Need help finding missing jewelry

  • I recently went to put on a necklace & realized it wasn't where it should be. When I looked in the other spot I keep things, I discovered a bracelet missing also.

    I am thinking I wore them & took them off to do something, but cannot remember last wearing them or seeing them.

    The bracelet is from my mom, her brother gave it to her before he passed away, for her birthday. It means alot to me & I would like to find it. The necklace is pretty, but the bracelet has meaning.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!!!! I am constantly praying to St. Anthony, in every room I walk into & in the car.

  • Do you have a picture of the jewellery you can post or can you give a more detailed description?

  • I drew a tarot card that indicates you shoud go back to the beginning and search all over again, especially in places where you have changed clothing or washed/bathed. Sometimes in the heat of worry or fear we can overlook things that are right in front of us.

  • I'm looking for a picture of the items.......

    The bracelet was a gold double link charm bracelet with stamped flowers on it. They still make charm bracelets just like it, but use hearts instead of the flowers. Its from the early 70's, late 60's.

    The necklace was also gold, but from the 90's. It was a 20 inch flat weave style.

  • Did you put it in a piece of china, pottery or other round trinket box with a lid on it? Do you own something similar to this? Possibly at eye level and possibly behind a cabinet with glass doors on it.

  • I do have several of those types of things..... I will start looking again tomorrow. The loss of the bracelet & not having found it yet has been making me physically ill. I appreciate your time & suggestions

  • I also think it would help if I could remember what I was doing the last time I was wearing them. Maybe then I would know why or when I took them off. For some reason I seem to be blacking that out.

  • I am wearing the necklace in the picture. I do not have a clear enough pic of the actual bracelt, so I attatched the best I could find. My bracelet was the gold link, but it had flowers on it - like the ones in the silver picture. No hearts, just all flowers. Hope this might help?

  • Hello,

    I will try to assist you with finding your bracelet. The first impression I get is a rug. Do you have a rug in front of the area you kept the bracelet? The rug appears to have muliti colors in it. Is the bracelet mostly silver?

    I hope that this helps you to find your bracelet.

  • Checked one of my glass cabinets today, going to try the other 2 tomorrow.

    The bracelet is all 14k gold. I keep it in the kitchen, usually in a candy dish right on the counter or put into a jewelry roll in the pantry. I have several throw rugs in the kitchen, as I have bad knees & prefer to stand on them. Some are shades of green, others shades of burgandy & also a vineyard themed one.

    I have taken to wearing a silver link one, trying to jog my memory. But it has not helped yet.

  • Trying again to add the picture of the flowers that were on my gold bracelet.

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  • Still have had no luck finding my missing jewelry. I was sure I must have taken it off someplace odd, but no luck yet. Maybe someone did take it. Tried looking in every trinket box in all my cabinets & nearby rugs, but nothing. I'm truly heartbroken over this.

  • I see these images--first is a pocket--not a tight jean pocket but a loose deep pocket--next image is a man--not very tall--- handsome--dark hair--light skin. Sexy smile. Spirit is showing me something unusual about his hand--a mark or tatoo or maybe even a scar but something stands out about this man's hand. Something about the fingers. He smells good--dresses sharp. Says "baby" a lot. Likes to sing. Next image is a peach colored building. I see a small white dog. I'm not sure how this relates to your jewelry but took a chance anyway it will mean something.

  • I've had no luck finding my jewelry. I've started to believe it might have been stolen. But lately I've been having this nagging feeling like I'm on the verge of remembering where it is..... Do you think there is any chance of finding it after a year has gone by?


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