• First pilot, the reader has the overall picture that I get, meaning this is not going to be an easy fight and I feel that your ex-boyfriend and those behind him are working out the situation. That's what I see up to now.

    In my personal opinion, however, I would not have interpreted judgment reversed as a cruel fate. I see this card as someone backing out of a situation they suddenly have doubts about. It is a situation they initially thought was plausible. The conclusion you seek is delayed in the situation, which makes a lot more sense to me.

    Page of Wands reversed coupled with this card means that your ex might be in too much of a hurry to seek justice without the proper knowledge and patience to do so. He must make sure the evidence points to her before moving forward. His case against her must be thorough. I would recommend he learns what he can when he can, and educate himself on what is the best course of action. Although, I dont' trust lawyers so he might want to consult with someone who won't try and go for his pocket book in the process! No offense, but they can really sock it to you. Depending on where you are, you can get free advice from lawyers that volunteer their time in central libraries. Although the time is limited, it would save him some money.

    Coupled with the 2 of Pentacles, I think the reader is right when she says this is a mixed blessing. However my personal interpretation is that your ex is able to start laying the foundation for what he wants to do, but the larger things will come in time (hence Judgment reversed). To me, since this is a minor card, it is a wordly card, one of responsibilities and life, as opposed to the more spiritual major card. This card tells me this situation with his employee has been an added burden to what is already on his plate. Adjustments have not been easy for your ex-boyfriend. However, it shows me is managing (the juggling man on the card). Tell him not to rush things with the situation, and to make sure he has solid facts about this employee to back him up. What comes to my mind is a clear bread crumb trail.

    Overall these 3 cards show me he must take care of his priorities first and that now is the time to make little things happen rather than big ones (judgment). Tell him he needs to change his approach to the situation, i.e., educate himself, focus on responsibilities, his health, etc.

    Pilot, I hope this helps. The rest of the reading did show me a push-and-pull mentality where problem-solving this situation has not been all that successful. You got to have a bullet in the gun before you can fire it! Try not to force things.

    I hope this helps. Glad I could help again. Let me know if I've answered all your questions.

  • Thanks Espearite for the clarification again!

    You are right when you say this is not going to be an easy fight!

    I will keep you posted on what happens. I feel that there will be some sort of change soon.

    Thanks Again:)

  • You're welcome, pilot. 🙂 Glad I could help.

  • Oh...I forgot to mention. What is your intepretation of the Third card The Chariot?

    You mentioned that he is going to be in a hurry to seek justice...does this particular card also show this as well? Brighid mentioned that this is a card of victory....and that it will cause enemies.

    Also, when you are not busy with the other lovely people on this Forum; could you PLEASE see HOW, and WHAT measures he will take, to seek out Justice in this situation??

    I hate to keep bothering you Espearite; but, you have a knack for interpreting the Tarot in Laymans terms:) 🙂 🙂

    With Deepest Gratitude.

  • I am sorry, my Friend's D.O.B. is June 30,1950.

  • Hey, hi... thank you for the compliments! It means a lot, pilot. You are the only person I'm reading for at the moment, lol. I'm good to go. 🙂

    The Chariot showed me that, yes, he is wanting for the situation to move forward. Where there is a problem, I see, is the Temperance card reversed. To me, it seemed like whatever he's tried before is just not working out. Tell him not to give up though, and as I said, he needs to start out small, something here, and something a little there. Don't try to go for the kill yet. LOL I think that will happen in time. Overall it looks like he's pushing for something to happen and he needs to look at his approach, which I feel is through the Page of Wands reversed. I think once he's able to learn more and wait for things, the better position he will be in for knowing what to do.

    I don't see the Chariot card as making enemies, but I see it showing me his inner state/attitude. He has the drive. Together with the Temperance card, there is a need for inner control and merging two opposite forces to try and get them to work together. It feels like a solution he's trying to work out is not going too well (temperance reversed).

    I do apologize for not being able to see anything beyond this, but that is as far as what the cards show me and I do hope it helps. Ask me anything and I'll try and answer as best I can, Pilot. Thanks 🙂

  • I almost forgot! I will have the other reading to you tomorrow. Thanks again 🙂

  • COOL!!!! I am looking forward to it:)

  • HI Espearite : How about if you ask me some Yes or no Questions to ask my pendulum.

    Some days it is very good for me and other days I do not know.

    Ask me any question but be sure to include 2 that you know the answer to for sure - one that is definitely Yes and one that is definitely No. But don't tell me the answers.

    Give me one tru things about yourself so I can ask it and see what it gives me for a yes and one false thing I can ask it. I won't get back to you antil tomorrow night. I will see how well this works.

    THen I will ask you a question for the Tarot.

