• Gemini married to Arial, I love to be around children and plaining to have our own children but i'm affraid to die. I've already have 2 children before with my first boyfriend but they all died aged 1 yrs and 6 months born december 8 1998 the last one was born 1 jan 2000 aged 4 since then my life has never been the same. Years ago i did palm reading with my friend, and the man told her she will live long but suffer and told me i will have stomach problem and will have only one child on my own and that i won't leave long etc. I asked him how long he smiled and said he won't tell me. Anyway as for then i never believed any word but now i do cos almost evrything he told me as been manifested i've gone through 2 major operations etc. And now i'm desperate to have a child but i don't know what to do, i am looking for a surrogate mother to help us have a child, then after i can decide to have my own child but in france here is difficult to have a surrogate mother i told my husband about the situation and he accept but never want to adopt a child. Where to find a surrogate mother did someone have any ideas? Did our sign match well together? YOUR ADVICE IS NEEDED AND WILL BE APPRECIATED.

    And please help me with the meaning of buried tensions in ariel's Forecast THAN'KS.

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