Help interpret please!!

  • I'd like help interpreting a personal reading i recieved. Im not really trained in the tarot and your help would be greatly appreciated. I recieved a 3 card reading from the marseille tarot and the cards were (from left to right) 1. the chariot 2. the bateleur 3. the lovers.....i understand what each card means individually but i'd like a full explanation. To all those that help, thanx so much 🙂

  • It would help greatly if we knew what position each card was in, or rather what each position means or signifies. Past, Present, Future? If you could shed some light on this, we'd be in a better position to help you interpret.

    You certainly pulled some VERY strong cards.

    Think of the spread as a portrait of yourself or a reflection in a mirror. Then take the individual meanings of the cards and weave them together to tell a story. This is YOUR story. OWN IT!

    And how quaint that your reading was from the Marseilles deck, a deck not often used these days.

    Does this give you a little insight? Hope so.


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