New here

  • How do I get a reading done? My first time here and very anxious to hear what you have to say. Anyone? I"m a female capricorn 1/17/59

  • hi, i am also new here. and i am also looking for a free reading. confused about whom to approach. can anyone help?

  • My suggestion to both of you would be to really check out this forum and make a note of who the major readers are and what people are saying about them.

    Then set your agenda re: a reading and approach one of them humbly and honestly.

    There are many good readers here who do it constantly. Just search and find the one(s) you resonate with.

    Peace to both of you and remember, seek and ye shall find.

    And I am here as your friend and someone you can approach about anything that happens to be on your minds.

  • Your soul and personality card are one in the same (most people have two; one for each). It is the sixth Trump of the Major Arcana and it is called The Lovers.

    You would do well to begin your exploration by getting ahold of this card and studying it, meditate with it, research its history, sleep with it under your pillow and record any dreams you might have.

    Keep it with you for awhile. Study the image in the deck that speaks to you and see what it has to tell you about yourself.

    This is who you are regardless of incarnation. You wear no mask. You have always been The Lovers VI and you always will be. Make friends with this card. It is your mighty fortress.


  • thanks a lot. i'll try what you suggest.

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