• thank you esp. the cerebral card that you got fore me was true too, as im now focussing on my exams and study. im not contacting him but im turning to praying.

  • Hi Espearite. I was drawn to this old thread because of some things you said in a more recent thread that made me want to see what other wisdom you had passed along on the forum. Something about the way you explain things strikes a special note with me.

    Because of this I was wondering if you might be able to do a reading for me? I am wondering about a relationship that I recently released. It was not something I wanted to do, but given the circumstances I felt I had no choice. I keep wondering if I did the right thing, or if there is anything I should be doing now as concerns him, and what he really feels about what has transpired. There is such a part of me that feels like I have abandoned him, and then there is a part of me that says if he truly cared, things wouldn't be where they are right now. I would be happy to offer you a reading in return. As humble as my skills are, others have told me I have been helpful, but I always give that credit to the cards and I simply read them as they appear. I use the Rider Waite deck and it sounds like you are probably familiar with it since you read cards yourself. If I am not quite right in my interpretation I expect that you can fill in the blanks a bit.

    I hope you get this post and would look forward to and appreciate your time.

  • Hi, Jenever. Thank you. I definitely know what you mean about the wisdom of the cards. We are the interpreters, the way the message comes. Yeap, I am familiar with the Rider-Waite. That was my first deck I used. I learned how to read the cards with them. Unfortunately when I decided to go a different path for a while, I let go of them. I now use various decks and for your reading I used the Gilded Tarot.

    At a glance, the cards definitely depict you "rowing the boat" back in his direction. Behind him, there is past chaos.

    Past - 2 of Pentacles reversed. This card tells me you did what you could to try and make things work. You tried to stay above the water. I am not sure if this was in the relationship or a trying experience you went through before meeting him. However it tells me the energy was not settled enough to manage. Plans and hopes were unable to be acted on. It seems you took one step forward and two steps back. I am thinking it describes your experience with him or perhaps asked his help? If it is about the relationship, my advice is that sometimes when trying to stay together and it only creates more chaos in your life, especially in ways you had not expected or seen before, it can be a sign that the time for the relationship has come to an end. Instead of standing side by side, you stand divided. I realized a relationship needed to end when it came to that point. What happens is that the worst comes out in you and you no longer recognize who you are anymore. You don't want it to come to that.

    Present - Knight of Cups. I am assuming this is your man. He looks vigilant, with a flair for the romantic.. and the dramatic it seems. I am thinking he has a romantic way about life, but he needs to think himself through before acting or making promises. This is the guy who starts stuff but doesn't finish it. His ideas may be in their early stages but he has dreams. Seeing he is a knight, he may not be on the same page as you at the moment, needing to be more of a master of his emotions through understanding and experience that the king has. I think his view of life, his way of doing things is what has you "rowing" back to him on the watery connections of emotion. I see a lot of water in your reading. There are "bodies of water."

    Future - 6 of Swords reversed. The card that shows you "rowing" back toward the Knight of Cups. It tells me you have analyzed the situation like a text and have taken time out to study it, perhaps through the cards and/or some other type of process. You are looking hard for a solution and you might think it takes work. You are right that relationships take work, but don't let it come to it being an occupation. I sense that from the reading you have been going about it in this way, looking back at the 2 of Pentacles reversed. What I can say is that you must reverse this card and have the woman on the boat "rowing" away. Lead your own way. If he wants to follow, then see where that takes you. Definitely seems like he is a bluffer though.

    Jenever7, I hope this provides insight into your situation. It was a very interesting reading to me. If you have any questions let me know.

  • Happydoc... I hope you're not mad at me.

  • Jenever, yes, would like a reading if you have the time. General reading on any area you chose if you like. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Espearite - That reading perfectly suits the emotions and experiences that have been in play through all of this. I have thought myself that this relationship is making someone I am not because it pulls out emotions in me that are not what I truly feel. Most definitely it has been a case of him pulling things together between us and then it falls apart, a relentless and very trying cycle to go through over and over.

