• Hi Espearite - I owe you a reading, but I noted that you have had several since I last contacted you so I was holding off a bit so as to be able to introduce new information. I am making a point not to read anyone else's readings for you so that I don't have any preconceptions when I do mine. Look for that this weekend. Is there a particular topic you prefer? Specific questions are more comfortable for me than a general reading, but maybe that just means I need more practice on general readings! Let me know if you have a preference.

    Meanwhile, if you have the time only, I've had the most surprising readings regarding the relationship that you did a reading about recently. I can't imagine that things could change so quickly, but I am very curious as to what might be going through his mind right now. You were so accurate with your previous reading and I haven't changed my position at all. Still very much correct that I continue to be in touch with this man, but I am "driving my own boat" as you so aptly put it, and I don't consciously feel any intention to do anything else at this time. Staying on my own path here. But the readings I get about him, well...what I'd like to do is see what you get, and then compare notes with what I've been getting. There's a theme emerging with certain cards and as I say, it comes as quite a surprise. Not sure what to make of it.

    Thank you in advance Espearite if you are able to work with me on this. I don't want to take advantage of your time and skills, but I do so enjoy how you interpret the cards. I'm learning a lot just reviewing your interpretations for others here. Your eye for details within the images of the cards has me paying attention to things in new ways now. Thank you for that!

  • @Pilot: Thank you for the compliments! They mean a lot. 🙂 I am glad I could put things in a way that makes sense for you. I drew some cards for you, both for the job and dating life for the present until the end of September.

    September Job: Knight of Pentacles reversed. This knight tells me that there is and/or will be unforeseen problems and that you may feel like you aren't getting anywhere. This knight is all about applying yourself in the correct manner, or getting your hands dirty. However, when reversed it tells me you must look at the way you are applying yourself. It also calls for patience. This personality must learn to adjust with the rules of the situation and adapt himself accordingly. His obstacle is refinement. He must learn what is required of him in order to progress on the ladder (Queen and then King). I am feeling like there is some discouragement here, and there will be some setbacks which you may feel you have no control over. I would recommend prudence, caution, and discipline.

    September Love: The Emperor. Clarity: 5 of Cups. I know what you're probably thinking, and this layout does show me some difficulties with the person in question. From the way The Emperor stands in the card (Gilded Tarot) I feel he might not be aware of what's going on or how important he is. I know, all these men that aren't even looking in your direction, it's frustrating! He is in a leadership role of course, and so he might not have love on his mind. But I feel with the 5 of Cups before him (his back turned to them), he is not wanting to face the hardship had between you. I feel like you might not get the response you're looking for from him either. At the very least, you seem confused, working yourself up for the right response instead of looking at the lesson between you. My advice is to listen to your inner voice on this one. What would the wisest person you know do? What does your higher self tell you?

    Pilot, I hope this has provided some clarity for you on the remainder of this month. I really want to say you need to feel supported at this time, it is just a matter of approaching them in a way that works for you. Don't be too hard on yourself either. There are just some things we can never prepare enough for.

  • @ Pilot: I meant to say it is a matter of approaching your difficulties in a way that works for you!

  • Hi espearite:

    I don't know if you can try this as a reading. Can you do simple yes,no or short answer questions. I am trying to see if there is a match with my pendulum reading for myself or if

    I am incapable of reading for myself.

    I will give you a few question that I know that answers to and see how you do before asking the ones I don't know the answer to.

    1. I was born in Texas

    2. I have blue eyes

    3. I have one daughter with blue eyes

    4. I have one daughter with brown eyes.

    5. I like eggs

  • @ScorpioManSituation: Hi, I read your post twice and didn't connect very well tonight with the cards I drew. I can, however, advise you for now on what I'm seeing.

    Let me say that I have come across the type of guy you are describing. If you want my advice, I am going to say, back off until he breaks it off with her. You need to show him that if he wants more of your goodness, he's going to have to ask himself what it is he really wants. Give him some time to think.

    You must ground yourself in reality. You shouldn't idealize anyone. From where I am sitting, you shouldn't be waiting on his every move. If he wants you, let him come after you. Let him go through a little bit of trouble. If he wants to be with you, he will be brave enough to go after what he wants. If not, then you will be better able to accept the consequences because you knew better.

    I hope this helps you for now. I will draw some cards for you soon.

  • @lovingsilverwings: Hi, thank you for the blessings. Love and light to you. 🙂 It's okay if you don't have a reading to offer. I don't ask anything in return. I am always open though to the exchange readings should anyone want to gain some practice.

