I'm a novice tarot reader and out of practice please help interpret my cards

  • I've often read for friends and rarely drew cards for myself but I had a feeling it was something I needed to do. I focused on the question "if I would ever find love/true love" my cards:

    1. Ten of Wands

    2. Ace of Wands

    3. Knight of Swords

    4. Nine of Swords

    5. four of swords

    6. ten of cups


    7.Page of Pentacles

    8. Three of wands

    9. Strength

    10. The emperor.

    Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated- my mind is not very clear lately and I coulnd sense what I was being told...as I mentioned I'm only a novice but I feel a deep connction to the divine (tarot, palm reading, astrology etc). I await your help.

  • Can you tell me a little bit more about the spread you used? Have you done this with the Celtic cross spread?

  • yes I used the traditional celtic cross- using the Rider Strait deck

  • 3 10

    6 - 1/2- 5 9

    4 8


  • that did not work out so well-

  • 1. Ten of Wands: At present I am seeing someone who has taken on more than they really realize, at least in conjunction with the other cards. It may be a journey, or enterprise you feel very enthused about. I feel more like this is something that involves adventure more than the mundane. I get a feeling you're pulling yourself to come along.

    2. Ace of Wands: It seems like you want to add on more but I think if you did that you would have your plate overly full.

    3. Knight of Swords: You work from a very enthusiastic persona. You are like a questing knight. You feel like you need to pick up and keep going since a new idea has spurred you.

    4. Nine of Swords: I see that the more recent past tells me your stumbling block is getting tangled up into this situation mentally. You tend to keep focused on this venture to the point of it occupying your thoughts. There may be some guilt or feelings of not doing enough.

    5. Four of swords: Right now you're solution is to clear your mind as a remedy. Step back and find yourself because I really sense there is an imbalance here with your thoughts on this situation. The 4 of Swords helps us to return to the center of who we really are, and balance our thoughts. In return, we rebalance our lives. Take some time out for you if possible. Regroup.

    6. Ten of cups: I see that if you do this, you achieve happiness. I think card #5 is telling me that when you give yourself some space and then rethink things you come out renewed, better able to get the results you need. You'll be in a better state of mind to deal with the matter.


    7.Page of Pentacles: You want to be helpful to someone and/or others right now. This is your intention with the situation in question.

    8. Three of wands: The external influences around you are teamwork, or working with others to get what you need. Again this speaks to me of projects/adventure rather than something you are making do with. This card indicates patience, as well as well-researched knowledge to carry you through.

    9. Strength: You wonder if you will have the strength to see yourself through this mission, as card #1 is something that challenges this. You want to make sure you are using yourself and your resources to the best of your ability and not fall into the trap of misuse or depression.

    10. The emperor. You will pull through, as this is the card I see as representing the person who has the situation under control. You have grown to the point where you are able to stand on your own, a self-made person, successful establishment.

    Hope I did this correctly and I hope it provides some insight into your situation. 🙂

  • Dear Espearite,

    You've been most helpful and I'm very greatful. It help elaborate on the little bit I was sensing- the reading is so much clearer. Perhaps I'm more rusty than I thought- I'm working on recharging my cards. But yest the reading is quite dead on. Thank you for helping me interpret the cards representation.

    "keep dreaming" and never stop believing.


  • I'm glad I could help, Stardust. I know how it is trying to read for yourself. I have the same problem and I usually get a clearer picture when I get readings from other readers. I think most of us experience this, so don't worry about it! I wish you the best.

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