Cancer man are very confusing....

  • Cancer man and scorpio woman have been having a rough month due to me being very honest about our relationship due to me coming out of one 5 mths ago> Not trylu ready for a serious one yet, but cancer man I met 3 mths ago has been great and I think im falling for him , we had out argumeents about me not being ready but we alwaysncame back to eachother, and i was always honest about me dating others.. we have been talking again 4 weeks ago but it hasnt been the same, and I want him to be the same with me.. I know we missed eachother and thats why we tetx still back and forth but lastnite i drunk text him, i wish u all the best, take care out of nowhere, when i got home , he called me right away. we talked when i was drunk, and i told him I went to a psychic and she told me things and i wnay u to be honest, and he was not to happy about the psychic, but he was honest to me about something, hes talking to another girl, and it hurt me, hes like but shes pushing for a relationship and i dont like to be pushed and pressured, i was sad , so i said i have to go and ill be here as a friend for u. he got mad and aggitated to and said fine i appreciate that goodnite.. Then after i called he picked up and i told him ill never be here for u dont ever call or text and he hung up in my face. I DONT THINK HE WANTED TO HEAR THAT... I dont know what to do i like him and he was honest only because probably he didnt know where he was going with me, and did what he had to do...we text back and forth and he said im taking this outta context, and im completely wrong about the situation and taking everything wrong, but im too stubborn to realize so goodnite.. I NEED ADVICE IN WHAT TO DO WITH THIS MAN ! WHAT DO U THINK HE HAS FOR ME, OR IF HE HAS FEELINGS FOR ME..I woke up this morning with a text from him, i hope your feeling better, and i hope u have a good day, all i sent back was have a good day too..Help me with anything i should do..thankyou

  • Hi-

    Let me tell you what happened with me & my cancer man.... I am a LEO woman and I met this cancer man... we started 'dating' so to speak, but I (being the leo that I am, and due to my insecurities) needed to know where I stood NOW !!! So... needless to say I think I was probably a wee bit overbearing.... he assured me all was ok, even though I sensed it wasn't. He went away on vacation. We were in communication a few times when he was away, and when he came back he said 'how about we just be friends for now?' I was crushed... but, I did play my part in it. I was very upset for the past week and then just this morning he contacted me... Cancer men take things slowly... they think things through... and it takes forever sometimes... if he is talking to anothe girl- I would be upset as well, however they ALWAYS need positive reassurance, seek/crave attention and love. I can't tell you what he feels for you, I can only tell you NOT to do what I did.... freak out. I had numerous scenarios playing out in my head and honestly, I can't confirm or deny any of them... however, if you have a GUT feeling that something is wrong,,,follow your heart... I hope this helped you somewhat. Good luck! Let me know how it works out for you...

  • Dating others and expecting him not to do the same is unequivocally hypocritical. He obviously likes you, otherwise he wouldn't even bother to maintain correspondence or open up to you/come clean about the other girl, but you can't go around seeing other people and not expect the same in kind. Personally, I would be outraged by such a notion and very hurt by the tone you struck on the phone. I don't think the situation is impossible, however, if he does indeed like you (it is very difficult for a cancer to let go of their feelings for someone after they've taken root). If it were me, you would have to reel me back in with kindness, and it would take alot of coaxing and some time for me to feel comfortable with you again. I would expect him to be defensive at first, and I would try not to be pushy or forceful.

    not trying to be rude, just frank

    I hope this helps

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