Help finding my missing cat please!!!

  • Hi everyone,

    My cat, Tinkerbell, went missing a few days ago. Its very out of character for her as shes never done this before! She has been out of sorts recently as our other cat, Turbo, died about 3 weeks ago. Im really worried that something has happened to her too. If anyone can give me any help on where to find her it would be much appreciated! Im going to try and post her picture!



  • Here goes again.....

  • and again...fingers crossed

  • one more time...


  • well a black cat turned up at my place the other day. could be yours.. altho its highly improbable. i live in australia. plus i think its a boy. havent actually checked tho. i suggest a door knock in ur street..put up notices and try the local vets and council. hope u find her.

  • thanks stranger... im in Ireland so very very unlikely! have tried the neighbours and the signs are goin up tomorrow... fingers crossed! shes microchipped so hopefully if she ends up in a vets or rescue centre they'll find us!

    Trying the picture again...

  • here goes........

  • daisy i hope you get some answers soon


  • heart goes out to you, I SO wish I could help in a psychic way, but sadly I can't....the only thing I could offer is to send you a link to resize your picture of your beautiful fur friend who you truly love...bless you!! I sincerely hope you will find your beloved pet...much love and healing to you,,,

    here is the link I use for resizing pictures....

    blessings to you... x

  • Thank you for all your support guys! Still no sign of her but im still looking! Thanks Healingways for the link... i had resized the photo but i tried your link and heres hoping it works!

  • awwwwhhhh SO cuteee, i want one lol :O) i really hope you find her.

    Goodluck Daisyfairy, im sure someone else will help you from here, just keep your hopes up and keep looking.

    Love Bee x

  • I know, shes a real cutie pie.... love her to bits!! its so quiet around here now!! we had 4 cats and now we're down to 2!! 😞

  • Oh noes, well i really hope you find her, 🙂 im sure she will turn up sooner or later, have a look around i hope no one else has found her and picked her up!

    just keep looking and dont give up she will turn up or you will find her, either way hope it all turns okay for you.

    Love Bee X

  • Oh she is really beautiful....I know your pain and worry...I hope someone helps you and you get to have her back home with you....

    love, joy and hope to you daisyfairy


  • Day 6 and still no sign! I was talking to a friend though and she said that when one of her cats died the other seemed a bit out of sorts for a few weeks but fine overall and then went missing for 3 weeks but came back fine! so im hoping this is what tinks has done! And she'll appear at the window some evening soon!xx

  • DaisyFairy, post pictures around your area of her like the one there and i am sure she will be fine.

    keep looking and keep thinking positive thoughts, she'll turn up.

    I wont be on for awhile im going away, so i will keep your kitty in my thoughts whilst i am on my travels and i am sure she will return to you, just have to have paitents but she will come back, maybe leave food for her outside? just to tempt her in lol.

    Love bEE x

  • Thanks Bee! the pictures are up and the food is being left out every night, just in case! Im positive she will come back! I dont think anyone has taken her because there is no way they would catch her! We have a hard job getting her in and she knows us! lol

  • Oh and Bee... I almost forgot! Enjoy your travels! I hope you're going somewhere nice and have a wonderful time! Take care! Safe Journey! Go n-éirí an bóthar leat! (May the road rise to meet you!)

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