How to learn astrology

  • I am very much interested in learning the basics of astrology. Can anyone help me with materials or sites for learning astrology?

  • A clear and basic book to try: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology. (Actually, I even find the Complete Idiot Guides helpful for topics I am rather familiar with.)

    Also, there are quite a few articles you can read on this website about the subject.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi mindconfused!

    I would recommend the series of books written by Marion d. March and Joan McEvers, They are called "The only way to learn Astrology" They cost on average 13-17 dollars per volume,new they may be out of print now since I was buying them in 1995. You could try finding them at a local used book store,or try I hope this helps.

  • thanks to both of you. i'll follow the books you referred to. i heard there are software and some tools that help learning astrology. i do not understand how softwares can help in learning astrology principles. are they fake then?

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