Captain, could I please get some compatibility info?

  • Hello, i met this guy just recently, and I would like to know how compatible we are according to our charts.

    My birthday is June 19th, 1988

    Born in La Mesa,CA at 2:50 a.m.

    His birthday is May 11th, 1978

    Born in Seattle,WA and i do not know his birth time

    Any insight is greatly appreciated 🙂

  • This relationship focuses on larger realms, foreign lands, and philosophical or religious systems, to which it needs to apply independent thinking. It expands the higher mind. The problems lie in its handling of the mundane: you two are quite different in your needs, wants and styles, with your friend's high-spirited extroversion and your enchanting introversion making you an unlikely pair. Still, despite your friend being an earth sign and you being on the cusp of air/water, your relationship emphasizes fire, the element of intuition and initiation. If you spend your time together originating projects and pursuing dreams, allowing yourselves passion, excitement and challenge, your relationship will profit.

    Romantic love between you will be charming and seductive. Intimacy both at home (your contribution) and in nature (your friend's speciality) will allow meaningful sharing. Psychologically, each of you may have a lifelong secret wish that can only be satisfied by someone almost your opposite. As in so many fairy tales, you two may fall in love with a projection of your own deepest, often unrecognised, inner self.

    The differences between you become more pronounced in marriage or friendship when compromise becomes all-important. Your friend will have to understand your need for both privacy and intimacy, and to restrain himself from flooding the house with guests at all hours and from being away from home too much. You in turn may have to learn to be more sociable. Your exuberant friend may often tread on your tender toes. He may also read your introspection as rejection, making him prickly and nervous. Communication and explanation is vital here or many misunderstandings will arise. A happy love affair will not necessarily translate into a smooth longterm relationship without a lot of work and understanding on both sides.

  • Than you very much...I am hoping for the best with this one!

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