    So I need yes or no questions.

    First one tru think about you and one false thing that you will tell me the answers to.

    Then some questions inclusing one each of a yes and a no answered question that you already know the answer to. that way we can see if theis really works or not. Thanks!!!

  • Thank you for offering the exchange. 🙂 I think I got down how you wanted me to do it: Okay so you wanted at least one set of questions I knew the answers to and then another set for the actual reading. ?? I went ahead and this is what I got.

    True or false:

    1. I am a blond.

    2. I have 1 brother and 5 sisters.

    Question (I already know the answers to 2 of them):

    1. Will I transfer to a local university/school to continue my education and get my BA?

    2. Will my sis get a job within the next 4 months?

    3. Will I get a new car in the next 3 months?

    4. Does my guy friend, W, have feelings for me?

    Thanks in advance 🙂 Good luck!

  • Hi Pilot. This was a semi difficult reading but I hope it provides some insight on the situation.

    WHAT (measures): The Sun, Death, Page of Pentacles

    Hm, looking at the cards, you'd think there were more sinister thoughts going on here.

    The Sun tells me he may take the polite approach toward getting the matter resolved. Also, it seems like he doesn't want to disturb the peace and ruffle any feathers. This leads me to wonder if she's important to people in his company with whom he does not want to lose ties with. He himself also wants to be comfortable with his own methods.

    Death is a card that doesn't sit too well with me here but I am not going to take it literally. There is a form of change he wants implemented here. It could be the change of schedules, hers in particular, lowering her position or something that does not put her in a position to fight or suspect anything is going on. I think it's related to her because this is the corresponding card for card 2 in the HOW reading.

    Page of Pentacles tells me that he might be working with another group to help them seek justice as well. This has always been the card of "the helper" to me. If he's not working with someone already, then he might consider this in the future and/or think about doing so. This is also a knowledge card, so he may be in a position to where he is learning and sharing information on the situation.

    HOW: 4 of Wands reversed, Eight of Pentacles reversed, Knight of Wands.

    He wants to seek justice by making her time at the company difficult. To me the 4 of Wands represents a stable environment, but reversed indicates hostility as well as unhappy surroundings. Coupled with the sun, it definitely sounds like he doesn't want her to be suspicious.

    Eight of Pentacles reversed may seem that he wants to also look at how competent she is. No offense, but this is usually how companies get rid of someone they don't like. The death card shows me he's definitely looking at changes with her position.

    There is something related to the environment and what she does. To me it feels like he wants to weaken her. More or less, he has an "if you cut off the head, then the body dies" mentality.

    The Knight of Wands speaks tells me about his attitude/drive again and that he is eager to see this through and quickly. This is also the card of travel, but I am thinking he could have connections to others that are not living in your community, state and/or the country.

    Well Pilot, I hope I've provided some clarity on the situation. Talk to you soon. 🙂

  • Yeah, that Page of Pentacles is really interesting. I told him awhile ago to do a background check on her.

    I hope that he is working with others on this. Because he will not be able to do this all by himself!!

    I will let you know what happens. Once again, Thank You for your support.

  • You're welcome, pilot. I hope it works out. 🙂

  • hi espearite,

    you did a reading for me and him 3 months ago...where do you see our situation now..

  • Past - Page of Cups reversed. In the past, you made the dreams you had built up over a time period a reality. This speaks to me of someone who put their ideas into actions, perhaps in your own love life. I think it matches you pretty well. I think you are assertive when it comes to love.

    Present - The Lovers reversed. I am seeing problems still with the person in question. Arguments, most likely. At the least, he has or has not made a choice of what he wants, one you may not agree with. Also this gives me a cold shoulder type of attitude he might have towards you. The energy isn't favorable at this time for progress.

    Future - Queen of Pentacles reversed. I am either seeing another woman or this could be you. This is someone who has forgotten how to set priorities and instead has no responsibility to herself. As a result, her source of security suffers. She is usually someone who can hold the fort and manage daily life. However, reversed, she does not understand the responsibility being asked of her, perhaps being asked of yourself in the situation. If you look to card one, you can see the difference. This is a woman who can usually master the details of a situation.

    Overall, I believe you must try and stop going back to the person you were in this situation. I know you aren't the type to daydream but you must learn to see the reality of the situation and what you will be getting into, what it is requiring. Sometimes we don't always see this and when we cannot make the energy work for us, we don't understand and feel powerless. You are not powerless, you only need to understand the situation to see what you can do with it.

    I hope that has helped provide some clarity on the situation, drgaganni. I hope things work out for you.

