Help finding my missing cat please!!!

  • daisyfairy

    I feel really really glad for you.This is the best thing I have read today.Give Tinky a head rub,and lots of cream and tlc from my side!

    Hugs to you both

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks Elaine for the update,,yippie,

    miss daisyfairy, you must be so full of joy right now,

    i can't wait to hear what kitty has been up

    Hugs sheila

  • Overjoyed for you and Tink!


    Peace at last for you both!

  • what great news!! so happy for you!

  • SO happy! if she was thin that means she was far away and had to travel back---someone must have had her at first but as you know cats decide where they live! Not sure why got Monday--went back again on Monday to ask Spirit again and still got the word Monday! So was hoping the following Monday---I still felt it would be soon. Wish Tink could talk! Bet it was an adventure--maybe she got loose from her captors on Monday and it took her days to return.! I think it is a wonderful message to celebrate the lucky cat on Friday the thirteenth! Blessings!

  • Overjoyed and excited that Tink came back!

    Indeed to I have to wonder about Monday, got me! I am not even going to ask, I am just going to accept it and be thankful she is back.

    Best I can say is ditto to what blmoon said!

  • On another thought that just came to me.

    I have to wonder if someone that may have been her caretaker while she was away won't show up at your doorstep on a Monday telling you of her adventures!

    Just a thought!

  • endless1987

    I thought of that too! It does get my curiosity going when I get a strong word repeated then no reason comes but then have to let it go---I have also had it turn out that the word I got ends up being for another question or even for myself! Who knows. There is something I am waiting on and if it turns up Monday I will be laughing! I hear there are pet psychics who excell at animal communication--maybe someone will pop up and tell us Tinks adventure. Cats are very sensitive to death around them and I have heard they are known to disapear for a bit when death is near. On the other hand cats do not usually go hungry long. They go where the food is! I once had a cat for years and found out accidently from distant neighbors that at least three other people were feeding him and considered him their cat as well! He came home mostly everynight but did wander as males will do--just thought he was out doing what cats do. One of the other feeders was an old man who said my cat showed up everyday when his meals on wheels came and he enjoyed the company and shared his food with him. Another lady set a bowl out everyday for him!

  • Im just so happy shes back!

    Shes much happier in herself than before she left and is enjoying all the home comforts!

    I'll let you all know if someone turns up on my doorstep tomorrow! lol

    And I would love to hear from a pet psychic and see where her adventures took her!! 😄

  • That's awesome! I'm so glad you didn't have to deal w/ another loss so soon. I just lost my beloved Jyuri of 17 years really threw a hammer into my sails....My other kitty is very confused walking around yowling looking for him. I'm so happy for you!!!


  • Thank you Pfree! When we lost Turbo, Tinks was like that and the vet gave us something for her (an anti depressant type thing) we didnt use it but i wonder if we had would she have stayed around and coped better with the loss. She also suggested a homeopathic remedy for her... I cant remember the name of either but I can find out if you're interested!

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