    I did want to ask you if it is a general reading you are looking for? Did you have a topic in mind?

  • @Happydoc: Hi to you... 🙂 Did you get my email? Well, you are probably busy with school and JM. I hope things are working out. Ttyl!

  • @Jenever: Sure, I will be able to read for you some time this week. Thanks again for the compliments and feedback! I really appreciate it! If you want to do a reading to get some practice in, then by all means. I don't require a reading in return though. I hope things are starting to clear up for you with the guy in question. I have one other reading before yours. In the meantime, if you do want to do a reading for me, I can go with the reading that is going to benefit you. If you need more practice with general readings, then I'm up for it. If not, then I'll give you a question you can work with before the weekend.

    And yes, reading the cards through their images works just as much as reading them through meaning. I also rely a lot on personal experiences I've had with each card, i.e., the daily draw. I did a lot of that before reading for others and it seems to help. While I usually will lean toward meanings in a reading, I used a combination of both in yours, because the imagery stood out to me more. Okay, I hope this helps! Thanks again. 🙂

  • @Turtledust: It might not be as reliable as your pendulum, but I could definitely try it and see what I come up with. I have done yes and no questions with my cards before. I will try to get to the experiment by this week. Please stand by! LOL

  • That would be wonderful espearite, whenever you get a chance is just fine. I think I'll go with a general reading for you and see what comes up. I'm sorry to put you off until the weekend, but it's the first full week back to school here with my three kids, and all their activities every evening and my mind is scattered. Not to mention I'm up way too late here as it is.

    Thanks again Espearite for your help!

  • Thank you.

    Looking forward to the spread! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • I meant to respond to you last night; however, I got really sleepy last night, and went to bed early.

    Thanks Once again for your help.

    Espearite, when you are finished with the rest of these lovely people on this forum, could you please tell me in what month can I expect communication from my ex?

    Exboyfriend: June 30,1950

    Myself: April 21,1973

  • @lovingsilverwings: Hi, I wanted to know how far in the future you wanted me to look? I am getting my list in order tonight. Okay, look forward to reading for you after ScorpioManSituation. Take care!

    @ pilot: Okay, will try to see what there is for you and the ex.... you're after turtledust if I'm correct.

    The list reads as thus:






    If anyone was overlooked or feels they were before someone/after, please let me know! I will try and get to someone tomorrow night.

  • hi espearite,

    thanks for the two reaadings.

    something new has happenned and i want to consult you.

    last week on wednesday nite i was online on a dating site where i contacted a profile, he just wrote back the next minute, and said he was coming for some professional work to my place which is a seven hrs drive from his place, in the next 6 months he's planning to move here so wanted to fix up his job n apartment.

    we met the next day n just hit it off, we seemed to get along very well, the chemistry seemed right too, he asked me about my plans for marriage n kids n wht i think of this relationship's future...., he's greek american, im indian n new to america but he has lot of indian friends n seems to know alot abt my religion n culture, n im very open to meeting a guy from other nationality. we r both from exacltly the dsame profession n he said alot about helping me settle down as well...., we discussed almost everything, though i gave him no relationship answers....

    he came to meet me the secondday too, we wentout talked, the same thing as last day n then he left the third day, he invited me to join him n vivit his professional colleugues so he cud introduce me to them, but i had a party to go to n i declined....., he left the next day leaving a text that he'll see me soon, he mentioned in the meetings too tht he try to come over every weekend till i decide to visit his home n take a flight there...

    Dear espeearite, how you feel about him? is he going to be the one for me?

    He is everything i was looking for, but i want you to figure out is he really what seems to be?

    Is he going to be for long haul? will we marry each other?

    if yes, could i tell him that in my culture we consummate after marriage?

  • Hi ScorpioManSituation, I'm back. I have decided to go out of my usual routine and try a different spread for you, one I haven't normally used with anyone else. I have borrowed from Suramya's layout when she read a relationship for me.

    1. Relationship - The World reversed. This tells me that the relationship is facing a blockage you feel you don't have control over. On a psychological level, this is a card where the two of you may not feel comfortable with moving onto the next level. As you were telling me, this may depend on your comfort zone and how much you really want to get out of it. There is no finishing what you started here unless you begin to flex yourself and make something happen.

    However, I believe you are making more of an effort to come to him, with more pure intentions.

    2. How he perceives you - Knight of Wands reversed. As hard as it is for me to tell you, he does not see you as someone reliable. To me, this card when reversed tells me that this personality lacks self-control and can have a tendency to go overboard. When I do get a knight in a reading like this, I feel that this describes him, and his approach to the situation. He may not think you are the person to have a more serious relationship with.

