• Hi to anyone who would like to help.

    I need direction career wise. I've had many interests and have attempted to pursue them but never had much success. My DOB is March 12, 1980.

    Warm regards,


  • Have you ever pursued, working as a nurse

    doctor, with elderly folks, ect ?

  • Please excuse this temporary hijack! LOL


    Wanted to say its good to 'see' you on. Hope things are going great 4 U!


  • Thank You, Many Blessings.

  • hi addictdtoriches,

    i'm currently working with elderly seniors. however, i dont feel that i'm truly successful in this field. Too many things have gone wrong with me in this field just like with other career choices i've made. So i'm still at a complete lost. thank you for answering my thread. Truly appreciate it a lot.

    And ragbag, it's ok dont worry, no harm done 😃

    Warm Regards,


  • MokaQueen

    Perhaps another facility ? You have a natural gift and connection to the elderly i feel

    but I also feel you want to live a little more and not alng with the same routines

    this dosent bring you much excitement here ANYMORE.

    Ask yourself what do you want....

  • Dear addictdtoriches,

    I'm not really sure what i want anymore. I feel like i've failed every avenue of career choices i've attempted, especially the one i'm in now working with elderly. It's left my family and I in a terrible financial position, which is why i need some career insight so that I can help my family get back on it's feet. I'm not very good with sciences, so I don't know how I could become a nurse or a doctor.

    Thank you for the insight.

    Warm Regards,


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