In need of advice or interpretation

  • I would love some advice about what has been going on. Several days ago I returned from a trip abroad. It was a place I wanted to go to for years. Now back home I am having trouble sleeping. I keep waking up in the middle of the night in a panic that I am in the wrong place. I look around and I don't recognize anything in my room. Now that slowly changes and I do see I am in my room. Thinking nothing of it I go back to sleep. But it has been happening every night. Is this just me missing where I was or is there something more to this? I would love any help on this and much thank you in advance.

  • Seeing as though you have resently returend home from a trip. I feel that you're lack of sleep and counfusition as to where you are is most likely just you're mind ajusting to being back home again. when you do sleep(if at all?) and if you rember any of you're dreams, are they of the place that you visited? and is that place somewhere that you have felt a conection to from a very early age far before ever visting there? I do not know if you beleave in past lives, but i get a feeling that you must have lived their in a previous life. When you were there did sroundings, sounds, smells seem fimular and possibly bring up emotions and/or memmories as if you have ben or seen that before?

    well i hope that helps.

    and it could be rong but it may also just be as simple as just you're body ajusting to the time diffrence from the place you visited and you're curent home.

    Love & Light and many blessings.


  • Oddly enough as it may seem to you when you got there it was almost like you had been there before. Possibly you are connected somehow to this place in a past life. You may have gotten very close to a place where you used to frequent. Somewhere in your soul you are still perhaps connected to this "old" place and that is why you are returning to it in the middle of the night! Where ever you went and where you stayed was of very important significance in your past life.

    You don't believe totally however in past lives, this may be enough to convince you or question them. Somehow to I get its not only a visual thing but a sense of smell.

    Hope this helps.

    God bless.

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