What now Hans?

  • Hans I hope all is well with you. ''I am'' now thanks to E. Tolle. But I don't know what to do next with this? He warned of this happening but I did not expect this much. I'm in the moment most of the time now; however remaining there is difficult sometimes with all these ego's around me pushing my ego to react. My ego and I are confused about everything else now; I don't see people the same way, everything is less important now, and people are kind of wondering what has happened to me because my interests are not the same anymore, their problems and their ego's seem to matter less. I'm at a loss as to what to do now with my life because nothing seems to matter anymore because ''I am'' makes striving for fame or fortune seem irrelivant to me Now, as does the sense of belonging to groups seems so pointless.... Can you help guide me in this a bit or recommend someone's teachings or something...i've read Eck.T. and D. C.'s books but i'm needing more understanding and I don't know where to go from here. I would appreciate some insight if you have any to offer on the subject.

  • Forjo,

    I don't know what to do next with this? Go on a journey with your heart.

    Can you help guide me in this a bit or recommend someone's teachings or something: I recommend you Osho´s teachings, all his books, but for you now especially "From Bondage to Freedom" (A deeply moving account of a rare and provocative experiment in human growth, these are Osho’s last discourses given in the USA).

    but i'm needing more understanding: you are disappointed because you are becoming more disillusioned.

    and I don't know where to go from here: first you have to deal with your situation throwing light on it.

    I would appreciate some insight if you have any to offer on the subject: you are identified with your emotions closing your heart and thereby feeling frustrated.

    There are two ways: you can live

    naturally or you can live unnaturally.

    When I say you can live naturally, I mean you can

    live without improving upon yourself in any way. You can

    live in trust -- that's what nature is. You can live in

    spontaneity. You can live without being a doer. You can

    live in inaction, what Taoists call WEI-WU-WEI --

    action through inaction.

    Nature means you are not to do anything; it is

    already happening. The rivers are flowing -- not that

    they are doing something. And the trees are growing --

    not that they have to worry about it, not that they

    have to consult any guide for it. The trees are

    blooming -- not that they have to think and plan about

    the flowers, of what colour, of what shape. It is all


    The tree is blooming in a thousand flowers without a

    single worry, without a single thought, without a

    single projection, without any blueprint. It is simply

    blooming! Just as fire is hot, the tree grows. It is

    natural. It is in the very nature of things. The seed

    becomes the sprout, and the sprout becomes the plant,

    and the plant becomes the tree, and the tree one day is

    full of foliage, and then another day buds have started

    appearing and the flowering and the fruits... and all

    is simply happening!

    The child growing in the mother's womb is not doing

    anything. He is in WU-WEI. But it is not that nothing

    is happening. In fact, so much is happening that never

    again in life will so much ever happen. Those nine

    months in the mother's womb contain so much happening

    that if you live ninety years that much happening won't

    be contained by you.

    Millions of things are happening. The child is

    conceived only as an invisible cell, and then things

    start happening, things start exploding. The child is

    not sitting there in that small cell like a little

    small man and thinking and planning and worrying, and

    suffering from insomnia. There is nobody!

    To understand this is to understand Tao -- that

    things can happen without your ever being worried about

    them. Things have always already been happening. And

    even when you become a doer, you become a doer only on

    the surface. Deep down, things go on happening.

  • Thank you so much Hans, you were very helpful; more than you'll ever know. It is deeply appreciated on my part.

    I found many free sample audiobooks downloadable for free as well for others here if anyone else is interested. His audio book teachings are pretty inexpensive on Osho.com as well.

  • Forjo,

    you can also find Osho in many videos on the internet, especially on youtube. Osho International has here its own channel (youtube.com/user/OSHOInternational).

    It happened that one insomniac was delighted when his

    doctor gave him such an inexpensive prescription for

    getting to sleep.

    "One apple before bedtime," said the doc.

    "Wonderful!" the patient started to leave.

    "Wait, that's not all." cautioned the doctor. "It

    must be eaten in a certain way." The insomniac paused

    to listen to the rest of the prescription. "Cut the

    apple in half," said the doctor. "Eat one half, then

    put on your coat and hat and go out and walk three

    miles. When you return home eat the other half."

    No shortcuts exist. Don't be befooled by shortcuts:

    life knows no shortcuts. It is a long way, and the long

    way has a certain meaning, because only in that long

    awaiting do you grow, and you grow gracefully.

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