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  • Looking for advice on how to find and get a decent room mate in LV,NV. ie: prayer, ritual, small miracle, ect.... I've had a lot of responses to my ads, just not the right person. I don't know why?

    Does any one know some thing to give me good luck with this?

  • Hi, I've heard that there is a lot of disappointment w/renters. Local churches maybe post in bulletin. At the real estate offices there is usually someone who handles rentals. Local colleges--maybe get a student. Social services maybe--Maybe an older person needs a room.

  • First define clearly and specificly what you want/expect in a room mate. What does a good roommate mean to you? Then you can do whatever ritual you are comfortable with, KNOWING that your prayer or whatever will be answered. Then release it. It's your clear intention that will attract what you seek.

  • Hi Jamia,

    I have really tried. At first, only men were responding to my advert. They would come and look and would not rent my room. But, a week or so later call and ask me out on a date! Uuugg. When I spefically said not to use my ad for a date hook up. What's wrong with these people? Then I did a ritual/prayer specific for what I and my present roomie are looking for in a room mate. Which is funny beause you wrote the same thing. I (we) all ready did. Now no one is responding to are advert. We are TSW female, trying to find one decent room mate. I keep asking the Universe to deliver a nice person. But nothing. 😞 Maybe, there are no nice people left in Las Vegas. If you have a prayer/ritual that could help we are open to suggestions. Here is a picture of the room. Is there any thing wrong with it?


  • Sorry my picture is to big. Sekhmet

  • Well, I have not found a suitable roomie yet. Hello? Any body here?

  • You can't do a ritual, put it out there, and then worry worry worry, as to why you are not getting any responses. Let the universe do it's work, without sending your worry out behind it.

    See the universe doesn't hear what you don't want. All it hears is what you are putting energy towards.

    you got a physical example of this to teach you. You said " Don't use my ad as a dating service." what happened? You got a bunch of guys using your add as a dating service.

    You know why, because eventhoug you are saying don't... you put 'dating' out there and so that's what responded.

    Put this in your mind and keep it there, ' The universe has sent me the best roomate for us.' believe it done, keep the energy positive.

    So what if no one is responding to your ad, the universe never sends us things the way we expect it to come. You could run into someone at school by some 'coincidence', you may overhear somone talking and get 'that feeling', point is don't define to the universe how it 'must' respond to you. Keep your eyes open and first and foremost do not doubt, claim it in your heart and mind, and know it will be deliverd to you.

  • bleudawn, Very good advice, and in my mind right on the money.

  • Bleudawn,

    The last paragraph of your post is so absolutely, perfectly put...I bookmarked it!!!!

    Thank You so much for the beautiful and timely wisdom.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your response. at first I said nothing about using the ad as a date hook up until, thats all that was responding. I will try to keep a positive out look. Sekhmet

  • :O) I'm so blessed you feel that way Score. I'm glad you agree Myviewpoint, I've come to really respect what you post.

  • Thank you bleudawn. Sekhmet

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your response. at first I said nothing about using the ad as a date hook up until, thats all that was responding. I will try to keep a positive out look. Sekhmet

    LOL... well sometimes men are just jerks.. :O)

  • I think it has a lot to do with being in LV and yes there are a lot of jerks here.

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