Look like some different takes the reading I did.

  • Hi everyone, I hope you all find this at the very least to be an interesting one.

    I used the tarot to assist me in understanding a very awkward situation that I find myself in. There is a person at work that I am very fond of and I'm pretty sure the feeling is very mutual. There always seems to be a very powerful emotional/psychological attraction occurring when ever we are working together; this attraction seems to be increasing as time goes on. The problem is she is currently in a relationship but that relationship doesn't seem to be going well. Naturally the question I asked was is there any possibility of love between us.

    I hope you can help me interpret the cards as I'm having some difficulty. Sometimes you only see what you want to see and its hard to be subjective. I used a Celtic Cross Spread with no reversals. I used a Manga Tarot Riccardo Minetti deck as its one of my favorites.

    1. The present: The Lovers. I think this card indicates the powerful attraction that I feel now and the making of a connection.

    2. Immediate challenge: The Priest (The Magician). I feel is about the need to understand the situation fully and why action is felt to be needed; in a think before you act kind of way. I also feel it indicates the unwavering desire to make whats possible real but it also warns of the risks of being mislead or deceived.

    3. Distant Past: 9 of Cups. A feeling of inner fulfillment and contentment. In terms of this reading I feel it indicates that i no longer feel this way and hope that the current situation will provide it again or indeed something better than before.

    4. Recent Past: 5 of Wands. I feel this is about being recognized and finding an opportunity mostly by chance. This could indicate the first time this situation started to develop and came to be.

    5. Best outcome: 3 of Swords. A broken heart but whose I cant be sure. This confused me a little so a draw two additional cards to assist in its interpretation: The Wheel and the Ace of Wands. I feel the wheel means that its all down to fate and wont know until it happens. The ace of wands tells me that I will probably be so intrigued to the point where I will be encouraged to find out regardless of the risk.

    6. Immediate Future: 2 of swords. I feel this card points at the hiding of true feelings and a hesitation to take action. I feel it means that the situation wont be making a turning point any time soon.

    7. Factors or inner feelings affecting the situation: King of Swords. This may indicate positive and attractive attributes that I already possess such as wisdom and a calm reserve. I also feel it serves as a reminder that matters of the heart can always cloud ones judgment and that I should be prepared for that.

    8. External influences: Prince of wands. A sense of try to move things along more quickly then they should could prove to be impracticable but also unavoidable. Alternatively or in conjunction it may suggest enhanced creativity and great ideas being put in to action.

    9. Hopes and Fears: 6 of Swords. Conflict between what the right and wrong move would be and the risk of making a mistake. Fear of what action might mean and fear of what might happen no action is taken. It could also indicate a more physical movement to a change of location which I have been considering for sometime now: moving home.

    10. Final outcome: 10 of cups. Good fortune, love, peace and harmony. A feeling of happiness. Read in-conjunction with the best outcome card 3 of swords it could mean that something good can eventually be obtain from a negative turn of events; whatever that might be, possibly not the final outcome I had hoped for but who knows, fate is a strange thing after all.

    Many thanks in advance for reading my post. Your own individual thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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