TheCaptain... :0) help again pls*big Hug*

  • Hi TheCaptain...i have no idea why i feel so comfortable with asking for your help..I guess I truly like your honesty..i was wondering if you could help me on this situation that I am having abiut my love life...okay so I am in a relationship him(3/4/72) at first everything was great but now I am a bit confused this man can not trust me...I have been so true to him so fo him not to trust me I feel why am I in this relationship..we fight over things he conjures up in his mind and swears he is right..calls me a liar and when we argue he will even go as far to say I hate u...I mean I am a grown lady I should not have to deal with this..jealous over other men again conjuring...never cheated on him..when I think about it when we first met I had a male friend(6/21/78) whom we were suppose to go on a cruise together oh btw I thought this man was the one till I met my boyfriend now...ran into him and after that this man (my boyfriend) has been real foggy thinking...oh please I need help bad..I feel like I want out but just so confused..he says he loves me and wants to get married but come on I can not marry a man acting like this...I am a leo I love to shine(7/24/79) you see any hope for my love life??????

    sorry to bug u just need help bad.....

    many blessing......and thanks for listening oops reading lol

  • Your BF is a bit of a loner, MOONRAIZ, it takes him some time to get used to being with someone and he will still like being on his own a lot even if you marry. Also, it's not just you he mistrusts - past experience has led him to mistrust everyone. Even now, he expects you to up and leave him at any moment. So it requires a lot of time to pass before he trusts someone. He is very sensitive and easily hurt so be careful not to accidentally bruise his feelings as sometimes you can be a little over-exuberant and playful and he might take things the wrong way. You two do need to talk over this and any other problems that arise rather than hoping they will go away by themselves.

  • I SOOOOO LUV U truly are great...thanks for taking the time to read and answer my post...Yes you are correct he has been thru alot..he has been on both sides of the table cheating on women and playing the field had his heart broken once (me over and over again stayed with a broken heart) so now he wants a real relationship and i think deep down he feels he does not deserve it... yes we have talked about this among other things..but this just leaves me plain flat out confused....thanks again many blessings

  • In this case where trust is so low on both sides, only time will prove that you two can be true to each other.

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