending prayers and light your way tonight. I am glad I could help!

  • @Pilot: Hey.. I drew some cards for you today and this is what they tell me about your ex-boyfriend's view on things:

    7 of Cups reversed, The Sun, Page of Swords

    The most obvious card out of the trio is The Sun, and this is what puzzles me about his view. My impression was that he might not be as surprised as you think he is. I'm going to say that he is happy for you because there is clarity in his life right now. However, the pesky Page of Swords seems to indicate some sort of insecurity. There is a need to gather up knowledge and insight, but in a very silent way -- one he doesn't want you, or perhaps anyone else for that matter, to know about. I feel this is tied directly to that clarity of his... maybe how he's able to understand everything at this time.

    "Also, do you still see my exboyfriend communicating with me soon??"

    6 of Pentacles

    Not very soon, as the suit indicates winter. If I interpret the card itself, it tells me that you both will communicate during a time of charity, which will make it easier for communication. This could be by some favor or event centered around giving/receiving. I don't want to say Christmas because it doesn't really feel like that to me.

    Pilot, I do hope this helps. Please let me know what you think!

  • Hi Espearite, sorry to be so long in replying after your very thoughtful response on the cards. I see what you mean about the "stories", and that is something that I need to improve in my readings. I believe I told you before that you have me paying a great deal more attention to the symbology of the cards, now I must take that to a different level and look at the full story. I probably do tend to identify with the cards individually too much their literal meanings, without blending them into a full picture. I like your idea of pulling one card a day and seeing how it ties in with the events of the day. I will let you know how that goes. As always, thank you Espearite! I always read this thread btw, whether I post or not, as I so enjoy reading your interpretations. It's so amazing how much more information you glean than what I might if I were doing the reading. It's quite a learning tool!

  • Hey Thanks 🙂 I am glad that you found time out of your busy schedule to help me 🙂 🙂

    When you say around the time of charity....could it be Thanksgiving??

    You also mentioned some favor....are you saying that I will have to do him a favor?

    Espearite when you take another break from studying again, could you do a reading on this Please?

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