    As far as your description of the knight - even he admits he reacts and doesn't think things through. I think this is something he is working on, but it will take a lot of time in my opinion and while he vascillates in his indecisions I see myself as "collateral damage". An emotional yo-yo.

    The final card is true - I don't want to end things with him, but I also don't want to go through anymore of where we have been. I have seen this card often in my personal readings about this situation. That need to move away to "a different shore". I think the big thing in question is whether we can move to a different place together, or is this done? There is a lot of emotion there and it's been very difficult for both of us to keep it in check although in different ways and for different reasons. I am ready for a more solid relationship than he is. Put it this way, his heart may be in it but his circumstances won't allow it.

    I'm sorry if this reply is brief, I need to run my computer in for a virus removal and may not get it back for a few days. Wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your reading. Your interpretation of the cards is amazing for my situation. Soo...don't know where things are going but there is movement in a direction and that is usually better than sitting in a rut.

    I will be happy to do a reading for you when I get my computer back (a little intimidated now because your skills are clearly superior so perhaps consider me at an "apprentice" level, lol.) Thanks again for sharing your time and gift, it has been very affirming for me and gives me confidence that I am seeing things as they really are (all that analyzing, yes, lol.)

  • Dear Espearite

    I remember you fondly from the practice tarot reading thread, a while ago.Your reading there for me was very accurate.I would really like it if you could do a general raeding for me and id like to do another practice reading for you!So if you have any specific issue/question in mind ,do let me know.I am still using the rider waite deck.

    Love and Light

  • Jenever, you mentioned that you were trying to work things out but to no avail and you felt like an emotional yo-yo. If you're not ready to give up on the relationship just yet, then I would recommend waiting until his circumstances do get better. Assuming it is possible and you both don't meet anyone else. I know it's kind of a naive to think that way but "whatever is meant to be will work out perfectly." That is from an Avril Lavigne song. It is the only thing I can think of but it is a risky thing. You risk getting your heart broken or his, but if it's meant to be, as I said, then it will work out. For now, I think the best thing you can do is take the load off yourself and at least take a break. If you have to be friends, so be it. I know it's not an easy thing to do but you will not be under as much pressure to try and find the answer to problems that have no solutions right now. If he isn't being cooperative, then you shouldn't be the one to try and find the solutions for him. Let him find them on his own.

  • Suramya, how are you? I am going to be away for the weekend and will get to your reading Monday. I am very sorry about the wait. It seems like when I come back here, I get busy. πŸ˜•

  • Hi Espearite.... it's weird that I read this thread right now... and I just noticed your post on september 2nd about me being mad at you...

    you definetely called me with your thoughts... I saw the thread and your name and I thought... maybe I'll bug her... maybe she'll want and angel card reading again LOL

    I'm surprised about your post, I'm not mad at all, why would you think that??

    I've been hiding a bit because I'm a little sad... hence wanting another reading (but I'll send you the topic by e-mail)... and busy with school work...

    but not mad at all!! never think that MY friend!!

    Glad to see you are doing well and more readings too!! Let me know if you want an angel card reading πŸ™‚


  • it's ok Monday as well, I just read your last post πŸ™‚ HAVE FUN!!

  • Suramya, I was able to do a reading for you tonight and these are the cards I got:

    Past - The Emperor. Either you or a man who is fully in control. He is a master of his situation and he has the power to make dreams reality. Like I said, it's really hard for me to tell if this is you or someone you know. I am going to say you have either accepted help from someone in the past or dealt with someone who could help you.

    Present - The Magician. Again, another power card. The energy and resources are present to help you get what you need in order to make your desires a reality. So far, so good. πŸ™‚

    Future - 8 of Wands. Some kind of action coming to fruition. Usually I view this card as the sparks in a romance. There is a lot of communication going on. Cannot say how it will really turn out though.

