Help finding my missing cat please!!!

  • Hello Daisyfairy,

    I'm psychic and I have not done alot of missing animals readings. I will try to assist you with this lost kitty. Is she black and white or was this the kitty that passed? Are there any large rocks near by as I feel she sleeps there at night. She misses the other cat and may be looking for him. She may go to the places that the other cat went to if allowed outside. I sense a man trying to help her or pick her up. The man is older and has a cane, nicely dressed. She will either find her way back or she will find herself another home. Hope this helps you.

  • I tried giving it a look--days ago kept seeing a lifeless cat and feeling it ate something bad---so didn't respond because wasn't sure if it was the missing cat or the other that passed--just knew it was dark colored. Now, I've looked at the picture asking for a message but all I get is the word Monday. So not sure if it means you will get an answer on Monday or that I should ask again on Monday. I tried! Will look again if no word by Monday. But I really get a feeling you will find out something soon without any help from us. Blessings.

  • Thank you for trying Shuabby and blmoon!

    Shuabby, she is black and white but with alot of ginger, a tortoiseshell colour on top and white underbelly.. its funny you say a place with large rocks as a friend thought she saw her somewhere similiar last night, even though its a long way from where we live.. we have been out calling there with no response but we are going back later in the night when it was dark as she was spotted about 230am. Hopefully if someone is trying to help her she still has her collar and tag or they check her for microchip because she'll definitely get home then!

    Blmoon, Im hoping the cat you saw isnt poor tinky although i hate to think of any poor creature dying like that. She is dark but with alot of white underneath so hopefully not! I will let you know if I hear anything by Monday.. fingers crossed!

    Thank you both again for trying, it really is very appreciated!!


  • Daisy

    I work by my feelings and sometimes visual.

    I agree with Blmoon it is hard to pick up on who is who because they both have been so strong around you but I do agree Monday is the day either way you will find out.

    I do also feel kitty feels peaceful regardless of whether she is still with us or on the other side.

    Your in my prayers!

  • I also feel she has passed on.

  • But I do feel you taking on another feline friend.

  • Thank you all for your messages. Hopefully tomorrow will reveal what has happened to her! As you can imagine I hope with all my heart she is still alive and comes home but if she has passed I do hope we find her and can bring her home and put her next to Turbo.

    Im going to post one more picture of Tinkerbell and Turbo together! Turbo is the big grey cat and Tinks is the little dark one! 🙂

  • Still no sign! 😞 Really missing her now! Just wish I knew where she was and could bring her home! 😞

  • I hope so to daisy the day is not over, i guess it really depends what part of the world we live in...Hang in there and keep the faith.

    Hugs sheila

  • Shatz,

    Well said!

    Here I am in North Carolina, USA and you gotta wonder where everyone is at!


    Keep your chin up!

    Hugs to both!

  • Thanks guys.. getting harder to believe shes coming back! I guess I thought they'd both always be with me here but thats life unfortunately!

  • daisyfairy,

    just wanted to share this with you. you know how i asked you if it was the cat that had turned up at mine(in australia-so no possibilty).. well i have been thinking that this cat probably had a home elsewhere before too, but left. the reasons i dont know. did you mention that your other cat turbo passed on? when an animal loses its mate it can be very stressful, animals feel loss too. the other day at the vet i was talking about the cat that has been at my place and vet said that cats often have a few homes it is not uncommon. so, what i am saying is that, firstly i am sorry that she hasnt come back to you at this stage, but it may help you to picture her sitting with a full belly somewhere warm. cats are very resilient so have faith that she is ok no matter what. it is upsetting losing those we love , i miss my dog who passed away six years ago very much. think about him all the time. he had a good life and lots of fun and freedom.and cuddles!

  • Hi Daisy, I just wanted to pop in and I was hoping you found your cat...I got my answer.

    Oh gosh I really don't know what to say...I'm really sorry

    I'm still praying with you though.

    Hugs to you.


  • Hi Daisy,

    I really feel like your cat is alive. She is with a woman or a woman is feeding her. Not to far from the rocks that I spoke of in my first reading. There is also a man that comes in an older gentleman whom may be connected to the woman.The cat does not like to be touched or carried is what I'm feeling. Tinker is a bit confused as to where the other cat went to, the one that passed on. She may find her way back if she choose's to do so, or she will find a new home and master. I know you have a chip in her, but sometimes people do not respond to that if they want to keep a cat that they believe is a stray. Since she is such a beauty this may be the case, that someone wants to keep her. She will have a good home as I feel that this woman has a good heart and will take care of Tinker well. Sorry to tell you this dear but give what I get and the number 5 comes in as a number of the dwelling that Tinker is in or goes to.Sometimes when we let or pets go out they will find another home to call their own.

  • Hey Daisy,

    Just checking in sorry we were off as far as this Monday was concerned!

    Still keeping you in the prayers!

  • Hey,

    Im feeling much more positive today after reading all your kind messages!

    Stranger - thank you for your kind words - I know she was very down after Turbos death but we thought she would eventually move on. We have a new kitten (since about 6 weeks before turbo passed, he's adorable) and she was getting on very well with him and thought that maybe that might help with her feelings of loss. I do know she probably has a few homes, even our neighbour used to cook sausages for them both every morning! And it does help to know she is probably being well looked after.

    Shatz - Thank you for your prayers! Hugs!

    Shuabby - I really do think it is Tinkerbell you are seeing! ' The cat does not like to be touched or carried is what I'm feeling. '.... That is Tinkerbell all over.. she really doesnt like to be touched and definitely not carried, especially since she was neutered! But she did like to a little head rub when she was in the mood! (on her own terms though, you could very easily be put back in your place if it wasnt what she wanted!) She is an absolutely beautiful cat and I can understand how people would just want to keep her round.. afterall thats how we found her! She wandered into our friends yard when she was a very small kitten and they fed her up and kept her for a little while! Unfortunately they couldnt keep her as they already have way too many pets... 3 dogs, 4 cars, 2 chinchillas, birds etc etc Then my bf saw her and fell in love and just had to bring her home! I hope by putting up signs all around the people who are taking such good care of her will see shes very loved here and maybe return her! Im going to keep searching.

    Endless - Thank you for trying! and as for the Monday dont worry.. afterall you were never told which Monday! lol It could be next week, the week after or a few weeks time... fingers crossed!

  • Friday 13th is my new favourite day!!! Just woke up (about an hour ago!) and after 13 days missing TINKY IS HOME!!

    She was meowing like a mad thing to get in!! (and she doesnt meow!) STAAARRRRVVING! But otherwise seems healthy and happy if a bit grouchy and out of sorts!!



  • OMG.....THIS IS WONDERFUL...made me cry with JOY...I have goose bumps on goose

    BLESSINGS to you both....give her a BIG CUDDLE for me...after a big nice meal, she will be purring again, back safe and sound!!!....

    this has made MY DAY!!!

  • Im glad I wasnt the only one crying!! Just so happy!! She has eaten more than I have ever seen her eat before! Shes lying on my feet at the bottom of the bed! (Its too early to get up, and Im much too!) 😄 😄 😄 😄

  • Sounds like BLISS to me daisy!!...ENJOY your peaceful lay in...bless you!...I expect tinky will sleep soundly now all snuggled up with you after her adventures 🙂

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