Trouble with a girl

  • there's this girl i had trouble with about year back shes one of the best kick boxers where i live, i no she don't like me but now hes starting up the trouble again, she's saying she is going to fight me when she see's but im just wondering what i can do about this situation she only lives up the road from me so if i see her and she goes for me, do i have any chance in winning?

  • AngelGirll,

    what i can do about this situation: you can disappoint her. Advance will meet with opposition; remaining in place will meet with praise.

    do i have any chance in winning? no.

    Disappoint her with silence. The silence I'm talking about is not some acquirement

    or achievement. It is a discovery. It is already within

    you -- just the mind has to be quiet so that you can

    hear the music of silence that surrounds your whole

    being, so that you can smell the fragrance of your

    being itself. And once you have known it, then you can

    repeat it as many times in the day as you like,

    whenever you have time. Even sitting in a train or in a

    bus, you can just close your eyes and move inwards. It

    is only a question of taking the first step, then

    everything else becomes easy. But remember to be


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