    Overall: A very powerful energy you have working for you. The reading tells me you may be working with someone and that an attraction may soon develop from this. Just take caution and avoid committing yourself right away. Keep your options open.

    I'm sorry it was not as long as I would have liked it to be, but I hope it does provide some clarity into your situation. I hope you are doing well, Ms. Suramya. Take care!

  • Happydoc... wow, some strange things like that have been happening to me all week. I am not really sure what is going on. But nah, you are not bugging me. We can do an exchange reading. πŸ™‚ Of course, that is only if you want to/looking for the practice! You don't need to do an exchange for a reading from me! Talk to you soon.

  • Hi espearite

    Forgive me - I sort of forgot about my offer for a couple days, then my internet explorer got hijacked and then I got some other Trojan inmy computer so I have been ob and off for 2 or 4 weeks.

    I went to get my favorite pendulum and it seems my little one has taken it and put it in an undisclosed place. However, I have a sterling silver ball that seens to work well so I treid it and here are your answers.

    1. No - you are not a blonde

    2. Yes you have 1 brother and 5 sisters


    !. You will not ransfer to a local university. You will, however, get you BA. I split that one into 2 questions so that it would not give me a flat no.

    2. Your sister will get a job in the next 4 months

    3. You will not get a car in the next 3 months

    4. This one was odd because at first I said - Does Esperaite's friend have feelings for her and it said NO. But then I realized that I had left out the W. and when I asked - Does Espearite's friend W. have feelings for her it swung the other way for a yes.

    I am anxious to see if my ball is correct. Please let me know! thanks TD

  • Turtledust, thank you! You are awesome! πŸ™‚ You actually got all my questions right. The first two I did not know the answers to, but the next two (3 and 4) I did. Wow... thank you!

  • Wow - you You didn't know if you were a blonde? Ha - I am just kidding - Did I get the first 2 right and then the next 4 "real questionS", #1 and #2 - wedon't know the answer to yet, but I got #3 and #4 right?? As long as I got some right that you knew the answer to, that's good. Now we have to see if the ones we don't really know the answers to turn out to be right.

    I am particulary curious about #1 because that would mean that you would be going to a university not in your immediate vicinity but you would get a B.A. Perhaps you will apply to a well know school that you would not think you would be able to go to and get a good loan or scholarship.

    Will someone else ask me the same sets of questions (JUST ! MORE PERSON ON THIS THREAD - I will only do the FIRST PERSON ON THIS THREAD. Then maybe I will connsider doing another person on another thread.) I just want to see how close I can get. I am still looking for my other pendulum.

    Remember: First 2 questions that you know the answers to: One is a YES and One is a NO.

    That will let me know that the pendulum swung the right way. Then ask me 4 questions. It would be good if you know what the answer or the outcome is to at least one of those questions as a control question. Please look back at my original posting to Espearte if you have a question. PLEASE DON'T be disappointed if you are not the first person. This is not ,y thread and I don't know if I will make my own. This is an experiment only. THANKSS.

    Thanks again espearite. I will haave to think up a question for you for a reading but tonight I am too tired - thanks again!

  • OOPS - okay - please just ask the way Espearite asked.

    1.) TRUE THING about her that would be answered YES


    2.)One false thing that would be answered NO for sure.

    That's to check the pendulum (it would be good if you could tell me the answers on those 2.

    Then ask me 4 questions:

    2 of them you should know the ansers too and 2 of them should be ones that you do no know the answers to.

    Then we wait to see how the answers come out. for the ones we don't know the answers to.

    (so you could give me a time frame like - less than 3 months or by a certain date - the only problem with that is that it could be a NO and then if you had asked for a time from of 6 months it could have been a yes.)

