Cancer & Virgo ?

  • I've been on a dating site for about a month now and I cannot believe all of the Virgo's that have been hitting on me lately. Yes they all live in LA. I've talked with one guy who is not even on the site but another one which I don't even consider a dating site. He messaged me and of course I responded back. OMG It turns out he's a Virgo.

    Also I have noticed that in the last year I have met so many men by the name of Mike. I actually met three of them in ONE night.

    This just is so weird to me.

    I guess what I'm wanting to know is what's up with the Virgo thing and Mike's LOL

  • Hi, Well, you haven't really mentioned anything Earth shattering yet. I know a lot of Virgo's. This has been a beneficial sign for me. Virgo is an Earth sign. The Virgo's I know are very talented. Virgo is also the sign of the bachelor--so remember that! I love the name Michael. Anyway, Virgo can be a very helpful sign indeed. They do come w/quirks (who doesn't.) Take your time in getting to know anybody.

  • Thank you. I'll keep that in mind about the bachelor thing. It's just been so weird for me as my whole life I've never had a Virgo even come close to wanting to date. I guess it's just one of those times where they are thrown into your life. I acutally met a Virgo last night and of course he mentioned he's not looking for a realtionship again. LOL And needless to say I'm not looking for any one night stands either.... I've read some things on Michael and was almost wondering if that isn't the name of my spirit guide.

  • Hi again, Could be (spirit guide.) Look up St. Michael the Archangel on the internet. St. Michael is a guardian and protector!--How wonderful! You know, this may sound strange, but it's quite possible (if there's mutual interests) to be friends w/a Virgo. And believe me, these people have a lot of interests and are usually quite smart.

  • The guy that I'm really wanting to meet that is a Virgo seems to be very intelligent not to mention romantic. He works on an Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Just lost his wife of 25 yrs a couple of years ago as I have lost my husband of 22 yrs a couple of years ago. So far we seem to hit it off pretty good. He's constantly making me laugh one way or another which has totally made my life a whole lot better than it has in the last 2 yrs. He's 10 yrs younger but for some reason I have not let the age thing bother me anymore. LOL I have never dated anyone younger than me, I have always wanted men to be at least 8 yrs older than me. So it's quite an experience to even think of a man younger than me wanting to even be interested in me. I'm slowly learning!!!

    Thanks so much for writing back to me. You're an Angel!

  • I want to share that as a Cancer who was married for 21 years and then divorced that I met a Virgo who was married for 22 years and then divorced. He is also younger, only by 4 years but I never wanted to be with a younger man, but now, probably because of life experiences it really doesn't matter. We dated for 3 years and have been married for almost 3 years now. I never had dated a Virgo before, but my father and sister are Virgos, both who I love, but would have very opinionated arguements with. So my wish for you is that you find enough common ground and understanding between the two of you and that you find your happiness.

  • I was married to a virgo for 15 years until we divorced....I'm a gemini. My ex was having an affair with a cancer girl and they have since married (4 years now). I remarried too, to a Leo who seems to suit my personality! I think you'll find that cancer & virgo are compatible....cancer have more patience with virgo and tend to compliment each other well. Good luck for the future & all the best.

  • Thanks for the comments seashel, and rnrchick. I've never been around a Virgo that I even know of. So here's hoping...... at least I can see that we could be compatiable.

  • Girls I am here. And there is something to be said about living to be 60. Oh yes go for the younger man when you get older. When you hit 40 believe me someone your age and old can't not keep up with you.LOL I had two husbands that were both about 8 yrs younger. And Please I shouldn't tell you but I married two Michaels (those younger ones.) But I don't walk away from Michaels I flat out run in the other direction. And to top it off one has the same birthday as my brother who is a Michael. Now those two can't hold a job. And they like older women to take care of them. My brother is 5 yrs. younger than me and his wife is about ten years or so older than me. So I do have some signs that I know I would have problems getting along with. Like I won't pick Aries or Virgo. And there are some others I am not sure of. But I have been a people watcher all of my life and I watch. And if you watch long enough you don't really have to read astrology because you can see certain things that a particular sign has. Like a lot of my cancer friends are sleep deprived. They stay up late and need to sleep in. And Leo men make better mom's than the Leo woman. The men are so paternal and the women are happy making the living and bringing home the bacon. Just like the animals. Cancer's will give you the shirt off their back but are very opionated. Virgo are perfectionist. Libras sometimes can't make a decission for themselves but they can sure help you make one for yourself. Me included. Sag. are kids at heart and never want to grow up. Gemini's are great workers and sometimes will work more than one job. But they are always ready to go go go. This just from watching my friends over the years. Aquarius don't like to make waves. They don't stand up for themselves but will stand up for someone else. Although when they get older they finally start to draw the line. That's a good thing.

  • Well, I don't know about the Mike guys, but Here is what I find with Virgo Men. Virgo men come on strong!....and if not 100% attracted on the first date "Boom", they are gone. They have a lot of toys. And they love being on the go. One guy sent me flowers on a online dating site and asked me out to lunch, and I haven't heard from him since!....I think I will stay away from Virgos....we just do not mix,maybe that is why there are so many on line? Go figure!

  • LibrasLair - interesting what you say about Leo women - my sister is a Leo and she is definitely the breadwinner in her house! I agree with you about all your observations too...including the younger man! My husband is 3 years younger than me but my ex was 5 years older than me!

    katie1014 - my ex hubby was a virgo (not called Mike though! )- he and I didn't mix after the initial attraction either....!!

  • ROFL OMG how funny. Well I guess if I ever meet the Virgo I'm wanting to meet I will have lots of toys to play with too!!! I can't see him being much on the go since he's out on an Oil Rig but if he is on the go when he gets home and I get to be a part of it then that's great for me too. I've been too cooped up for too long and constantly doing things with just my daughter and her boyfriend is getting boring. And if it doesn't turn out for us well then hopefully I will have had a good time.

  • I am a Cancer and was married to a Virgo for 14 years and I should have known that he couldn't be faithful because he had a problem with it with his first marriage. However, the cancer - virgo match is a good one. He always woke up in a good mood, he was funny, talented (musician), hard working, did have lots of toys, was passionate, but he also could be very critical to the point of cruel, arrogant, not-faithful, or trustworthy, selfish. He would sulk if he didn't get his way. He would feel bad after each affair and he would try hard to not do it again, but he would always give in if some woman showed him attention. I also found though, that each of the woman he fooled around with were woman who were really pushy with him or that is pushed themselves on him, and he would eventually go for it.

  • and one other thing, we had an extremely great friendship. We could talk about anything. Even when we were trying to work out issues with his affair. We could truly talk. The love was their but their was a true friendship there as well.

  • am a Virgo and am dating a cancer guy, it was good but imagine he asked me to move in with him on to change his mind a week before I was to go to his place. He is a good guy but I am still mad with him and having second thoughts. what would you do

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