    3. What blocks you both - 7 of Pentacles. You are in a valley period, meaning you both are pretty much looking at your options right now and seeing where the relationship has gone up to this point. I want to say the 7's are all about reflection and since pentacles are in the mix, you have serious thinking to do concerning your higher priorities, i.e., job and finances that could change the course of your lives.

    4. What works for this relationship - Temperance. This card does tell me you job has a lot to do with what is making things works for you right now. This is the arts card. I believe you mentioned you and he are into photography? I believe through your work, i.e., creativity and inspiration, you help strengthen the relationship. I want to say that there is chemistry as you mentioned because this card is so much about finding the right combination. With a major trump indicating this, this is a very special connection, one you will learn significantly from.

    5. What is preventing him from coming closer - The High Priestess reversed. I feel that he does not have the answers he needs right now in order to think about coming closer to you. This card is a card about being connected with your intuitive side, i.e., hearing the voice of your highest self. He is not "listening" right now. Through imagery, you are "stretching" yourself too much and "bending over backward" to understand this guy. My advice is as in my previous entry. Give it some time.

    6. What he does not like - The Devil reversed. Sometimes the truth isn't easy to see and I feel this is the case with him right now. With this card in reverse, one can begin to see the cause of their self-undoing and sometimes that isn't always easy. I feel he might have a tendancy to put things off when he should be facing them. In terms of your relationship, he might not be able to handle this problem right now. More than anything, there is fear of taking that next step. As seen in the first card, this is a strong indication of why the relationship is not able to move forward. I do apologize for stating the obvious, but this is what the card shows me based on my personal interpretation of it.

    7. What he likes about you - The Lovers reversed. This was a difficult card for me to understand but I have usually come to view it as a separation or break up between two people. Perhaps you challenge him in a way he likes.

    8. Near Future - 6 of Swords. You will be moving on I believe. I want to say that this will be progress in the relationship, but that is not what this card usually means. It means you eventually look to something else which will be a main priority for you. Usually, a journey of the mind. It could also mean you literally travel, sometimes over water. Figuratively, the waters of emotion.

    9. Outcome - The Chariot. You will come out a stronger person. You are learning to work with creating harmony within yourself through your emotions and I believe that this inner control will manifest from this experience. I believe that from the relationship, you can understand the lessons of temperance. Also, you are able to foresee your obstacles and get your life moving in some kind of direction. Again, the near future card may have something to do with this type of movement and with where you're going.

    ScorpioManSituation, I hope this helps. I know it might not be what you were hoping to hear, but I believe you have a special lesson to learn with this man through your job and it will take you places.

  • @Jenever... Hi, I have drawn some cards for you today and this is what they tell me:

    Past - 10 of Wands reversed. It looks like you took great pains to get to where you are (present) now. You saw your target and carried the burdens up to the present.

    Present - Page of Swords. This is the card of "the spy" where you are being watched, or you are watching him, without giving any clear indications about yourself. The past definitely shows me you may have had the intentions to get here. Through this, you are "intelligence gathering" about the situation as well as staying cool and somewhat skeptical. This page also stands for the wait-and-see approach.

    Future - The Star. This period brings some sort of renewal and inspiration to you about the relationship. You see a light at the end of the tunnel. My advice is not to try to hard to make it work, just let things happen and do a little something here and there.

    Jenever, sorry I couldn't make the reading as long as I would have liked, but I do hope this gives you some true insight into your situation. I also look forward to any feedback you might have. Thanks for letting me read for you and I hope it works out for you!

  • @turtledust... hey I tried the experiment with your questions Thursday morning and these were the results...

    1. I was born in Texas: No

    2. I have blue eyes: No

    3. I have one daughter with blue eyes: Yes

    4. I have one daughter with brown eyes: No

    5. I like eggs: Yes

    Okay you are probably disappointed. I tried the reversal method, although I'm not trusting the answers they gave me. That's about all I know with yes and no on the tarot. If on the other hand I'm right, I don't believe it, lol. I do hope this helps in some way.

  • @ lovingsilverwings: Sorry I passed you up! I am still waiting to hear from you... either way, I will try and get to your reading tomorrow or by this weekend.

  • @Pilot: Hi, I drew a card for you on when you could expect to hear from your ex boyfriend:

    Ace of Pentacles: Yes. You will hear from him sometime during the winter of this year, around mid December.

    I hope this helps.

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