  • Turtledust, you were totally right with all the test questions. No, I am not a blond, I am a brunette. πŸ™‚ Yes, I have 1 brother and 5 sisters. Yes, my friend W has feelings for me. Yes, I don't need a new car! Woohoo! πŸ™‚ You are right, we don't know the answer to the first two questions. I believe I may seek to continue my studies online or perhaps may move to another place. You did really well. I want to say I am very impressed.

    Yeap, I will inform you on my sister and my B.A..... um, I hope I'm still here at LOL @@

  • Thank you so much! I have been wondering about this silver chime ball as I bought it from a woman who sometimes has a booth here where I live when they have peddler's fairs and sych in my town. I was shocked because 3 of the sterling peices I looked at from here from the same artist all worked for me as pendulums and I bought this one to use as a backup.

    I had one I brought back with me from Sedone but I had to go through about 30 of them there to find one that I liked. I lost that one and replaced it with a little silve ball which it the one that is missing. I do hope this silver chime ball is good because I have asked it many questions and many of the answer have ccoincided with what other readers have told me. I am still coming up with a question for you. It very diffficult for me to narrow it down. I have so many things going on. My husband and I are getting a divorce. He left in Jan 09 thinking he could do things simply and cheaply and that was ot the case. The attorney bills mounted up, everything in the house broke, the economt continues to worsen. I was about to declare bankruptcy in April because there was nno way I could pay all the credit card bills and maintain the house on what he was giving me for support. So he moved back in on May 1 and has been paying most of the household expenses while most of my salary - about 2/3 of the take home goes to pay the credit card debts. I am almost at the halfway point but it looks like they won't be paid off till

    April or May - about the time he is supposed to move back out because that is when the lease on his condo is up. Our date is extended until July 1. I have a feeling that he is not in a hurry to go anyway, I think originally he thought he had a girlfriend lined up and I think that it didn't work out and I caught him at an opportune moment to get him to help me out. THere was no other way and its half his bills anyway (although he would not admit it) Then there is my oldest daughter who just causes chaos in my life and her little sister's life. We argue all the time. She is very obsitanate and has ADD and I just can't take her attitude much more. She was living with daddy because daddy is not so strict and is a slob and she picked up his bad habits.

    I never would go out looking for anyone new for myself, but I seredipitously met someone

    and we had an immediate connection. But we hardly talk and are just friend because he has a girlfriend who I know drives him nuts but he won't break it off with her because he just can't take the drama right now and of course - my almost ex-husband moved back into my house.

    Maybe you can do a general reading for me for the next 6 months and see if you see any of this getting straightened out. It's so frustrating . I could actually stand for my husband to live here longer because I would be better off financially but the adolescent is out of control. And I also feel that it is probably a changing point in my life - time for a new cycle but that is scary for me because I don't know many people and I have my 9 year old little girl who is developmentally delayed who will live with me. I also work full time and I am just hoping that my job is stable for a long time. I just wish things could be simple again. THanks SO much!

  • Dear Espearite

    Thank you for reading for me! Heres my practice reading for you.

    The key word I got for you in personal and professional life was β€˜self im

    posed bonds’. Work:

    The cards advise you to look at the future in a practical light ,accepting new projects and help from organized friends. You feel restricted and vulnerable right now but there is a way out.Dont feel stuck in the past and find focus and a fresh perspective. The advice cards suggests taking a break and finding a peaceful retreat to get this perspective.New events are round the corner.A disruptive female experience at work or a mother figure blocking you in some way.Greater empathy and self love indicated in the future.


    You have got the rejoicing and celebrations card. You will soon be more sure of yourself and able to enjoy fun times with your friends.If a relationship or job is not working out ,this is a good time to break out of past bonds.Logic and firmness will help you. Challenges will only bring a better future and good opportunities. Your tendency to give indiscriminately is blocking you.Be careful not to make people dependent on you.A young,sensitive ,imaginative lover coming your way. Light hearted intimacy , fun and happy times ahead However don’t get into anything too serious with this person.

    Thanks once again and wish you lots of love and luck and happiness

    take care!

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