Requesting preyers and possitive energies,, please

  • I know there are ups and downs in life, but currently I am going through a major slump. I am a single mother of four girls and recently I am faced with the very real possibility of loosing my home. I would like to ask for those willing to send their preyers and possitive energies to us. Thank you so much for your time.

  • Sending all that you need! Things will flip around for you. Just trust that your needs will be met by the Universe and they will. Remember positive brings positive. Flip those negative feelings into something positive and focus on that. Love, blessings, prayers and energy coming your way!

  • Dear Lilcrazy,

    First let me start by saying I'm so sorry to hear it... In this current economic climate many are feeling the stings of harsh realities of financial burdons (I too have laid-off from a good job many months ago. I will pray for you & your children that you may see better day ahead soon. Good Luck & G*d Bless

  • I am praying for you and your family and just like Aunt Buck says, think positive and believe that something good is going to happen. It could be that Something better is waiting for you, remember when one door is closed many more open. "Say I have total Faith that all the details are being worked out for me for the greater good of All." Amen

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  • sending loads of pos energy your way for u and ur 4 girls....I ask the universe to help you with finding resouces to help you keep your home as well as for other neccesities....

    many blessing and love light.....

  • thank you all

  • lilcrazy, you can add me into all the prayers above and soon to be below me...:)I'm a single momma with just my 10 yr. old daughter,and I have just one at home, my older sons have moved onto adult hood..I do understand sweety, you will be ok just keep telling yourself that and i will also tell myself the same advice...

    Hugs and angels to you and your beautifull children...


  • Sending my prayers and good wishes.Where exactly are you? Us single moms understand these particular kinds of challenges since it's impossible to think only of ourselves. Maybe you should get on Captains Abundance broadcast.

    Blessings Pfree

  • Pfree, im not sure what that is.... i am in nc

  • Dear lilcrazy,

    Sorry to hear about the troubles that you have been going through , i will pray for you and your littles ones and also ask the universe to send an abundance of positive energy your way.

    Love and Blessings Lilac

  • Hello Lilcrazy,

    I will send prayer for you and your girls. Do you live in a warm climate area as that is what I feel around you (I'm Psychic) ? Your house can be sold on short sale or by the bank. You will have living acomadations never fear that , as I feel that you may go into a smaller space like a duplex and have help on a level (goverment) if needed. You need not have fear as you have guardian angels as we all do. Just call upon them to help you. I see the color sky blue around you also, maybe the dwelling that is awaiting you will have this color in one room or trimmed in on the outside. Peace is what I feel coming toward you in the next six weeks you will have all the answers and be moving forward.

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours

  • lilcrazy,You don't have to go far for the abundance thread its here on tarrot just click the link and read what the captain has started then you can add your name and also send out abundance to those ineed also.

    hugs sheila

  • thank you very much everyone

  • Dear Lilcrazy,

    I hope that you and your girls are doing ok still praying for you all

    Many Blessings Lilac

  • Dear lilcrazy,

    The Captain has put you on the abundance broadcast for next week , she needs you to send your details there, i hope that eveything is ok with you and your girls.

    Sending love and whitelight 2 u all Lilac

  • Dear Lilcrazy:

    I sense you qualify for food stamps. If you have less than a $100 AFTER paying all of your bills, then you qualify for immediate assistance for six months. You also qualify for welfare as you have four minor children. Simply GO to the Dept of Human Services, even if you have to take all of your children (that can only help your case) and take with you your bank statements, utility bills, mortgage payment book, anything that is required that is listed online at:

    Women suffer immeasurable pain as single mothers and you have my compassion and empathy. However, all is not lost. The Red Cross is always open to families in need. Seek them out and get support for yourself and your children.

    Blessings shall come


    Dear lillcazy,

    just click on the above link to leave your details for the abundance broadcast

    Hope to hear from you soon Love and blessings Lilac

  • Hope to hear from you soon lillcazy,been thinking of you and praying for you and your little ones.

    Hugs to you sweetie


  • Dear Lillcrazy ,

    Hope everythng is ok with you and your little ones

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