Is there a way to know who i am!

  • Well i just wanted to know,if there is a way to find the answers to myself,the person im truly is,to start off i dont remember to much of my childhood just dream type,are they real or just dreams..second i could never understand why animals are sometimes drawn o me,like this lady and her huge dog,his name was max but every time he saw me he had to come and give me this kisses lol,the first time he did that the owner look at me with this shock look and said unbelievable,please dont take this the wrong way but my dog always gets mean and bark at every black person that he see,but with you its like he knows you for years,alot more story about animals but maybe later.And with children they stop and stare with this big smile and wave,i do the same and its more then just once,i get a kick out of it sometimes cause the parents always have this look like i dont understand why she so into waving hi at this stranger...and my whole life people made me feel like i was different,even my own family i felt i was in the way of their happy little make this long story short,i look all my life for answers but really never got the answers i was really looking for!!!

  • good luck

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