  • ur r right, very very precise.

    in the past , i made a choice to be with him and was leading my love assertive, aggressive always take leads

    the present, he has made a choice trhat he just wants to be my friend and i dont agree with it, we had arguments over it, and we havent talked since a month.

    right now , im bringing back the focus to myself, and keeping myself as my priority.

    i need to ask u, does he think of me while we r not on talking terms now? how does he feel? whats in his heart ? why didnt he commit? is there any hope? or i move on?

  • Hey Ms. Gaganni, will get to your questions in a little while. I have been taking a little break.

  • Your reading is as follows....

    1. His Thoughts - King of Swords reversed. Right now I am seeing a confused person. His judgment and insight are not reliable. I am not sure if this is due more to the outside influences around him. It feels more like when it comes to making decisions, it's difficult for him. It's as though he doesn't, or is not ready to understand what it is he wants out of life. As in the previous readings, I get a meandering type of personality. The outside influences around him, from both sides, can leave him in a state of feeling more indecisive.

    2. His Feelings - The Lovers reversed. Even though he is confused, he has made a decision that is true to his feelings about your relationship at present. He is easily distracted and I think he has made the decision not only based on the need for thought, but one that might mean he is leaning toward another romantic relationship. It is a card that tells me he may no longer see you as someone he is wanting to return to. I get the feeling he is in the process of wishing to move away from the relationship.

    3. Why He Didn't Comit - Queen of Wands. I am not sure what this court represents - but it is one that describes a woman who is either has romantic feelings for him or one that supports and encourages him. I don't want to confuse you, but these are qualities that may indicate he might be seeking a mother type figure in his life. I know you are older than he is, but perhaps that may be the reason he has not committed as you mentioned. I am not sure in what way this card has stopped him from committing, but I get the strong feeling that this may indicate yourself in the reading.

    4. Outlook at present - 6 of Swords. The emphasis now is on moving forward to better shores. There is an element here of deep study, whether you are trying to look for solutions to your own life with this situation, or work related study/issues. It is a very cerebral card, one that requires all your concentration. My advice is to use this energy where it will benefit you the most. I feel you are on the right course of taking care of your own needs, at least, for now.

    I hope this has provided some insight into your situation, drgaganni. I wish you well on your journey.

  • thank yo esperarite, yo are entirely true....

    he has made the decision based on his feeling now for me which is friendship..yes he is inclined towards other relationship/s now, but they are with men. that has made my situation even complex. he tells me he wants to move away because even if he says yes for my sake, his sexuality has changed now.....and he won't do justice to me.

    as for me, i try my best to find someone and get married, but my heart stops me and tells me i am doing wrong when i love him and always will.

    i tried convincing him to be married to me and maintained other things o the side but he never agrees, also he might have other reasons like i get insecure and needy sometimes when i visualize him with other men or even a girl if his family forces him to marry.they dont know of his sexuality.

  • I can see how things are different now between the two of you. I just wanted to say I have been where you are. It is difficult to let go and move forward. You are always worried about the other person and who they're going to end up with. It is very difficult to see out of this type of situation, but his sexuality is what he must deal with on his own. When you get caught up in trying to convince others to listen to you with no results, it is a very unhealthy cycle, especially if you stand there and let yourself watch their lives move away from your own. Don't torture yourself. You must look within yourself for happiness, not depend on others (a relationship) for it. What I mean is that you are the most reliable person who can make you fulfilled by what you chose to do. Do you want to be happy or do you want to spend your time unhappy? I've learned in the past 3 years that our time here is limited. We can die at any time. Tomorrow you could be no more, and instead, you spent your last years in something that has made you unhappy rather than happy. It has taken me years to understand this.

    I think God does not always give us what we want, and if he does, it is in a way that we never expected. Sometimes, things must happen before we can get to a place we truly feel we belong. My advice to you is that you have made the most out of the situation, now leave the rest up to God. Give the problem to him. Right now, he has you where he needs you. There is no rush and he is not taking his time. You are in the prefect place right now. You are on track. It has taken me 10 years to get over a past relationship, but since then I have met others. The same is possible for you. Just remember to let things happen, don't try to force them, because if you do, like someone said, "you are just going to make a mess of things." Let your relationships happen naturally. Don't try and convince others. There comes a time where we must surrender and release something with no expectations of what it will become. You aren't alone, drgaganni. I know how frustrating it can be. Eventually, life changes, we change, then we make our own changes. You will come to realize that being single does not have to be a lonely and unfortunate road. You must make the change with yourself and get unstuck. When you do find yourself with another, you might find yourself wondering where the time went and why you couldn't enjoy life more being single than before this person walked into your life.

    I hope this bit of counseling has helped you in your journey, drgaganni. I can understand your situation and I am here if you need to talk or ask questions.

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